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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 60

Chapter 60 is here! And chapter 61, too!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 60, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 60

The northern alliance completed its formation. The Macbarn army was positioned on the left, Moutbatten and Elsrid took care of the right, and Lapland was at the center.
Their forces totaled 35.000 men.
Meanwhile, the Asgard empire’s side only had to divide its fourth squadron into three parts to confront each of the alliance’s armies.
As for Brigitte’s ranger squadron, it was kept on standby, acting as reserve at the rear of their formation.

Considering only their war potential, the Asgard empire was still the dominant side.
Their numbers reached 52.000 men with the inclusion of the ranger squadron, and the fire power of their mage forces was naturally superior as well.
The only problem Brigitte and Cabernard were facing was how to deal with the extraordinary power of Kurats and Frigga.

【”For god’s sake, I can’t believe we’re being forced to pull out that treasure against such a small country.”】

Brigitte scowled hatefully while staring at the pure white griffons at the center of the northern alliance’s formation.
She could not forget her last fight with Frigga.
She had not been defeated, but giving up the duel and running away was almost the same as losing.
For someone with high pride like her, this was unacceptable.

(This time, I’m going settle things for good. Payback is coming!)

She was burning with vengeance.

【”Your excellency, the sky mage units are fully ready.”】
【”Good. They’re about to learn that their ‘great’ griffons are nothing more than beasts in the end.”】

Brigitte’s ranger squadron was only granted a single platoon of mages by the empire. But while they were few in numbers, they were meticulously trained elites.
They were all equipped with rare artifacts of the wind attribute, and were trained to fight in the air.
If the enemies wanted to turn the sky into a battlefield, then so be it. The Asgard empire had no intention to look on with folded arms.

【”Check your that you have enough propulsion magic power. No one wants to see you crash because you ran out of fuel.”】

Flight magic was nothing new.
However, it was impossible to use other, offensive spells while using flight magic.
In order to deal with that issue, flight artifacts with high level magic formations incorporated in them were created.
Using such tools, a top grade mage could freely fly around in the sky while simultaneously using other spells.
Brigitte was convinced that if she could increase the number of mages in this platoon, they could become a critical force of the Asgard empire, and perhaps even a key branch of their military.

Meanwhile, Cabernard was was watching Lapland’s encampment while quietly burning with fighting spirit.
Be it Macbarn, Elsrid or even the northern alliance as a whole, they were all worthless.
He personally believed that no nation on the continent could ever defeat the Asgard empire in a battle between regular soldiers.
All that mattered to him at this point was how he would suppress Kurats and Frigga.

【”If the demon swordsman was here, he might have fought him himself…”】

The demon swordsman was the leader of the first squadron, Gunther. If he had been put in the same position as Cabernard, he might have personally challenged Kurats to a duel and fought him head-on.
Cabernard was not weak by any means, but when it came to his personal fighting strength, he was far inferior to Gunther.
It was impossible for him to challenge Kurats to a one on one fight.

【”Well, it’s not use asking for the moon. Still, I’ll show that youngster that the power of the empire is not something for him to make light of.”】

As hs aid so, Cabernard gazed with a fearless smile at the massive silver object that had been transported here from the empire’s capital.
This was the magic horseman, ‘Chaos’.
It was 50 feet (6m) tall in total, and had enough horsepower to easily destroy a strong rempart. It was also equipped with a highly-power artifact.
No matter how insanely powerful Kurats was, Cabernard was not convinced that he would be an even match for Chaos. Even if he was, he would at the very least be forced into more than a fair share of struggle in a fight against it.
And as long as Kurats and Frigga were kept occupied, Cabernard would be able to let his strategies do the rest.

【”His majesty granted me a huge favor in letting me drag this fellow out while it was still in the experimental stages. I’m in major debt.”】

As he said so, Cabernard order the infantry in the front line to march forward.

The Asgard empire’s heavy infantrymen started advancing.
As they quietly marched forward, the pressure of facing the continent’s strongest nation was well transmitted to their opponents.
The soldiers of Lapland immediately readied their spears. This pressure had already been burned into their minds at this point.


Rodrigo ordered Macbarn’s mages to intercept the enemy’s heavy infantry. But very soon after, the Asgard empire’s mages started firing as well.
Since Macbarn’s mages had already started firing, they were unable to build any defensive spell for their allies on the spot. 

An incessant rain of magic bullets poured down on the infantry at the front line of Lapland’s forces, who had an overwhelmingly inferior number of mages.
Despite the defensive spells they hurriedly prepared, some small spheres of fire still landed on target and burst on impact, turning the nearby soldiers into piles of burned flesh.

【”As expected, he’s a better tactician.”】

Cabernard’s timing was so perfect that it felt like he had calculated everything down to their enemy’s every breath.
Frigga had some confidence when it came to military tactics, but she did not believe for a second that she could defeat Cabernard in a battle of wits.

【”I figured this would happen.”】

With a wry smile, Kurats started rotating his arms to warm up.
Not only the number of soldiers on the alliance’s side was smaller, but their chain of command was disjointed, their firepower was inferior, and their combat experience was ridiculously far behind.
It was absurd of them to even think they could compete with Asgard.
Despite this, Frigga had still dared to let the Asgard empire make the first move.
The alliance had to show their resolve to fight together, and shed blood together.
Because the end of this war would only mean the beginning of a cold war opposing them to Asgard.

【”Do not falter! Raise your shields! Do not break the formation!”】

Rodrigo’s deep voice carried a long way, resounding through the battlefield.
Knowing about the fire mages that the Macbarn kingdom took pride in, Asgard had equipped the soldiers soldiers in their front-lines with heat-resistant armors. 

Among the alliance, Macbarn’s army was the first to settle down and recover from their confusion. They stopped pointlessly attacking with their magic, they readied their spears, and then stood in formation, ready to meet the enemy’s infantrymen.

【”Man, that guy is more capable than I thought.”】
『You think you have the time to leisurely watch the battle? The other flank is already collapsing.』

Bernst’s was right.
The right flank of the alliance’s formation, which was held by a mix of Moutbatten’s and Elsrid’s inferior forces, was beginning to collapse under an intense barrage of spells and the pressure of the steady progress of Asgard’s heavy infantrymen.
The way things were going, the two kingdoms’ soldiers were going to be eliminated the second the heavy infantrymen would come in contact with them, without being able to put up any resistance.

【”Now then, how do I get there?”】
『Why go there? You finally refilled your magic power, can’t you just fire one big anti-army spell at them?!』

Bernst spoke with great frustration.
However, Kurats was feeling the blood rushing to his head from the atmosphere of the battle. While licking his lips in anticipation, he completely discarded Bernst’s words.

【”―― That’s just not my style.”】
『Wait! Listen here, you meathead!』

Without a care for Bernst’s protest, Kurats put power in the tip of his feet and boldly ran off.


A scout from the Asgard empire’s army had perfectly caught sight of a man rushing out of Lapland’s headquarters like a speeding arrow.

【”Amateur! You seriously believed that was the extent of the power of our mages?!”】

The truth was that only 80% of Asgard’s mages were participating in the barrage of spells that was raining down on the northern alliance’s forces.
The remaining 20% had been quietly preparing themselves, waiting for Kurats to step in.

【”Do you have the target on sight? It’s time to avenge our fallen comrades!”】
【”All the fine tuning is done, we’re ready to cast the spells! It’s whenever you want!”】
【”Alright! FIRE!”】

The anti-personnel spells they had been preparing to fire were a new type of magic bullet called Magic Missile, which could automatically chase a moving target.

【”Are you kidding me? Why are the spells not working?!”】
【”This can’t be! He’s making it so we can’t even cast the spells!”】

It was the deep knowledge of the mages that was making them panic. They knew that what had just happened went against the foundations of their understanding of magic.
It was common knowledge that even the highest-grade magic barriers could not completely eliminate a spell.
For example, a fireball spell could be reduced to a mere spark, but it would never just disappear. They had never heard of anything that could prevent the very casting of a spell.
Kurats gazed at the agitated mages in a cheerful mood.

(Man, do they have to panic so much just because their spells were cancelled?)
『Well, it’s actually normal for a mage to panic when he can’t use his spells.』

Not everyone had weaponized muscles like Kurats.

【”―― No need to feel so bad. And here I went out of my way to build a magic cancelling barrier so we could fight fair and square. If you’re men, let your fists do the talking!”】
【”There is nothing fair or square about that!”】

At this moment, the hearts of the Asgard empire’s men were all united.
They had already witnessed Kurats’ absurd physical strength before.
Facing him in a fist fight was the last thing they would ever want. That ‘fair and square’ statement was clearly a scam.

【”It’s a shame you’re taking it like that. This has always been a basic etiquette rule for men from times immemorial.”】
『That’s not etiquette, you’re thinking of the word tradition.』

While ignoring Bernst, who was still feeling bitter, Kurats joyfully clenched his fist.

【”Anyway, the bottom line is, we’re going to have a great conversation.”】

(We want no such conversation!) Though they all shared the same thought, they had no other choice than to fight the monster facing them.

―― Boom!
The first victim made a sound akin to that of a bursting water balloon.
This was a grim reminder that one third of the human body was nothing more than water.
The soldier’s fresh blood tainted the ground beneath his comrade’s feet as pieces of his flesh were miserably scattered around. All that was left of him was a bag of meat.
Although Asgard’s soldiers were used to the battlefield, watching this scene unfold made them reflexively scream from terror.
Their usually reliable armors had turned out to be as useful as paper or mud.
Were they always so fragile?

【”Do you mind stepping aside for a bit? I have some business to take care of with the mages over there.”】

Once they heard Kurats’ words, the soldiers recalled the role that had been assigned to them.
They had to stop this monster from trampling down on the precious mages.
Even if that meant sacrificing their own lives.

【”Keep going! We must stop him at all costs!”】

They knew that spears and swords would be useless against him.
But what if they aimed for his mouth and eyes?
Nothing was absolute in this world.
And it was human nature to always search for answers.

【”Crossbow units! Shoot at will! It doesn’t matter if you hit your allies! Don’t let him get closer to the mages!”】

(I see. I wouldn’t expect any less from the Asgard empire’s army.) Kurats was impressed.
The fighting spirits of Elsrid’s and Macbarn’s soldiers were nothing in comparison.
Though Lapland’s forces were motivated by the fact that they were the defensive line that protected their birthplace, even they could barely measure up to the empire on that front.

―― Unfortunately, despite their incomparable fighting spirit, Asgard’s soldiers could only struggle pointlessly right now.

【”Hitting powerless puppets is no hobby of mine, but you’ve got some nice willpower.”】
『You do realize you could spare yourself the trouble by just blowing them all way with magic, right?』
(I know, but I can’t get fired up if I don’t get to feel the flesh for myself, you know?)

What followed only took Kurats a few minutes.
However, for the soldiers on site, this felt like a hellish eternity.
In a matter of seconds, what was once a group of soldiers turned into crimson puddles.
They had no way to defend themselves.
One touch of Kurats’ fists made them vanish as if their insides were hollowed out by a sharp blade.
Heavy armors and spear formations alike did nothing to stop his attacks.
These men had never felt this helpless before in their lives.
But their many sacrifices were not worthless losses. They had succeeded in earning just enough time to protect the mages.

A massive silver object approached the scene. The earth trembled under the weight of its gigantic body and yet it was moving quite nimbly.
This was the empire’s critical secret weapon, the magic horseman, Chaos.
Though Kurats was using his magic cancelling barrier, it did not work on spells that were already active. That being the case, the high-power artifact that Chaos was equipped with still worked perfectly.

【”You’ll pay for what you did to my soldiers!”】

Chaos displayed a burning desire for vengeance as it ran forward.
Though it was designed after a knight, it had been built with a thick, multi-jointed lower body in order to stabilize the driving and make it easier on the pilot. Asgard’s soldiers were excited to see it in motion.
Its modern sharp-angled design had been studied and created through the expertise of the Asgard empire’s magic engineers. This was a splendidly majestic piece of technology.
Kurats may have been a monster, but Chaos transpired with such an overwhelming sense of mayhem that the Asgardian soldiers were able to find hope again.

【”Oh come on, he’s making it sound like I’m the villain here.”】
『Well, who else would the villain be? Just look back at what you’ve done.』

The splattered corpses all around Kurats eloquently came to confirm Bernst’s words.

【”The victor is always right! There won’t be any issue as long as I win!”】
『Someone please do something about this meathead…』

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