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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 is here, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 18

Without touching anything, the woman made a fortune telling card rotate like a whirlpool until several of such cards lined up in front of Lunaria.
This was undoubtedly a technique that made use of magic. “This woman is much more skilled than those annoying royal court mages.” Thought Bernst to himself.

As for Lunaria, her heart was jumping with excitement.
Or perhaps that feeling was her instincts telling her that the fortuneteller was not as harmless as she seemed.

【”The sun card―― This shows your ambition to reach the future that you seek, it also shows that you will face a difficult confrontation in the near future, and that future of yours will depend on the strength of your determination. However, if you find yourself at an impasse, please do not doubt that you have the power to break through.”】
『Interesting… Do the Arcanas exist in this world, too?』

Bernst recalled a barmaid who used to do this type of fortunetelling to pass the time. Nostalgic memories were resurfacing in his mind.
It was the first time in hundreds of years that he was recalling such memories.

(Are Arcanas popular?)
『Were there no fortune tellers in your remote village? It was quite a widespread practice in the Dolmand world. I am not sure about this world, but it seems like it’s similar on that aspect. 』

【”…the strength of my determination, huh…”】

The fortune teller’s words appeared to have triggered strong feelings in Lunaria.

【”Depending on the circumstances, I believe you will be forced to make the hard decision of casting aside a close one.”】
【But as long as I am determined enough, I will have the power to overcome that ordeal, right?”】
【”Yes, that is for sure.”】

Lunaria’s reaction was characteristically clear-cut and direct.
She had the resolve to take full responsibility for the decision that she would come to make.
As a member of the royal family, that was her duty, but it was also her pride, a pride she simply could not lose.

【”That’s a nice expression in your eyes. Now then, the second card…… is the lover’s card ―― but it’s following the sun arcana?”】
【”Does that mean something bad?”】

Asked Lunaria while leaning forward, having noticed the hesitation in the fortune teller’s voice.

【”It does not have a bad meaning for your love life. As long as you put passion in your actions, I believe the results will follow. It’s simply that, since the lover’s card and the sun card are connected, that might mean that your partner will associate with more than one woman.”】
【”You mean, he’s going to have a concubine?”】
【”Well, I don’t exactly know if this is about a concubine, a close mistress, or just a woman he’ll associate with in a brothel.”】
【”―― As long as I’ll be his legal wife, that will not be a problem.”】

Even though the fortune teller had seldom shown any facial expression so far, her jaw dropped at Lunaria’s words that contained hardly any hesitation.
She had not expected this kind of answer from a young lady in love.
“Are girls these days so tolerant that they don’t mind sharing their man with a mistress? How did things turn out like this?” Thought the fortune teller. But the truth was that she was not much older than Lunaria.
Meanwhile, Bernst was secretly snickering to himself.
For the sake of Bernst’s ambitions, it was very important to know whether Lunaria could tolerate a concubine or not.

【”The last card is… the mage.”】

The fortune teller glanced at Kurats like she was examining him.
She could not possibly imagine it from his appearance only, but from the movement of the magical power in the young’s man huge body, she was able to perceive that he was actually a mage.

【”What does this one mean?”】
【”As long as you make your intentions clear, the one in your heart will allow you to fulfill your love, no matter the obstacles. He is the mage that controls love, nothing is impossible with his power.”】
【”Oho… In other words, you’re saying my lover will reach my own status  all by himself?”】
【”Yes, I must admit even I am surprised by these picks… just how loved by fate must you be be to be able to draw so many strong cards in one session?”】

The fortune teller could not help feeling like such luck and such powerful picks could not happen through a mere matter of probability, she felt like some higher power was at play.
She had a presentiment that the young girl before her eyes and her future lover would undoubtedly bring great chaos and glory to the country.

【”This was a wonderful session. Miss fortune-teller, how long will you be staying in the royal capital? I’d like you to read my fortune again if an opportunity presents itself.”】
【”I am a Miko who serves Gnochiss, the goddess of fate and judgement. The reason I am doing this fortune-telling work is to obtain study material for the church, and to tell you the truth, I was thinking of going back home tomorrow.”】
【”I see. That is too bad, but you have my gratitude for reading my fortune today.”】
【”May god allow us to meet again.”】

The fortuneteller deeply bowed her head, and Lunaria showed her a refreshing smile before turning towards Kurats with a pleading facial expression.

【”Look, the fortune-telling was really great so I just.. Sorry…”】
【”I understand, I understand. I’m okay with being your wallet for today, it’s fine by me, Luna.”】

The only reason Kurats called Lunaria without any honorifics was to avoid revealing her identity in front of the fortune teller, he did not expect Lunaria would be this shaken by that.

Seeing Lunaria become flustered and gain many shades of red on her face, the fortune teller grinned mischievously before adding some fuel to the fire.

【”That gentleman’s fortune and magic power are very far from ordinary. You have to hold onto him tightly, don’t let him go. “】

Steam seemed to be coming out of Lunaria’s head as she kept on muttering nonsense such as “That, that…. I’m not planning to… This is… B-but, but I..” and the like. It was going to take a while for her to manage to recover her senses.

“Geez..” Kurats shrugged his shoulders and took Lunaria to the shade of the trees of some park. As for the fortune teller, she looked at his retreating back with serious eyes, her expression having completely changed from the one she had earlier.

【”What an interesting man… Maybe this means that Jormungand is not quite doomed yet? If possible, please don’t fail at such a crucial point.”】

Then, the fortune teller turned her eyes towards the black shadows that were starting to surround Kurats and Lunaria, with a look of scorn and contempt.

◆  ◆  ◆

(H-h-hold onto Kurats? Even if she says that, I was never taught about such practices… No, I did hear about this from the maids, however… I would be embarrassed to death if I did that! B, but if that comes to be necessary then… No, no, no, I am thinking too far ahead! )

From Lunaria’s perspective, Kurats was a man whose arms would make her feel comfortable, a man who was flexible, and who would let her enjoy herself, unlike her mentor, Rosberg.
And perhaps, in the depths of her subconscious, she had been considering him as a member of the opposite sex.
Because of that, the fortune teller’s words had touched a vital point, making Lunaria extremely flustered.

(Wait a second, I technically still have the right to inherit the throne. And just yesterday, he became a baron… An earl rank would have been enough, let alone now… So, if he just achieves a great feat at the right moment, then there is a possibility that…)

Before she noticed, Lunaria started to consider the prerequisites that would be necessary for her to marry Kurats. When she became aware of her own thoughts, she once again became greatly flustered.

(What in the world have I been thinking of since earlier? It’s like I am really――)

Lunaria’s heart jumped in her chest.
Even Lunaria, who had no experience with love, instantly knew the meaning of the impact and the suffocating uplift that had she suddenly felt.

(When did I…)

While she had been immersing herself in her bittersweet daydreams, her shoulder had been held by Kurats who then proceeded to drag her towards him. Lunaria’s heart was throbbing and her face was bright red.
However, Kurats’ facial expression did not show any hint of sweetness.

【”We have some visitors. Stay close to me.”】

Observing the two from about a hundred meters (yards) away, Mordred stayed hidden whilst snickering to himself.
That was because the assassins surrounding Kurats and Lunaria had started moving.

(All you have to do is to suffer an unsightly death, fitting of you. Then I’ll come to save the life of her highness Lunaria! )

Having absolute confidence in his concealment, Mordred never bothered to consider the possibility that he had been discovered.
To begin with, the quantity of his mana and his magic skills alone could never have allowed Mordred to reach the top, it was thanks to his concealment techniques, which gave him a great advantage in intelligence gathering, that Mordred managed to become the head of the royal court’s mages.
He was also counting on his talented associates, who were burried in the dark, ready for a sneak attack. In another life, Mordred could have very easily become an outstanding assassin.

Meanwhile, Kurats and Lunaria were at the corner of a park, resting on a bench in the shade of some trees.
This place was very convenient since it was difficult for the human eye to see much within a dense group of trees.
Having continuously followed the two targets ever since they had left the castle, the assassins could not possibly miss this opportunity.
Of course, the truth was that Kurats was enticing them to come to him on purpose.


Silently, three assassins attacked Kurats’ back together.
Kurats figured that they wanted to neutralize him before attacking their target, Lunaria.

【”Go ask the forest’s black wolves to teach you before trying to sneak on me!”】

Although his back was being attacked, Kurats did not throw a single glance behind him, he merely swung his left arm.
The blow looked casual, but contrarily to its appearance, its power was extraordinary.
Weapons still in hand, the assassins’ bodies were bent and sent flying tens of meters (yards) away. Once they reached the ground, they twitched a little before they became completely silent and stopped moving.
The three men’s attack was a mere diversion, but since Kurats did not move his glance at any point, he was able to see yet another assassin, who was coming to attack him from the front.
While he had likely been shaken by this, there was no change in the assasssin’s expression as he rushed forward while putting up a blade that was given a purple shine by the poison that had been smeared on it beforehand.

【”Sorry, but my skin is actually made of muscles. This kind of blade can’t wound me.”】
『Your skin is made of muscles? You do know that does not make any sense, right?!』

Bernst reflexively and understandably put his everything into retorting.

As for Kurats, he thrust his fist forward faster than the eye could see.
The punch’s destructive power was obvious considering the current state of the three men who had attacked Kurats from behind earlier.
But the assassin did not avoid the fist, instead, he stabbed his sword inside Kurats’ now defenseless arm. Or rather, he tried to stab it inside.


Despite the very long and tough training that he had likely gone through to reach his current level, the assassin still could not help himself from shouting out loud by mistake.
Kurats’ skin did not seem to have any protection whatsoever, and yet it had ended up repelling the blade with a solidity akin to that of a steel armor.
The assassin despaired, he had failed to leave any cut, scratch or even redness on the enemy’s arm, but his thoughts were soon interrupted by the fist that finally reached him and blew him away like his associates.


Kurats deemed that he had held back enough, but upon landing a direct hit in the abdomen, his attack was guaranteed to make the enemy’s internal organs rupture.
Perhaps if Kurats had not held back, the hit would have ruptured the enemy’s whole body at once, and he would have suffered less in consequence.

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