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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 is out!

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Chapter 43

【”Are you done with your farewell?”】
【”Yes, I did not expect someone as monstrous as you to just wait for us to finish, that is commendable.”】
【”Even I know how to respect a good adversary.”】
【”That was a very generous gift. My name is Hyde Bartmund. I am the commanding officer of the fourth squadron’s heavy infantry.”】
【”I am Kurats Hans Almadianos of Gaura.  I’m a baron of the Jormungand kingdom.”】
【”―― Jormungand?”】

Hyde’s eyes opened wide in surprise. 

Had this man come by himself all the way from the Jormungand kingdom?

More importantly, if Kurats was sharing that information, it meant he had no intention of letting Hyde go. 

【”It’s a shame.”】

Hyde did not have the option of deserting his subordinates and running away to report this. He helplessly turned to his men, and raised a daring battle cry with them, in challenge of Kurats. 

A dry wind blew over the Beltill mountains, carrying with it the smell of blood from the battlefield where there wasn’t a single person still moving. 

Once she was done pursuing the mages, Frigga returned to what used to be the frontline, where she found Kurats praying for the annihilated heavy infantrymen. 

She already knew how strong he was, but she was still astonished. 

It was hard for her to imagine what kind of measures he had used to annihilate the heavy infantry regiment that prided itself in its impenetrable defenses.  

【”You have my gratitude for your assistance. I am Frigga Lapland. I am the kingdom’s princess. But more importantly, may I hear your name?”】
【”My name is Kurats Hans Almadianos, your highness.”】 

His strength was overwhelming.
He was noble enough to honor his fallen enemies.
He was also dignified and composed, and was not nervous at all from facing a princess.
He was very fine man. 

It seemed to Frigga like she would never meet a better man in her life. 

(What should I do? What am I supposed to do at a time like this?)

Frigga’s sole romantic experiences were one-sided marriage proposals. Now that she was the one whose heart was throbbing with interest, her mind was in chaos. 

While thanking Kurats for his courtesy, Frigga unconsciously grabbed his hand, and impulsively approached him. 

【”―― Let’s become friends!”】

 (Wait, what am I saying!?)

Knowing that making a sudden marriage proposal would be no good, she figured they should first get to know each other as friends.
But she had unintentionally expressed that wish out loud. 

【”No, I mean, what I meant was…!”】

Frigga was red from face to neck. 

Lapland’s soldiers were looking at their flustered commander as if they were looking at a rare animal.
The Snow White Valkyrie that they knew was an intelligent and dignified commander who was more brave and reliable than anyone else on the battlefield. As a woman, she was a wall of iron that no man could approach.
Under no circumstance would she ever react like an innocent young lady who had yet to experience her first love. 

 While stopping himself from accidentally bursting out laughing, Kurats held out his hand towards Frigga. 

【”Becoming your friend would be more than a pleasure, your highness.”】
『Hehehehehe… this will save some time. You already got two princesses to fall for you, now that’s a good omen, don’t you think?』

Although Kurats was a little bothered by Bernst’s dreary snicker, he decided to ignore him for now. 

Meanwhile, Frigga was in such a bliss from feeling the warmth of Kurats’ large hand that she was on the verge of fainting.
The only reason she narrowly managed to stay conscious was that she recalled her duty as the princess. 

【”P-putting that aside, may I know who you are? Am I right in assuming that you are not from our kingdom?”】

If such an abnormal warrior lived in Lapland, there would surely be rumors about him.
Then again, the same could be said for any other country on the continent. 

【”I cannot say too much here, but I am Kurats, a baron of the Jormungand kingdom. My best regards.”】
【”What?! The Jormungand kingdom?!”】

Jormungand, the major power that Lapland put most of its expectations on.
Their power as a nation was in no way inferior to the Asgard empire.
However, there was also no denying that their military strength and their control over their own vassals fell short of Asgard’s. For that reason, Frigga thought it was quite unlikely that they would send reinforcements. 

【”Sir Kurats, did you come here by yourself?”】
【”It’s embarrassing to admit it but our country is engaged in an open dispute between two factions over the succession to the throne. One faction is pro-Asgard and supports the first princess, the other faction is anti-Asgard and supports the second princess. Since we couldn’t make any move that would attract attention, the second princess Lunaria sent me by myself.”】

Although Lunaria had sent only one person as reinforcement, her help was not meaningless by any means.
On the contrary, sending this one helper was better than sending an army of 10.000 men in reinforcements.
After all, if Jormungand had carelessly dispatched their troops, they would have put a great burden on Lapland’s supplies. This turn of event was fortunate. 

【”I’m grateful for her help. Since that’s case, should I keep your identity a secret?”】
【”Yes, when in public, please refer to me as the mercenary McGregor Mathers. Let’s keep it that way until all of Asgard’s men are driven away from Lapland.”】

Under the current circumstances, it would be bad if the fact that Kurats had been sent as reinforcement were to be exposed.
Lapland had yet to win, and their numbers were still much lower than Asgard’s. If it was found out that Kurats was intervening here, then at worst he could be deported from Jormungand or even branded as a traitor. 

However, if the truth was exposed after Lapland obtained a complete victory, that would be a whole other story. 

―― It would mean that Asgard’s army was not worth being scared of. 

At that point, Kurats would become a political trump card. A hero who rushed to the rescue of a friendly nation when it was in a deadly crisis.

In Jormungand’s royal court, this would make the forces who feared a war with Asgard start considering to join Lunaria’s faction.
And that would undoubtedly reverse the power balance between Felbell and Lunaria. 

(Not bad for a first step.) Thought Kurats, or rather, Bernst, as he snickered to himself. 

『Since it doesn’t seem like the enemy has any hero at the level of Rosberg, we’ll kick them out of this kingdom in no time!』
(You say ‘we’ but I’m the one who has to actually do it.)

【”…Then, mister McGregor, I would like to once again thank you for your assistance. It’s not much but allow me to show you my gratitude by welcoming you as a formal state guest.”】

Frigga bowed deeply, like she was greeting foreign royalty. 

【”And I, Frigga Lapland, vow to never forget the friendly ties that unite us to her highness Lunaria.”】
【”Thank you on her behalf.”】

Frigga was vowing that Lapland would support Lunaria when the strife over the succession to the throne would reach its peak.
Diplomatically, this sort of vow was nothing to scoff at.
There was a reason why Kurats said that Lunaria was the one who sent him, and not king Christopher.
Not only was Lapland a long-time ally of Jormungand, it also played the role of peacemaker among the small countries of the north, which gave it great influence over them.
If Lapland were to declare its support to Lunaria after gaining a total victory over Asgard’s forces, both sides would be immensely impacted.
Kurats could already picture Albert grinding his teeth in frustration. 

【”Send an envoy to report our victory to his majesty. We’re returning to our homes with triumph! Raise your voices! TO OUR VICTORY!”】

Frigga raised her arm to the heavens and beyond.
And Lapland’s soldiers roared with joy. 


They had lost more than a few comrades. They had already been prepared to die in their long streak of defeats.
But now, they were cheering and cheering, submerged by the exaltation of keeping their lives and winning the battle. 

Translator’s note: Short chapter, I know, but the next one is longer than usual, so that’s why.

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