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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 is out! 

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Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 54

(P-princess, is his stomach bottomless?)
(I don’t know, I’m as shocked as you are!)

Just how much wine had Kurats drank by now?
He was apparently so pleased by the banquet that it awakened a gluttonous side in him.
It felt like he could literally eat a whole cow by himself at this point.
Siegfried and the nobles had finished their meals a while ago, but Kurats was still going. They were all rendered speechless by his over-the-top voracity.

【”S-sir Almadianos, you sure have a hearty appetite.”】

The muscles on Siegfried’s cheek were twitching involuntarily.
Was this abnormal appetite perhaps related to Kurats’ abnormal strength?

【”I know this looks bad, but the meat and wine are just too good.”】

It hadn’t been long since Kurats became a noble of the Jormungand kingdom, and he hadn’t had the time nor leisure to enjoy the pleasures of the elites who had so much gold that they did not know what to do with it.
Besides, Kurats still felt like he was part of the common people, and he could not get himself out of that mindset.

(―― He’s not showing any signs of reaching his limits. We’ll have to use my final solution!)
(Just to be sure, what exactly is that solution?)

Faced with this unexpected setback, Frigga and the maid were busily communicating with each other through sign language.
The aged wine was so strong that a normal man would get drunk after two cups, but Kurats had already drank the equivalent of more than twenty bottles.
Even so, he showed no signs of being drunk. Just what kind of liver did he have?
Initially, their plan had been to first get him drunk, then make him drink aphrodisiacs while pretending to look after him, and finally take him along to a room they had prepared for the occasion.

(Let’s forget about getting him drunk, it’s useless! First, we’ll have to make him lose consciousness!)
(But I don’t think this will work on Kurats…)
(Of course it will work! I’ve prepared a drug called the “Elephant killer’. One dose of this can put an elephant to sleep!)

The name of the drug seemed to imply it was intended to put the elephants in a rather permanent form of ‘sleep’.

(W-will it really be alright? I-I don’t think Kurats will be happy when he wakes up.)

Frigga had cold sweat on her forehead. She could not help herself from being nervous.
However, she also could not give up on a great catch like Kurats.

(God help me!)

While exchanging looks with the maid, Frigga offered Kurats a cup of wine mixed with the Elephant killer soporific drug.

【”You sure are resilient, mister Mathers. Try this then. It’s a strong wine I specially prepared for you. Anything less would not be to your satisfaction, right?”】
【”I was pretty satisfied with what I was having…”】

Kurats did not particularly want to drink strong liquor.
The only reason he kept drinking one cup after another was the fact that the wine tasted delicious.

【”Oh, so you don’t like strong drinks? How strange. I mean, I’m personally known for being quite the heavy drinker, I thought you’d be more resilient…”】

When Hans interjected on the conversation, he immediately paid for his inability to read the atmosphere.
Frigga punched him in the jaw faster than the eye could see.

Like a puppet that had lost its strings, Hans dived face first on the table.
The punch was a very artistic short hook. It had shaken Hans’ brain at high speed, which had made him pass out.

【”Are you alright? Looks like you couldn’t hold your alcohol. And here you were claiming to be a heavy drinker.”】
【”Take sir count Bartels to a guest room! Anna, Methuselah, lend him your shoulders!”】

The group of maids, who were burning with the same desire to fulfill Frigga’s first love, were all comrades who were used to watching the knights’ male kinship together.
These girls shared the same ‘special inclination ‘, and a strong sense of solidarity, which had led them to swear their unconditional loyalty to princess Frigga. After all, Frigga was the one who had opened the door to a whole new world for them, though not voluntarily.

But they actually had one more motivation for going along with this.
Though he did not fit with the maids’ inclinations, Hans was still a member of the knight order, which made him a fine specimen for them.
They were able to feel up all of his body as they carried him and took him out of the banquet room.
It was a sorry sight.

【”Here, please try it.”】

Frigga offered the glass with a big smile, but as one would expect, Kurats was able to feel that something was wrong.
She was clearly not being her usual self.

【”But the wine I was having was great, I don’t really feel like….”】

Before Kurats could say anything else, Frigga pushed the glass to his mouth.

【”This one’s delicious, reaaaaaaaly delicious!”】
【”Oh, if you say so.”】
『Is it really alright? I have a bad feeling about this…』
(Well, I see what you mean, but I don’t think Frigga would hurt me after all this time.)
【”Well then, cheers.”】

The moment the drink entered Kurats’ mouth, a strong bitterness stabbed his tongue.
On top of the bitter taste was an awful smell that made him feel like he was drinking half-fermented, very cheap alcohol.
It tasted so bad he almost spit it out.
At the same time, he felt a tingling sensation that numbed his tongue starting from the tip, like he had eaten something very spicy.


In the blink of an eye, the numbness spread from his tongue to his throat, then his limbs, until his whole body could feel nothing.

『I told you something was wrong…』

Bernst’s voice sounded sounded very far away in Kurats’ ears as his consciousness faded.

【”…damn it…”】

Frigga made a small triumphant pose, and shared a look with all the maids; a look of comrades who had succeeded together.

(We’ll leave the rest to you, your highness!)
(Thank you for your cooperation! I’ll do my best!)

The maids started moving in a coordinated manner, like they each knew what they had to do.

【”Take sir Almadianos to ‘that’ room. He might have gotten sick from drinking, so treat him with great care.”】
【”Leave it to us.”】

Kurats was held from both sides by two big maids whose heights were over 180cm (5’11).
The whole scene looked like an organized kidnapping, with each step carefully thought out.
Siegfried felt a chill down his back as he timidly inquired his younger sister about the situation.

【”I-is sir Almadianos alright?”】

Frigga smiled at him in response, with the eyes of a predator. Siegfried had never seen that kind of expression on her before.

【”Of course he’s alright, there is no problem. Absolutely none.”】

The maids carried Kurats to a VIP room, located further back from the regular guest rooms.
The VIP rooms were created for guests of honor, but they were not particularly different from regular guest rooms, save for the fact that they were soundproofed with magic. This soundproofing was added so the guests of honor could keep their talks private if they wanted, or so they could keep their privacy with their lovers.

【”Now then, sir Almadianos, please relax.”】

The maid sounded like she was enjoying herself as she laid Kurats down on the VIP room’s bed.
She then skillfully took off his shirt.
As his magnificent body was revealed, the maid let out a high pitched squeal. She could not stare away from his well-chiseled abdominal muscles.
Although he had lost consciousness, it felt like he would be able to repel any blade with the elasticity of his skin only.
But despite all the tempering it had gone through, his skin still looked youthful, which made him all the more attractive to the maid, who was swallowing down her saliva.
She had never seen a meal, or rather, a body with such manly charm before.

(What should I do next?)

She exchanged looks with the other maid who had carried Kurats here with her, and they both nodded at each other.
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
It was impossible for the maid to go against her unending quest towards the ultimate dream of deciphering the beauty of males.


Her heart were echoing loudly in her ears.
Her hand moved towards Kurats’ captivating lower abdomen, before she went to seek the treasure hidden under there.
After years of being pressured into a somewhat abstinent lifestyle in the castle, she decisively moved towards Kurats’ zipper.

【”―― I’m going to do it!”】

But before she could set her fiery eyes on the sight she seeked, she saw a flash of light.

【”You’re going to do what exactly?!”】

Frigga’s fist landed on the maid’s head like an explosive bolt of lightning.
It was arguable whether Frigga had any right to reprimand her since she intended to snatch away Kurats’ chastity in a few minutes.
Either way, the maid fainted while holding her head in agony, and ended up being carried out of the room under Uld’s orders.

【”Good luck!”】

Uld gave one last thumbs up, and Frigga did the same in response. She was determined to go through with this.

It seemed like the name of the ‘Elephant killer’ drug was not exaggerated.
Kurats was sleeping like a log under Frigga’s gaze. She was just as excited as the maid earlier.
His rock-like pectoral muscles were fully in sight.

(How would it feel like to be hugged by him?)

Just imagining it was making her heartbeat painfully intense.
And then, her eyes slowly went down Kurats’ body until they locked on the region that used to be covered by his now halfway removed trousers.

Translator’s note: So next chapter has some “particular” content with an even more “particular” illustration, which I can’t post on this website, so I’ll put a link to it or something instead, we’ll see.

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