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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 is here!

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Chapter 23

What have driven Bernst mad was not only the impact from Kurats’ black history being revealed.

Of course, that had been an unprecedented shock for him, however, there was something that was making Bernst’s heart sway uncontrollably.
That was the love Kurats helf for Cornelia.
Bernst had only felt such burning love once in his life.
Due to the tenacious love of the yet inexperienced Kurats, Bernst recalled something he hadn’t thought about in hundreds of years.
It was a strong-minded and naive woman. She was the only thing in Bernst’s life that had ever taken precedence over his goal of becoming the magic king.
Her name was Elvira.

She a female warrior who had obtained the title of ‘the strongest’, she was Bernst’s once-in-a-lifetime partner, but also his rival.

The both of them were the strongest humans, and as such, they had subjugated an ancient dragon, but Elvira had suffered a severe wound in the battle and ended up dying in Bernst’s embrace.
Although her body had not been as delicate as that of Cornelia, the strong-minded look they had in their eyes was the same.
Or perhaps Bernst was only thinking so due to sharing Kurats’ feelings.

Nevertheless, Bernst had not felt such an intense emotion in a very long time, it was impossible for him to control it with logic and reason.

【”….I guess I’m going to have to punish you.”】

As he said so, the pure scent of a forest came to tickle the nose of Bernst, who had buried his face in Cornelia’s neck.

He undoubtedly had Kurats’ body but not his personality, so Conrelia was confused as to whether she was supposed to feel bashful or terrified.
She knew Kurats’ body odor very well.
The thought that was she was being hugged by Kurats seemed to be making her whole being burn with shyness.

【”You sure smell great.”】

However, when he whispered with an intonation which clearly did not fit Kurats, Conrelia realize that what she was feeling were goosebumps.
(This isn’t him! This is not Kurats, I have to get away!)

【”Let go! Let go of me!”】

Cornelia used all her strength to try and push herself away from Kurats’ embrace, but she could not move an inch away from his chest.
That was only natural, Kurats was a man who had destroyed castle walls with his bare hands.

AAnd the more Cornelia resisted, the harder it was for Bernst to suppress his carnal desires.
(I want this woman ――.)
This was the first time he felt lust in more than a thousand years.

(I see, this is truly magnificent. This feeling, is this one of those incomprehensible human emotions that used to be common to me in the past?)

γ€ŽI must thank you, my alter ago. Thank you for reminding me of this feeling!』

When Bernst took over Kurats’ body, he stopped sharing his feelings with him.
In other words, the passion that Bernst was currently feeling was not a flame but merely ember.
However, Bernst was too entranced to care about such things.

【”I’ll teach you who’s the master here. You should rejoice. This is your chance to become the woman of the magic king, Bernst! “】

After easily lifting Cornelia’s small body, Bernst headed towards her bedroom.
As she imagined what was going to happen to her after this, Cornelia cried while struggling to get away.

【”Kurats! Wake up! Help me!”】
【”It’s useless. His power is only one-thousandth of mine.”】

In reality, the difference was even greater than that.
That was partly due to Kurats’ nature, but also due to his lack of knowledge and experience when it came to magic.

【”Right now, he’s quarantined at the bottom of his unconscious, but I might as well call him back so that I can show him what’s going to happen.”】
【”That…. Anything but that!”】
【”Well, that’s fine. Exhibitionism is no hobby of mine.”】

When Bernst arrived in the bedroom, he threw Cornelia on her bed.
When she landed on the bed, her long legs were exposed, which awakened Bernst’s lust even further.
It was no longer possible for him to control himself.

【”You should enjoy this, too. After all, this body is that of your beloved younger brother.”】

Bernst’s huge hand, which seemed as big as Cornelia’s head, when to grab Cornelia’s chest.

【”…Oh, you don’t have breasts? Who would have thought that you have such a man-like….”】

With rage and fury, Cornelia used all her strength to strike Bernst’s crotch with her knee. What had angered her the was the fact that he had talked about the spot that she was the most self-conscious about with the voice of the man she loved.


Bernst felt an unclear yet acute pain which sent a destructive shock up his spine, the kind of shock that only a man could understand.
Had this been his own body, this would have never have happened.
There were multiple magic barriers around it, and, in the first place, he had already parted with his physical body far away in the past.
Perhaps Cornelia’s attack represented the backlash that came with getting back a physical body and emotions.
When Bernst was suffering to the point of almost fainting, he received yet another heavy hit.


Nausea mixed itself with the severe pain, and Bernst threw up while writhing in agony.

(Don’t you dare put yoor hand on my sister!)
γ€ŽDon’t tell me that you…. Did you use the shock to your advantage to take back control over the body?』

The part of Bernst that had been hit this time was his liver.
The mere act of breathing made him feel like something acidic was going to come out from his stomach.
This raw feeling of pain that Bernst had not felt in more than thousand years made him weep as he kept writhing in agony.

(So pathetic, a man close to being a god can’t even endure a pain of this level?)
γ€ŽDon’t you dare look down on me! If I want I can easily put you back in… Aaaaaaaagh!』

Bernst’s thoughts were interrupted again by a solid punch that hit his solar plexus.
It was absolutely impossible for him to seal Kurats’ consciousness in this state.
A sense of numbness circulated through all of his body like an electric shock, making his skin become so sensitive that it felt to him like a mere touch would be painful.

γ€ŽHow? You should be feeling this pain, too!』
(No man would feel much pain from the hands of the woman he loves!)

Between a man who trained his body and felt pain regularly and a man who reached far greater heights and had no relation to pain and suffering at all, it was foolish to even consider which one had more endurance. That was the actual reason.

(Prepare yourself… This time, it’s going to be really intense.)
γ€ŽS, stop! I understand! I will give you the body back, just…』

The next moment, Bernst felt a terrible pain that was on a whole other level than the indirect pain he felt when he was hit in the crotch before.
This pain was akin to someone cutting his skin until his nerves were exposed and then casually messing around with those nerves.
That was because the place Cornelia had hit this time was a seiketsu point, on of the tens of acupoints that handled pain.
Under the effect of this pain that was near the limit of what a human being could actually feel, Bernst was no longer able to stay conscious.
Like it had been cut away by a sharp blade, his consciousness fell down into darkness.
And he entrusted himself to that darkness, relieved to have finally been liberated from the pain.
Simultaneously, Kurats took back control of his body and frowned instinctively due to the pain he was feeling.

【”Yes, sister, it’s me.”】

Having confirmed that the man in front of her was the one she loved and not Bernst, Cornelia jumped at him and hugged him.

【”I was so scared…!”】

When he saw Cornelia’s small shoulders feebly tremble, Kurats apologized to her while gently caressing her hair.

(Thank goodness… It’s the usual, kind and gentle Kurats. )

Feeling the warmth Kurats’ big hand, Cornelia let out a sigh of relief.

【”―― Who was that man called Bernst from earlier?”】
【”I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about him. It’s a sort of ghost that’s been clinging to me since the other day.”】

Then, Kurats made a vow to Cornelia.

【”I’ll never let him do anything to you again.”】

Cornelia calmly nodded in response.
However, as the tension left her, she recalled something very troubling.
It was the fact that Bernst had brought her hidden feelings to light.
Even though she had been extremely pale right before, she instantly turned completely red and timidly asked a question.

【”….By the way, did you hear the conversation I had with that Bernst?”】

Kurats recalled the conversation that he had faintly heard while he was stuck within the darkness.
As Kurats’ face shifted to a red color, Cornelia guessed that the answer was yes. Flustered, she struggled to escape from his embrace.
She was too embarrassed to face him.

【”I love you. Not only as my older sister, but as a woman as well.”】

Cornelia felt shivers down her spine.

【”―― Huh?”】
【”I won’t hide it anymore.Β I love you as a woman.”】

Cornelia’s gaze was snatched away, as if absorbed by the strong will in Kurats’ eyes.
The mere sight of those eyes was enough to tell Cornelia how serious Kurats was about his feelings for her.
Then, Kurats tried to approach her lips, but Cornelia panicked and pushed him away.
Although he was finally aware of her love for him, Kurats was still her precious little brother, and that fact made it hard for Cornelia to be willing to change the status quo.
Seeing Kurats’ facial expression that made it seem like his feelings had been hurt, Cornelia answered him in an apologetic yet slightly patronizing manner.

【”…Give me some time. I do have feelings for you, but you’re my younger brother, I’ve known since you were a baby, I can’t just accept you out of nowhere.”】

In order for Cornelia to view Kurats not as a younger brother but as a lover or even a husband, it would take more and require more conditions to be fulfilled.
Now, Kurats was a member of the high society of aristocrats, and he had gained the favor and trust of the princess.
In the future, there was a possibility fall upon a good match for himself or that he would need to use marriage as a political strategy.
Hence why Cornelia was not able to find the courage to make a decision based on an impulse.


She did not know what the future would bring.
From what Cornelia had heard about the princess’ behavior, it was highly likely that she was attracted to Kurats.
Moreover, the princess was likely not going to be the only rival, there would surely be others that would gather to Kurats like insects to honey.
As of now, Cornelia had no idea whether she would fall back or fight when that time would come.

【”Still, this is how I honestly feel right now…”】

For the first time in her life, Cornelia offered her lips to Kurats.
Overwhelmed by the warm feeling of his lips and by the pheromones that arose in consequence, Cornelia left in a hurry while feeling a bit dizzy.

【”G-good night!”】

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