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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 is here!

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Chapter 27

Despite his reasoning, Oliveira’s instinct made him feel a distinct fear towards Kurats, although he would never willingly admit it.
Although Kurats called himself a mage, his strength could make the knights of the royal capital look like mere newborns.
And above all, even though he was completely isolated within the enemy’s own territory, Kurats was not worried at all.
(Would I be able to do the same?)
When that thought crossed his mind, Oliveira shook his head while a chill ran down his spine.
(No, now is not the time to overthink the situation. I have to show him the limits of human beings.)

【”I wonder how long that composure of yours will last.”】

(I got him–!)
At that moment, Oliveira sincerely believed he had won.
That was because he had confirmed that his monster had slipped inside Kurats’ shadow.
Even though the target was physically stronger than an ogre, that would not be of any use when restrained by the monster’s special ability.

『Oh, looks like he’s interfering from a different space.』
(What do you mean?)

Asked Kurats, while feeling confused since he felt like his feet had been stuck to the ground with fast-drying glue.

『In short, this is a similar to a certain type of magic that goes through a different plane of existence in order to interfere with objects in the regular plane.』
(Which means… what exactly?)
(You’re fine! In the end, this is a just one form among many forms of interference magic! Look, you can just use those muscles of yours and get done with it!)
(Oh, if that’s all, you can leave it to me!)

Kurats had no idea what Bernst had just said, but if all he needed to solve the issue was his muscles, then there was no problem.

【”Impossible! How can you still move?!”】

Oliveira yelled with terror in his voice.
The monster’s ability to restrain someone through his shadow was akin to hypnotism.
It was not a physical restraint, therefore it was impossible to resist this technique for a warrior who was not a mage, no matter how much he had trained in his life.
Casper was by no means incompetent as a knight, and yet he had been completely powerless before the special ability of this monster.
However, Kurats’ muscles were actually like magic pulses of their own and they had no lack of mana to throw at any type of magical restraint that came their way.
Because of that, Oliveira’s failure to restrain Kurats’ magic muscles was the obvious result.

【”Don’t go thinking that this is enough to stop my muscles!”】
『….. If your muscles were normal you would just have been petrified on the spot though, without a doubt.』

Oliveira finally started thinking that he had challenged someone who was not to be provoked.

【”You demon!”】

Still, Oliveira’s physical power was only average, so there was absolutely no way he would be able to escape from Kurats.
Therefore, right now, his only choice to survive was to do everything in his power to somehow bury Kurats right here.

【”Go! You have to wound him, even if only once!”】

A group of killer apes and saber wolves appeared from the forest, one after the other.
Their combined numbers equaled to about 30 in total.
If these monsters were killed, Oliveira would be left with very few cards to play.
Although it was questionable whether using numbers to attack Kurats would be of any use, he had no choice but to try.

(Even if they can’t kill him, they should at least be able to hurt him…!)

Oliveira’s trump card was a species of monster that he had discovered recently, and it had the ability to maximize the pain that was felt by any target.
Which meant that if Kurats was wounded in any way, a new path of escape would open itself. Hence why Oliveira prayed for that to happen.
However, his hopes were crushed miserably.

【”What is this, a circus? What are you gathering all these pets for?”】

Grinning, Kurats grabbed the long arm of one of the killer apes and then swung the monster’s body like it was a weapon.


The killer ape crashed into a saber wolf while letting out a muffled voice, as if the inside of its throat had been blocked.
Then, because Kurats had used too much strength, the monster was separated from its arm and the rest of its body burst like a balloon, covering the other monsters with its insides.
Even these monsters, that did not know fear, instinctively felt that their lives were under threat.
They understood that provoking this man carelessly would only mean one thing: certain death.
Seeing the monsters stop their feet, Oliveira screamed at them.

【”What are you doing?! Hurry and kill this man!”】
【”Hey, why don’t you come at me, too? You can use magic and whatever, right?”】
【”What was that?!”】

Oliveira’s ability as a mage was below average, to say the least.
So Kurats’ words had pierced a vital point.

【”You’re leaving me with no choice―― I did not want to use that thing against the likes of you, but someone has to show you your place!”】

Although his control over the monster he was going to call was still lacking, Oliveira was determined to use it.
Because, after all, if he was defeated by Kurats here, Oliveira would not have any future anyway.

【”Come! Rock tortoise!”】

Suddenly, an enormous rock that looked like a small hill started moving as multiple limbs slowly came out of it.
This was a rock-type monster, with a total length of over 20 meters.
As far as Oliveira knew, this monster was the biggest one out there, save for those of the dragon kind.
No matter how strong Kurats was, there was no way he would be able to do anything against the enormous mass of the rock tortoise; it was reasonable of Oliveira to believe so.

【”I wonder if it can put up more of a fight than the red-eyed bear.”】

However, Kurats looked up at the rock tortoise with a fearless smile.

Perhaps because he was angered by Kurats’ composure, Oliveira’s face became red as he yelled a command at the rock tortoise.

【”Trample him!”】

Compared to the killer ape from earlier, the rock tortoise was amazingly slow.
The fact that Oliveira believed this monster would be of use here just went to show that he likely did not have much combat experience against strong opponents.

【”Well, just because I can easily escape, that doesn’t mean I will.”】

The earth trembled as the rock tortoise powerfully lowered its foot.
To create this kind of pressure, the monster probably had to weigh at least tons, or rather, tens of tons. (1 ton = 2000 pounds)
As a loud thud resounded, a large cloud of sand rose up, hiding Kurats from Oliveira’s sight. But despite not being able to see the result yet, Oliveira had no doubt that Kurats had been crushed under the monster’s foot.
However, ――.

【”C’mon, try to put a little more weight behind it. You’re below the level of a red-eyed bear right now.”】
【”What the hell?!”】

The rock tortoise’s body reached a length of over 20 meters and a height of over 6 meters.
The monster only used its foot, but still, what kind of human could calmly bear the weight of such an enormous creature?
This should have been physically impossible.
Oliveira had never heard of someone ever reaching such an insane strength, even through the use of strengthening magic.

【”What are you doing? Crush him! It doesn’t matter if you break your own leg, just trample him already!”】

Shouted Oliveira, while feeling bewildered.
But the coldhearted and inhuman monster master from earlier was nowhere to be seen in his appearance.
All that was left in him was a fear of the unknown, a fear of what he could not understand.

As ordered, the rock tortoise put more of its weight into its foot, but Kurats did not move an inch.
However, since he was using both of his hands to hold the rock tortoise’s foot, his body was left defenseless. The saber wolves and killer apes used this opportunity to attack.
At this point, Oliveira was waiting to hear Kurats’ last breath, but all he heard was a mutter full of sincere scorn.

【”―― Is that all you’ve got?”】

The rock tortoise’s body seemingly started floating in the air before revolving around Kurats’ surroundings like a whirlwind.

【”This, this is impossible!”】

The monsters which were about to attack Kurats were all annihilated in an instant.
Kurats was holding the gigantic body of the rock tortoise and moving it as if it were a mere a stick that he had found on the side of the road.

This unreal spectacle broke Oliveira’s sanity at last.

【”This is completely crazy. it’s just a dream. It has to be a bad dream…”】

Kurats then proceeded to strike the rock tortoise’s back on the ground, making the earth tremble powerfully yet again.
Due to its tortoise-like shape, the monster could not get back up on its own.

In a certain way, this was a sad sight to see.

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