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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 41

Chapter 40 is out!

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Chapter 41

The sound of a loud rumble in the earth followed by the even louder sound of something massive breaking.
They seemed to come from the mountains where Blothorn and his troops had been sent.

Cabernard was frowning; he had a bad feeling about this.

【”What was that sound? Did a cliff collapse?”】

Or was this a trap from the enemy?
If that was the case, then Cabernard would have to kill the retainers that Tulle had left as hostages.

【”Send out a reconnaissance team. Four cavalrymen should be enough.”】

Nothing could be done before the facts were cleared up.
While gnashing his teeth, Cabernard glared and looked up at the distant sky.
But at that moment…


Cabernard rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was witnessing.

(What did I just see?)

This sight was so unreal that it felt like a daydream.
With it approached an ear-piercing sound of wind.
As the sound grew louder, the object, that initially looked to be the size of a clenched fist, grew bigger and bigger.
It was a flying, massive block of rock of about a ten meters (~30 feet) in diameter.
Aided by the pull of gravity in its fall, its speed reached around 100 miles an hour (~200km/h).

【”This is ridiculous! This is impossible! Where the hell are those coming from?”】

Cabernard was bewildered.
Even a volcanic eruption could never send such a massive rock flying.
However, reality had no mercy for those who could not grasp it.
What was a small dot in the sky turned into a massive block of rock in an instant, before directly hitting the center of the mage troops who were screaming and trying to run away, and who were turned into a pool of crimson blood and minced meat on the ground.
This was what happened when a rock that weighed a dozen tons fell to the ground at over 200 miles per hour (~200km).
About a hundred men had died on the spot with no time to even feel any pain.

【”Run! There are more coming!”】

However, that was only the start of their suffering.
Two other black dots appeared in the clear, blue sky, aiming for the mages.

【”Shoot them down!”】

The commander shouted at his men after recovering from his daze.
Even under such abnormal circumstances, he could still give out commands. This was to be expected from the Asgard empire’s army, the strongest force in the whole continent.

【” ‘Fire ball‘ ! “】

The mages simultaneously unleashed their spells.
However, because the speed of the two blocks of rock was too fast, only a few of those attacks managed to hit them.

【”I-it’s not working!”】

The first block of rock was so massive and large that even the three fireballs that hit it could do no more than scorch its surface.
Fortunately, the second block was hit by over a dozen fireballs.
Unable to resist the heat and the impact, the block ended up being divided into five large, but smaller, rocks.

【”Run away! It’s useless to attack it with magic!”】

The block weighed several tons in the first place, how would dividing it into five different blocks be useful?
Rather, those five rocks were going to scatter like shotgun pellets, which would only spread the damage even further.

By the time the troops realized that they had no means to retaliate, the rocks fell like lightning bolts, and brought forth a crimson rain that stained the cheeks of the surviving mages with the flesh of their comrades.
Yet another batch of a hundred mages had been turned into unidentifiable sacks of blood.

The fact that they prided themselves in being the elite of the world only served to make their shock even greater as all their blood and efforts amounted to nothing.

【”Don’t freeze! Scatter! Everyone scateeeer!”】

When faced with a clear enemy, a powerful army could keep its determination and resolve and fight with no fear of death, but it was impossible for these men to keep their fighting spirit when they were being faced with completely inorganic objects.
There was no more trace of order on this side of the battlefield, the mages who were trying to run away had already lost all pretenses of composure.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”What’s happening?”】

From Crowdagen, Frigga had also witnessed the surreal scene of the block of rock flying from the east mountains.
She wondered if it was a volcanic eruption, but even after looking carefully, she couldn’t spot any signs of smoke or lava.
However, the masses of rock kept flying out one after the other.
It was as if an invisible giant was throwing rocks from the mountains for sport.
Those rocks came flying at such high speed that they could not be avoided, and each time, without fail, they landed in the middle of Asgard’s mage troops, and spread a wide wave of deaths.
The mages barely managed to launch a counterattack against one of them but it did not work.
Frigga figured that would be the case.
This was more of a natural disaster than an attack. It was not something that a small gathering of mages could handle. They were only human, after all.
After the split parts of the second block of rock came down, a third block followed close behind it to deliver a death that left no room for resistance.
Watching Asgard’s mage troops run away in a stampede, Frigga shouted with determination.

【”If you can still fight, come with me!  The heavens are on our side!”】

Nothing could be better for the morale of the troops than being supported by an unexplainable, supernatural phenomenon.
Completely forgetting about the tiredness they felt from being besieged for days, Lapland’s forces followed Frigga’s lead and leaped out of Crowdagen like arrows out of a crossbow.

【”Should we push them back?”】

Cabernard contemplated for a while before answering Navarre’s question.
Frigga and her men were going to fight for their lives now, but it would still not be all that difficult to besiege them and pulverize them.
Of course, Cabernard’s army would take great losses in the process, but it was still worth considering whether the soldiers who were staying in reserve and had yet to battle should be sent out.

【”…No, it’s too dangerous to rush to battle before we can see through the true colors of those rocks.”】

Although the attacks seemed to have stopped after the third, Cabernard had a hard time believing that that was the end of it.
Rather, it was more natural to assume that those blocks of rock were going to come back later on.

【”This place is close to a monster territory. We’ll need to be prepared for the eventuality that a senior monster aristocrat has come out.”】
【”That could certainly be the case….”】

If a monster was involved, that could explain this nonsensical supernatural phenomenon.
In fact, for Navarre, there didn’t seem to be any other possibility.
Senior monster aristocrats were beings of legend that no one had fought in the last hundred years.
It was better to avoid fighting against such beings with no pre-planned counter-measures.

【”Our top priority is to take care of our mages. I don’t want to lose any more of them.”】

While Cabernard and Navarre were having this conversation far away from the battle, the heavily equipped infantrymen of Asgard’s defense forces built a solid square formation at the very frontline, ahead of the mages who were running around and trying to escape.


After giving a backward glance at the allies behind her, Frigga rushed forward alone and raised a powerful battle cry before attacking Asgard’s heavy infantrymen.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”Are there no more rocks with a good enough size? …I guess I’ll go smash that cliff one more time.”】
『Y-you’re being absurd…』

Together with Bolthorn, the whole detachment that had been sent towards the side path had now been buried alive under a small landslide caused by a right punch from Kurats.
Afterwards, Kurats had picked some “good-sized” rocks from the remains before throwing them towards the forces on the main battlefield.
In short, Kurats had nonchalantly created a landslide that buried his enemies without leaving them any room to escape, and then proceeded to pick up the resulting rubble to make it rain down on another group of enemies.
Knowing that this had all been done through the strength of muscles alone, was there a better word than ‘absurd’ to describe it?
Bernst was even unintentionally sympathizing with the enemy.
Then again, Bernst’s extremely powerful magic was even more absurd.

【”Oh crap, she’s rushing out already? She’s really determined.”】

When Kurats was thinking of smashing the cliff again, he saw Crowdagen’s gates open and a woman come out of them, riding on top of a griffon.
He guessed she was probably princess Frigga.
Though her decision was far from bad, she was too fired up.
She was most likely going to win this battle, but it felt like a single mistake from her as a commander would come at the cost of her life.

【”I didn’t come all the way here to let her die.”】

Kurats’ whole purpose in coming here was to rescue Lapland, so even if it wasn’t necessary, he had to intervene.
Besides, no one in Jormungand would be able to claim that he was all talk if he were to do something as big as defeating a whole army corps by himself.

That being the case, Kurats put all his strength into his legs and savagely ran down the mountain, with so much power that the ground sank under his feet.

Translator’s note: Soooooo, I’ve been reading some of the reviews on NU (thanks for the likes btw), and I’ve seen a lot of bad faith… since I love this novel, I’ll just answer the bad review which has the most likes.


  • Original MC says he won’t intervene with the reborn version of MC but will constantly give him knowledge and tell him what to say to progress.
    Answer: He said he won’t take full control of his body and mind, he never said he won’t intervene. He did take control of his body, but without destroying his personality, and he did it by mistake, on an impulse.
  • Some random guy (our MC) shows up to heal the princess? Threaten him about what would happen to him if he is joking around or fails because of how important the princess is. He is then left completely alone with her.
    Answer: He showed his power, he showed them he could teleport, which was incredible already. That’s like saying “Why trust the doctor who just fully healed that cancer patient in a snap?”.
  • There is a conversion about who the perp who tried to kill the princess could be. Before they go investigate, the MC enters a dual to prove his strength just because.
    Answer: -Just because? Someone provoked him, he fought him. Remember that Kurats himself didn’t really care who the perp was, he even said he just wanted to go home and it didn’t matter to him, so he wasn’t in a hurry, at all. Bernst is the one who pushed him to look for the culprit.
  • Assassins attack? Lets make sure to keep the leader looking guy alive for questioning. Prevents him from suicide but then never questions him and the scene changes to another city completely.
    Answer: -He left him so that the authorities could question him, not himself, but he hadn’t met with Mordred anyway so it was useless in the end. Bernst was just trying to teach Kurats to think before attacking.
  • Lets a characters who tried to kill him live despite knowing full well that said character will bother him in the future.
    Answer: -Which character? Are you talking about the noble? ’cause if there is one trait to this novel it’s that the most powerful characters still are restrained by the laws around them, and that mindset has already been explained. Just because you have a tank, that doesn’t mean you can destroy a police station. Especially since the whole point was to keep the villagers safe, not himself.
  • Princess sneaks out by herself often in disguise but is always easily recognized by the townsfolk. A town 2 hours away by horse while being escorted by her knights? It should be impossible to be recognized (according the the author).
    Answer: -Why would it be impossible? She’s been doing that all her life, it’s not a town 2 hours away, it’s the closest town to the castle, it’s the capital.
  • Original MC has amazing reflexes and perception better than the reborn MC. The MC’s body can take a sword attack from the best swordsman without any armor and not take a single scratch. Same when he is stabbed by an assassin. But all that is thrown out the window when his step sister easily kick him the balls when the original MC tries to rape her.
    Answer: -Original MC has none of that. He’s a master of magic, not close quarter combat, that’s been said again and again. Did you even read the novel? Also, his sister didn’t harm him, it was the pain that brought Bernst down, because Kurats doesn’t care about the pain but Bernst does, that was the whole point.
  • Despite being extremely prideful and not allowing anyone be above him, the original MC lets the step sister and reborn MC off the hook easily.
    Answer: -He lets them off the hook because he’s the one who screwed up, and he did not want to ruin his own experience. You don’t kill all the NPCs when you drop your controller in front of them and attack them by mistake, do you?

    Now, can anyone explain to me how this review got so many likes? There are some legit complaints to make, but these are not legit by any means.
    And to anyone saying that Kurats is too OP for the story to work, I get it, but that’s not the point of the story, c’mon.
    Aaanyway, end of rant. I’ll get back to translating now, see you soon everyone ><

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