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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 is out! 

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Chapter 52

The Asgard empire’s army had once again been defeated by Lapland. 

This news spread in a flash among the northern countries. 

In their unceasing rush to the top of the continent, the Asgard empire’s army had never suffered such a series of defeats.
They could no longer claim that they were not prepared or that the victory was a fluke. This was a such a great achievement that the morale of Lapland’s forces recovered from the crushing defeat they suffered at the start of the war.

In the eyes of other countries, Lapland still appeared to be in a precarious situation, but the kingdom no longer seemed like an easy target.

【”This should be enough to get our allies to finally get involved, but…”】

This should have been a joyous situation, however, Siegfried’s tone of voice did not seem good.

【”Anything wrong?”】

Asked Kurats, while Frigga was clinging to him as usual.

【”A force of tens of thousands of men was driven away by only two people. This is too absurd for anyone to fully believe it.”】
【”I guess that makes sense~”】

Further north than the Lapland kingdom was the Elsrid kingdom, which held a geographical position that would allow them to dispatch reinforcement to Lapland without needing to cross any mountains.
Furthermore, beyond the Palicid mountain range at the west of Berglund was the Macbarn kingdom; a country as big as Lapland.
Both of these kingdoms initially had friendly ties with Lapland, and they were all part of a security pact that tied the northern countries.
Their union was solid, and it was thanks to their continued cooperation that these many small countries of the north had still not been swallowed up by any of the continent’s major powers.

But the enemy this time was the Asgard empire, a military superpower.
Moreover, Lapland’s army had been devastated at the very start of the war due to their recklessness, and their allies had lost their chance to send reinforcements.

Since they thought it was no longer time to send reinforcements and that Lapland’s downfall was inevitable, perhaps it was natural for the foreign politicians to choose a path that favored the survival of their own countries.

Siegfried had no intention to condemn them for that.

However, now that the tables had visibly turned, he had every intention to ask them to fulfill their duties as allies.

【”But it’s a fact that we did make Asgard’s army withdraw through our victory. We shouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of trifling details.”】

Frigga spoke with her chest puffed up with pride, like she was saying that this didn’t matter, but Siegfried answered her with a deep sigh.

【”Annihilating a group of mages by throwing big rocks at them from a mountain, and obliterating a whole castle with the magic of a single person; is that what you call trifling details?”】

Siegfried did not think he would believe any of this either if he was the king of another country.
He was only able to accept these facts because his own little sister was an absurdly powerful war maiden.
But it would be too much to ask a normal person to believe all this.

【”Then what are we supposed to do?!”】
【”The truth is that the ones who defeated Asgard’s army were not us but mister Almadianos. So while this is a shameful request, I still have to ask. Would you be willing to go persuade the Elsrid and Macbarn kingdoms?”】
【”Brother, are you insane? Kurats is not even from our country.”】

Sending a special envoy who was from the Jormungand kingdom would be an inconceivable breach of Lapland’s diplomatic protocol.

【”And that’s why, mister Almadianos, I intend to grant you an honorary rank of earl of the Lapland kingdom. And instead of giving you territory, I will give you a pension. How is that? Will you please go?”】

Siegfried seemed like he was about to cling to Kurats at any moment.
At this point, Kurats couldn’t say no to his request.

【”I accept. As long as I don’t have to do anything beyond my power.”】
【”―― I am in your debt! I promise to reward you generously once the conflict is over!”】
【”No need, it’s fine. I’ve only wanted a single thing since the day I came here, your majesty.”】

Kurats stared at Siegfried with a gaze that contained a form of arrogance which only the strong could display.

【”Once the Lapland kingdom gains victory, I’d like you to offer your support to the Jormungand kingdom and to her highness, princess Lunaria.”】

This was all for the sake of Bernst’s global strategy.
Since he couldn’t know about that, Siegfried was deeply moved by Kurats’ far sight and by his loyalty to Lunaria.

(Wouldn’t you normally ask for a reward after a win?)
『Don’t think about it.』

Knowing that Kurats would naturally not be able to push his thinking far enough to understand his plans, Bernst did not even try to explain.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”What do you mean I can’t go with him?!”】

Frigga glared at Siegfried and tightened her embrace on Kurats’ thick right arm, like she was claiming that she would never let go.

【”Even if he has an honorary rank of earl, that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a foreigner. Would it not be only natural to send me with him?”】

Frigga was not wrong.
But Siegfried understood that the logical reasoning behind her words was only a facade to hide her true feelings, which were that she simply did not want to be separated from Kurats.

【”You’d understand if you tried to think about it even a little bit. You’re the princess of the Lapland kingdom, and as such, you should put your personal feelings aside to fulfill your obligations.”】

As Siegfried looked at her like he could see right through her inner thoughts, Frigga could not say anything.
Because she did understand what he meant.
Right now, Kurats was the keystone to Lapland’s offense and defense, he was the trump card of all trump cards.

If he left the country, how would Asgard’s side react?

In such a situation, Siegfried could not afford to do without someone as important and charismatic as Frigga.
Because if she did leave with Kurats, then no matter how hurt or exhausted his soldiers were, Cabernard would immediately return and launch another assault on Lapland.

(What? I thought I’d get to ride the girffon with Frigga again.)
『You better stay quiet right now, you hear me?』
【”No no no! I want to go! I… I want to…”】
【”Do not forget that you are the kingdom’s marshal! Asgard is still occupying half of the country!”】
【”Uuuuuuh, big brother you idiot!!!”】

Frigga ran away without looking back, while crying like a child.
Siegfried’s mouth was wide open with shock. This did not fit the image he had of his sister. The image of a warrior whose spirit was single mindedly focused on knighthood.
Perhaps his little sister was more childish than he thought?
Siegfried unconsciously held his head as he thought of the many issues that may arise in the future if it turned out he had misjudged his sister’s maturity.

【”Your majesty, are you alright?”】

Kurats looked worriedly at Siegfried. His pale face looked like it had been drained of all its blood.
Anyone would be able to tell from his expression that something was wrong.

【”Y-yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry you had to witness such a shameful sight.”】

When he thought about it, Siegfried figured his sister’s reaction was driven by the man standing in front of him.
So far, there had never been any man or woman stronger than Frigga.
Because of this, she always was the one protecting the weak.
But now that Kurats was here, she was finding out for the first time how peaceful and relaxing it felt to be under the protection of someone stronger than her.

Besides, as a maiden, Frigga had reached a marriageable age.
And did she not usually claim that she would marry a man who was stronger than herself?

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