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Tsuyokute New Saga (LN) – V2 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the second volume of Tsuyokute new saga! I know I haven’t translated this in a while, but I just sort of felt like people didn’t really want this translation, I let the stats cloud my judgement even though I really like this novel and that was the reason why I decided to translate it in the first place, so yesterday, I decided to get back to it.

By the way, for those interested, the raw for chapter 101 of death flags is out and I’ve already started translating it, I’ll likely release it in the coming days.

Anyway, here is the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it. (This one’s a bit short, next one’s much longer)

Chapter 2

【”Your… marriage?”】
【”Yes, although even I only learned about it a few days ago, I apparently have a fiance.”】

Princess Milena was 16 years old, it was not strange for her to be engaged.
However, a marriage within the royal family was a matter of great concern, both inside and outside the country. Especially in cases like this one, because whoever would get married to the next queen would therefore become the prince consort, which would give him significant influence over  the entire country.
The mere process of deciding between choosing a king from the country or from overseas would likely give rise to intense disputes, let alone if that choice was settled before any discussions could start.
However, the decision had already been made.

【”Hmm…. If you don’t mind, could you tell me who that person is?”】
【”Yes, it is his higness Maiser Leng Garguan, the third prince of the Garguan empire.”】
【”The Garguan empire!?”】

Not only Kyle, but even Seran and the others showed surprised faces.
The Garguan empire was currently the most powerful country of the human race, and they were planning to spread their dominion even more. Moreover, they were on bad terms with the Jirgus kingdom.
The empire was a young nation, always aiming to expand its territory, while the Jirgus kingdom was keen on traditions and rather conservative. Two years in the past, they had been on the verge of war over a certain place, located adjacent to both countries.
That place was the city-state known as Calan.

【”What I am about to tell you goes back to two years ago, during the territorial dispute over Calan.”】

Princess Milena started explaining the situation.


Originally, Calan was a city-state located at the southeast of Jirgus.
It was a mining city where many members of the dwarf race lived, and where a lot of high-quality metals were produced. Furthermore, to the present day, they were the only ones in the continent who had the technology to mine and process the magic metal called Mithril.
Any country that could get a hold of this small city would become a significant economic and military asset. But while many countries had been aiming to take over it , Calan was located in a mountainous region, which made it difficult to bring a large army to attack them.
Due to this geographical advantage and also to the city’s defense that made it worthy of being called a fortress, Calan had been able to protect its independence for a long time.
However, two years in the past, in its ever-going expansion, the Garguan empire ended up becoming adjacent to Calan. At that point, the empire pressed the small city to submit to it like that was the obvious choice, but naturally, Calan refused.
The empire made many concessions in trying to negotiate, but those negotiations eventually collapsed and then elapsed into a war.
Thinking that the empire would eventually give up their assault, Calan’s side made use of their geographical advantage and deployed some mercenaries as well as some troops of excellent dwarven warriors in order to fortify their defenses.
However, the empire sent their knight troupes, renown everywhere in the human territory, their archmages, their mighty magic weapons, and they even launched an unprecedented assault from the sky. This had far exceeded Calan’s expectations.
Realizing that they had completely misread the empire’s war potential and that they would likely end up being taken by the enemy if things stayed as they were, Calan requested the assistance of the Jirgus kingdom.
In exchange, Calan was willing to become a city-state attached to Jirgus.
Although those who followed the empire without resistance would be taken under their cordial care, those who fought them and resisted before being swallowed up would instead end up being mercilessly oppressed and stripped off of their wealth.
Because of that, even if Calan surrendered to the empire, they would not be able to trade freely afterward. Hence why Calan had desperately sought the help of the Jirgus kingdom, which previously had an equal association with the small city.
Becoming attached to Jirgus would be basically the same as belonging to the kingdom, but at least Calan’s independence would be kept to some degree. And from Jirgus’ side, they knew that if Calan completely went under Garguan’s control, it would become a knife under the whole kingdom’s throat, and they therefore accepted Calan’s request.
Thus, the situation between Jirgun and Garugan became critical, with Calan in the middle of their disputes.
Even though the Garugan empire was the most powerful country of the human race, the Jirgus kingdom was also one of the continent’s major powers. If a war started between them, both countries would sustain great damage.
In the end, after barely avoiding an all out war,the Garugan empire withdrew.
Moreover, the empire signed a non-aggression pact with Calan and offered reparations for starting the war, which clearly showed that the Garugan empire had given in.


【”It seems like at that time, the two countries made a secret agreement to engage me to his highness Maiser.”】

King Ramonas only told a few of his close aides about this, but he had not informed princess Milena.
Like he thought that there was no need to actually talk about it.
“So that’s what’s going on” Muttered Kyle in his mind, after hearing about the situation from the princess.
On the outside, it looked like the empire had made a big compromise, but if it had been decided that a descendant of the emperor would be accepted as the prince consort of Jirgus, then the truth was different than it seemed.
This would allow the empire to have some influence over the epicenter of Jirgus, and in the future, this could give the empire a justification to invade Jirgus, as well.
Therefore, even though Calan became attached to them, this deal was still a loss for the Jirgus kingdom. In other words, looking at the situation from another perspective, it was actually the Jirgus kingdom that had ended up making concessions and giving in.
However, what if princess Milena were to die before the official announcement of the marriage?
Naturally, the engagement would be cancelled.
Then, the empire would demand a marriage with the next of kin, prince Carenas, but it would obviously take time for the empire to prepare a princess for the prince.
If necessary, the country would declare that prince Carenas had an official fiancee, and then, all that would be left do was to use some pretext to disinherit him ―― That was probably king Ramonas’ plan.

(That’s quite nasty… It seems like the king planned to use the princess’ death in this case, too.)

But perhaps he would not have been fit to be king if he could not make those kinds of decisions.

【”And so, I’ve been thinking of officially refusing this marriage. A messenger from the empire is supposed to come in a few days for that, so….”】

As the princess kept on explaining, Kyle quickly interjected with a question.

【”You’re going to refuse it? But what is going to happen to Calan if you do so?”】
【”Calan will naturally still be attached to Jirgus. Officially, Calan and the marriage have nothing to do with each other, and we have not exchanged any sort of formal document about the marriage. Since circumstances have changed, there is nothing wrong with refusing.”】

In short, the princess intended to pretend that she did not know about the previous king’s arbitrary decision.
Of course, such an explanation was far from enough to convince the empire’s side.

【”I would like the head of Calan to be informed of the situation, so that we can be on the same line. And I want you to be my emissaries for this mission.”】

Princess Milena’s request was for Kyle and the group to deliver a letter that she was going to write for the head of Calan.


【”I  have one question… Why do we have to be the ones in charge of that mission?”】

Kyle’s doubts were only natural.
If this was about being emissaries, then anyone in the royal court could do it in the group’s stead. And that was all the more true given that the goal was to deliver a mere letter.

【”First, Jirgus is currently in great confusion. And there are still a few people who I cannot completely trust.”】

In a word, the princess was simply saying that there was a shortage in manpower.
Her succession to the throne, which was supposed to be planned over many years, had been accelerated, and the kingdom was neither ready nor prepared.
Although Calan’s matter was important, it was more important to stabilize and gain complete grasp over the country’s internal affairs, and there was not enough manpower to do both.

【”Moreover, we also need to monitor the Garugan empire’s actions. With the failure of their plan to interfere with the kingdom’s affairs from the inside, I am sure they’re going to urgently come up with new plans.”】

Added the princess.

【”Given the current status quo, they likely won’t interfere with Jirgus. As for Calan, since they signed a non-aggression pact with them, there should be no way for the empire to use brute force against them…. But I’m sure they will try to coerce them one way or another.”】

In short, the princess was implying that the messengers sent to Calan would be exposed to a direct danger.

【”Also, although I personally think it’s unlikely… There are some people who suspect that the empire might have been involved in the other day’s incident.”】

The princess was referring to the recent attempt on her life.

【”Huh? But the empire is trying to extend its influence by marrying the third prince to you, right? So that would be contradictory of them…”】

“I mean, wouldn’t assassinating you actually spoil their plans?” Said Lize with doubt in her voice, but the princess shook her head from side to side and explained.

【”The empire is not completely unified. They all want to expend their territory, but some factions want to do it through wars, and for them, the factions that want to extend the empire’s influence through diplomacy, with marriages and the like, are a hindrance. So, they could have assassinated me and then purposely left evidence that they were the one who did it. Then, Jirgus would protest against the empire, who would object, saying that the accusations were wrong and groundless, and that they felt insulted by them. At that point, they would be able to use that as an excuse to declare war against the kingdom.”】
【”These political matters are a mess…”】

Said Urza, as if shocked by humanity’s excessive wretchedness.

【”That is true. Still, they cannot do such shameless things on the spot, but we do need to be prepared, because they are capable of applying these kinds of plans when necessary.”】

Princess Milena sighed lightly.
Kyle and the others were trustworthy enough, they were skilled enough to shake off the dangers that could come, and they had enough adaptability to deal with any complications that would arise.
Moreover, princess Milena was worried that, if the empire would really end up getting involved and if she sent someone who was not competent enough, they could end up spreading the scandal that happened with her bother. So, one of the reasons she chose Kyle’s group was that they already knew the private information concerning the attempted assassination.

【”If you accept this request, you will have to leave by the end of tomorrow. I am sorry, I know this is sudden, but please tell me your decision by tomorrow morning.”】

“We’ve prepared rooms for you so please stay the night.” Saying only that, the princess quickly went out of the room and then walked away, looking like she was being urged to do so by the surrounding maids.




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