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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 32 (End of volume 1)

Chapter 32 of Almadianos is here! It also happens to be the last chapter of volume 1! For the illustrations and all, it’s kinda illegal to post them, so I’ll see what I can do. I think I’ll also make a character sheet so that you don’t get lost when you’ll start reading the second volume.

As usual, for the Patrons, Chapter 33, Chapter 34 and Chapter 35 are all available on the Patreon page. (And thank you very much for your support)

Anyway, here is the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 32

【”I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Here is your calf leg confit.”】

It was at that moment that one of the waiters brought the table’s meals, seasoned with a courteous bow.
Aside from Kurats, who was thinking that this intervention was a gift from the heavens, everyone else’s eyes were drawn to this popular dish that smelled of butter.
The confit was a recipe from the Tolnedra kingdom, at the south of the Jormungand kingdom. Rather than frying the meat in oil directly, this recipe consisted of rubbing the meat with salt and then slowly poaching it in oil or fats over a low heat.
This allowed the flesh to be crispy and savory on the surface, and to yet be soft and filled with juices on the inside. The recipe was gaining great popularity in the Jormungand kindgom, which had been unfamiliar with it in the past.

【”I-It’s delicious!”】
【”…It’s surprisingly good.”】
【”I’ve never had meat this tasty before.”】

Even Lunaria, who was supposed to be used to fine dining, was surprised by how tasty this was.
The meat sauteed in butter was so soft that it gave in under the weight of their knives alone, and every cut allowed its overflowing juices to ooze out of the flesh.
This was accompanied by a cherry sauce made with finely chopped truffles, and a duck foie gras paté, giving the whole mixture a heavy sweetness that married well with the meat’s thick juices.
It was said that a really good meal was a meal that could cut any conversation short, and the group of four had indeed become completely silent as they ate.
Kurats could not help himself from letting out a sigh of amazement as he let himself become entranced with the taste of this unexpected treat.
It was no wonder why this was so incredibly popular even in the royal capital.

【”For dessert, a walnut sorbet.”】

The desert was also surprising.
It was a maple and walnut sorbet, topped by a combination of toasted barley and yogurt.
This desert was great right down to its texture and consequently managed to pacify Kurats’ meat-filled stomach.
But what pleased Kurats even more than this wonderful meal was how it pacified the moods of Cornelia and Lunaria.
Nothing in the world could fix a mood like tasty food, this was a rule of life.

【”You think this will be enough to trick me?”】

But of course, like every rule, this rule had an exception, and it went by the name of Rosberg.
After the group left The Sun’s Abode, Lunaria and Cornelia took Kurats’ left and right flank while Rosberg followed from behind, radiating with blood-thirst.
Kurats was under seige, taking attacks from all sides.

『Pathetic! You’re gonna let two women make you submit?』
(I’m not as experienced as you are, okay!)

Unaware of the conflict within Kurats’ mind, the two maidens continued their attacks.

【”I hope Kurats’ bumpkin side was not too rude for you.”】
【”Kurats’ behavior is actually not inferior to that of other nobles, although that came as a surprise for me, too. I figured that was thanks to your parents’ education.”】
【”Our parents were not ordinary but I don’t really recall them teaching him how to behave…”】

Then, the topic of a conversation shifted to Kurats’ childhood stories and blunders.

【”What?! So he can’t swim?”】
【”Yeah, apparently it’s because he got a trauma from almost drowning in slightly deep waters after getting carried away once.”】

Nothing dealt more mental damage to him than having his black history exposed to others right in front of him.

『I can’t…. that feeling of wanting to destroy everything again… I will not forgive this…..』
(Bear with it, Bernst! Please!)

Meanwhile, hidden within the shadows, there were people watching this group of four from afar.
They were the assassins who had been hired to kill the princess. However, ever since the baron of Isengard’s plan had been brought to light, they had found themselves in danger of unemployment.
Their main clients were nobles, but these nobles were probably in a position where they would not dare to do anything that could get attention, afraid to receive the sparks of everything that was going on.
Though some groups had already washed their hands off of everything, this particular group of assassins, who were known for how scrupulous they were, believed that withdrawing now would hurt their clan’s face.
But that was not all.
If they gave up on a request that they had already received, they would also lose the faith of their clients.
If left to rot, this lack of faith could lead to a lack of fear of the underworld.
The reason their group had not yet fallen in the hands of aristocracy was that, when it came to their assassination missions, they had a strong pride and a tenacity that veered towards obstinacy. For that, they were feared by many.
However, if the nobles lost their fear of antagonizing them, the group’s pride would die out and they would be reduced to the level of mere thugs wandering the streets.

【”We have to take the princess’ life no matter what. Our clan’s pride is on the line.”】

This man, who went by the name of Cajo, had yet to realize his mistake.
For his calculations did not include the existence of a mage with strange powers called Kurats.

【”I see, so you also went to that fortune teller, miss Cornelia?”】
【”Yeah, she told some veeery helpful things.”】
【”Same for me. She said that I need to succeed by my own power.”】
【”Well, I personally have no intention to give up on my success.”】
【”I do not feel like stepping back either.”】
(I have to escape! I gotta escape from here and fast!)
『Hey, weakling, don’t you feel like these is something strange going on?』

Bernst noticed that, for a little while now, the ordinary atmosphere of the street had completely changed.

【”Oh? They sell crepes here!”】

As Lunaria started running towards a nearby cart, Kurats grabbed her by the hand to stop her.

【”K-kurats, what are you doing…”】

Confused by the sudden action, Lunaria blushed and gazed at her right hand that was still in Kurats’ grasp, but he was not looking at her.

【”You two, don’t let your guard down.”】
【”You insolent scum! See if you can lay a finger on the princess with the kingdom’s sword protecting her!”】

Robserg had also noticed what was really happening.
The group was already surrounded by assassins.

【”…I make these crepes with my heart and soul, please give them a try.”】

The owner of the cart beckoned to the group with a radiant smile. And yet, the next moment, he threw the palette knife in his hand straight towards Lunaria, without any change in his facial expression.
Taking this as a signal, the citizens, who were seemingly strolling in the street, all dropped their pretenses and revealed their true colors.
A man who had been selling fish took a blowpipe out of a water tank, and another one, who had been selling hair ornaments and rings, took out a dagger that was hidden among his store’s accessories. Then, they simultaneously ran towards Lunaria.

However, there was more.

Every single passer-by was an assassin.
Their movements were guided by a splendid leadership. They had split into two groups. The first one was keeping Rosberg and Kurats at bay so that the second one could attack Lunaria.

【”Come on, try me!”】

Considering Kurats’ strength, none of these assassins were his opponents.
However, Kurats could not protect Lunaria while simultaneously fighting this many people.
Even so,  with his incredible strength, he blew away some of the assassins that came at him and sent them flying towards some of the ones who were aiming for Lunaria. He was still not normal by any standards.

【”So there are still some fools out there who think they can aim for my life!”】

As she said so, Lunaria pulled out adagger that she kept for self-defense and somewhat joyfully intercepted the attacks of the assassins that were coming at her.
Rosberg had not trained Lunaria in the art of the sword just for show.
Very soon, several of the assassins who had attacked her were sliced by her sword and found themselves crawling on the ground.

(Wow, she’s quite skilled.)
『What is this fool doing! That dagger isn’t going to protect her, it’s just going to expose her even more!』

Like Bernst said, now that Lunaria had actively joined the fight, it was going to be difficult for Rosberg and Kurats to protect her.

(Don’t worry. Lunaria is not the only the one who can fight.)

Lunaria was likely not used to fighting against multiple opponents. Which was probably why, after defeating five or six assassins, she exposed a dangerous gap in her defense to one of the remaining assailants.


But when that assassin came to attack her, the area between his legs was pulverized by a turning heel kick. He fainted with foam coming out of his mouth.

【”How dare you gang up on a girl! I won’t forgive living garbage like you!”】

It appeared that Cornelia had a habit of aiming for the vitals whenever she had to fight seriously.
Although they weren’t the ones who were attacked, Rosberg and Kurats couldn’t suppress a chill that ran down their lower-halves.

【”You have one terrifying elder sister.”】
【”For once, I totally agree with you.”】

This was a nightmare for the assassins.
Rosberg by himself was already a powerful enemy, but the rampart called Kurats was just as powerful, if not more.
Moreover, there was another person who was at the same level as Lunaria. Nothing was going according to plan.
The assassins’ numbers quickly dwindled.

【”How…. How could this be? We put all of our clan’s power into this trap!”】

The strategy of forming a circle of assassins perfectly disguised as citizens was the pride of Cajo’s clan.
This clan could do anything…. Be it poisoning, surprise attacks or even using hostages as a threat. They were even willing to use the women and children of the clan as assassins. For those reasons, in the world of assassins, they had quite a high standing.
They had never failed to kill someone in a setting where they had been allowed to prepare themselves at their own leisure.
That was the reason the nobles feared this group, and that was also the reason they continuously paid them outrageous sums for their services and never treated them as disposable.

【”Then how come we ended up getting played so easily?!”】

This was not a battle anymore, it was merely a massacre.
No matter where it landed, a single attack from Kurats was enough to cripple any of the assassins that faced him, and the same applied for Rosberg’s attacks.
Moreover, Lunaria was also worthy of being called a top-class fighter. She easily defeated the assassins who came at her.
However, what was even more unexpected was the presence of Cornelia, who did not have a weapon but was using a brutal technique which aimed directly for the crotch.
Although she looked like a delicate woman who lived in seclusion on the surface, the way she fought without any hesitation made her seem more like an experienced soldier.

In the end, when the last of the assailants came down, Cajo was left all by himself. Yet there was still a weak smile on his face.
Being an assassin was not really an occupation to be proud of, but seeing his clan go down like this made him feel strangely emotional.

【”Even so, we haven’t lost just yet.”】

Cajo decided to use his last remaining trump card.
He was going to make his own body explode. Then, his poisoned blood would scatter on everyone around him and take them with him―― This trump card was one that only Cajo could use, for he was the only one among the assassins who had infused his limbs with poison.

【” ‘Ignition‘ “】

As Cajo muttered so, Kurats immediately jumped towards him, at a speed faster than the eyes could see.

【”Scumbags should die by themselves, like the scumbags they are.”】

Before Cajo could begin to realize what was happening, his body turned into a crimson stain on a wall.

【”You really saved me there, miss Cornelia.”】
【”Your fighting skills were splendid as well, your highness.”】

After they witnessed each other’s strength, courage and decisiveness, the two girls’ opinions of one another had changed.
The experience of fighting together with their lives on the line had allowed them to acknowledge each other as rivals.
They were now going to be comrades who diligently competed to become Kurats’ number one.

(What? How come these two are getting along now?)
『What you should be asking yourself is how are you gonna get through life being this slow!』

―― And so began the heroic saga of Almadianos.

And that’s the end of volume 1, I’ll post the first chapter of volume two next friday, same hour!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll have a wonderful week!

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    1. The term high gastronomy does exist, comes from the French haute gastronomie. But thanks for the suggestion, since it’s not that common I’ll change it

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