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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

【”――Yeah, I just can’t imagine the crime happening in the royal castle. For now, let’s go outside to search for the scene of the crime based on what we know of her highness’ memories.”】

Although Kurats intended to go investigate by himself, Lunaria was not of the same mind.
With a cheerful luster in her eyes, she took Kurats’ hand and declared.

【”Yes, if you’re going to escort me, I’ll be able to walk at ease for sure!”】
【”―― Huh?”】

Even Bernst, with his high intellect, had not been able to perceive that Lunaria had intended to personally go to the scene of the crime that was committed on her. He had completely failed to realize exactly how tomboyish this princess was.

Lunaria had a bewitching smile on her face, but Kurats could not answer right away due to his mouth being still wide open from amazement.

【”What’s the matter? You told his majesty the king that you need my cooperation, right?”】
【”I guess that’s right but… Your highness, you’re actually enjoying yourself right now, aren’t you?”】

Lunaria unapologetically stuck her tongue out, as if admitting that she had been exposed.
She still had the dignified behavior of royalty, but the sweetness of a young lady had added itself to that, which made Kurats’ facial expression loosen up without him noticing.
Needless to say that Rosberg was even more affected.
The princess had quite the devilish charm to her.

【”Y-your highness! Your cannot expose yourself to such risks!”】
【”I am but a sad princess whose life is being targeted in the shadows. How could I be punished for wanting enjoy myself just a little bit?”】
【”Your highness, you always say these kind of things to stealthily go out of the castle, but I will not be tricked anymore!”】
【”This is unbelievable. You’ve already put Kurats’ abilities to the test, and yet you still cannot put your faith in him?”】
【”That’s… It’s not that I don’t have faith in him…”】

Although they had both concealed their trump cards, they still both recognized each other’s abilities.
And Rosberg knew that when Kurats fought seriously, even a whole troop of the kingdom’s knights would not be able to lay a single finger on him.

【”If my life’s being targeted anyway, I might as well enjoy it!”】

Lunaria’s heartily spoken line rendered Kurats unable to suppress his laughter.
The carefree girl’s brightness was quite amusing to him.

【”Oh? Looks like Kurats can also make this kind of face, huh.”】

Noticing the laughing expression that spontaneously appeared on Kurats’ face, Lunaria felt like he looked younger than his age. It was hard to imagine that this was the same man who had fought with his life at stake against Rosberg.

【”So, is it okay if I rely on you?”】

As he saw Lunaria’s cute gaze that did not leave any room for objections, Kurats raised both of his hands like he was surrendering.

【”Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll protect you with my life.”】

◆  ◆  ◆

Without delay, Lunaria and Kurats left together towards the outskirts of the castle.
Although the displeased facial expression on Rosberg’s face still did not change up to the very end, he still ended up being driven away against his will by the explanations of Lunaria, who kept claiming that it was all for the sake of the investigation.
Kurats sincerely sympathized with Rosberg’s anxiety.

【”Be it when I was training in the royal castle, or when I was being taught by my teachers, I used to stealthily slip out of the castle whenever I could find an opportunity, save for when I had to take care of my official duties.”】
【”Stealthily, huh.”】

Although the princess was wearing knight training clothes so as no to stand out, she could not hide her noble dignity and her beautiful face that made everyone’s heads turn.
So, while she did sincerely intend to hide herself, any onlooker could immediately tell that she was the princess.
Lunaria’s popularity among the nation’s people certainly had to do with the fact that, whenever she hiddenly went out of the castle, they could tell it was her.

【”By the way, do you have any coins on you, Kurats?”】

Lunaria’s big eyes were filled with curiosity and shining with anticipation as she gazed at Kurats.

【”I don’t think I have enough money to be able to satisfy you, your highness.”】

Lunaria had never carried money on herself.
As the princess, all she had to do was ask and what she wanted would be bought for her, but it was actually the ministry of economy that would take care of paying.
So, when she traveled incognito, it was impossible for her to do any shopping, however, that was a whole other story now that Kurats was here. Lunaria’s heart was throbbing with excitement.
Failing to meet such expectations would have been quite uncouth of Kurats.
As Lunaria cutely glared at him with inflated cheeks, Kurats showed a wry smile and corrected his earlier statement.

【”Alright, let me treat you, your higness Luna, but only a little bit, okay?”】
【”―― Yes!”】

『…Did you notice?』

(How could I not notice such blatant killing intent?)

As soon as Kurats and Lunaria left the castle, multiple sources of killing intent surrounded them.
Even if he did not use magic, Kurats was a hunter by nature. Although the other side did not know they were being hunted, for Kurats, they were nothing more than easy prey.
By now, he had already made the spontaneous decision to look for a chance to crush them all together.

『…… Most of them are small fry, but there a few fellows stronger than the rest.』
(They’re mages, aren’t they? They might be thinking they’re hiding pretty well, but I can tell…)

Bernst was surprised that Kurats had managed to notice the presence of the mages without having to use any kind of magic.

『Is that a concealing technique from this world? It certainly does have the effect to isolate the user’s presence and yet, why…』
(Oh, what are you talking about? Is there really such an unnatural hiding skill out there?)

By the age of ten, Kurats was already hunting the wild beasts and monsters which lurked in the mountains of Gaura.
In some cases, wild animals could hide their presence even better than mages.
From Kurats’ perspective, compared to the mountain’s beasts which he fought against with his life on the line, the mages, who could move around with peace of mind thanks to the trust they placed in their concealing techniques, only seemed like they were hiding their heads without noticing that their backs were completely exposed.

『Humph, this savage kid is just too much!』

Bernst believed Kurats was quite dependable for having the talent to detect his enemies without fail, but on the other hand, he was dissatisfied with the fact that the source of this ability was not magic but merely a sixth sense developed through the accumulation of years of experience.
Bernst believed such methods were too unrefined and inelegant for the alter ego of the magic king.

Without a single clue about the conflict that was going on within Bernst’s mind, Lunaria took Kurats’ hand and started running.

【”A maid said there is a famous fortune teller in the plaza over there!”】
【”It’s perfectly fine to be in high spirits, but please just try not to stand out too much.”】

Despite being close to reaching a marriageable age, Lunaria was taking a man’s hand without a single worry or care. Kurats could not help himself from smiling wryly at that.

Lunaria’s feet came to a stop in a street that was lined with stalls, in order to buy some succades which she proceeded to quickly toss into her mouth, like a small hamster.

【”Ooh! This kind of food can taste great, too!”】

While it was different from the refined deserts that she ate in the royal palace, this junk food’s unhealthy sweetness was quite refreshing for Lunaria.

【”Looks like you’re really enjoying those sweets, miss. You have to try some of this kuzumochi cake!”】

After seeing the rice cake that was strongly recommended by the pushy square-faced shopkeeper, Lunaria turned a glance full of anticipation towards Kurats.
Of course, there was no way Kurats could resist that look.
That was because Lunaria had a disposition that made older men want to protect her.
It was likely due to this enchanting disposition of hers that she was able to ensnare Rosberg and the others.

【”Mmm! This one has a refined but quite peculiar sweetness!”】

The cake contained a sugar substitute made by boiling down a type of ivy plant called sweet kudzu, which had a flavor beloved by the masses since ancient times. Depending on how it was boiled, it could be as sweet as honey or ever sweeter, and there was also a refreshing acidity to it.
This was not inferior to the pastries made by the royal palace’s workers.

After eating the kuzumochi cake with gusto, Lunaria once again headed towards the fortuneteller she had heard about.
Kurzts felt a wriggling sensation as the air around him became denser.
There was a presence that both Kurats’ sixth sense and Bernst’s magic had failed to perceive earlier.
Had this been an assassin, even Kurats would have inevitably struggled against him.
Or at least, the presence in front of him was mighty enough to make him think so.

【”Oooh! Over there! We’re lucky, it seems like there is nobody else there.”】

“That probably has nothing to do with luck, I feel like it was done completely on purpose” Thought Kurats, but he was aware that saying it out loud in front of the fortuneteller would have been tactless of him.
In the first place, he did not even know whether this presence was hostile or not.

【”―― May I ask you to read my fortune?”】

As she sat in front of the fortuneteller whose facial features were hidden by a hood, Lunaria grinned to herself with excitement.
It was a lovable and contagious grin.
Even the fortuneteller, who was female judging by the blonde hair  peeking through her hood, let a corner of her blood-like lips curve into a smile.

【”Oh, you were born under a very mighty star, young lady.”】
【”Really? I don’t know about that.”】
【”Yes, I can see the sparkle of the star that protects you. Such a sparkle would never accompany an ordinary person.”】

Lunaria was at a loss for words.
As the country’s princess, she certainly was destined to be protected by many followers and retainers.
But the fact that this fortuneteller had been able to to feel this in a mere moment showed that she was far from being simple; the only other explanation would be that she already knew about Lunaria being the princess.

【”―― You shouldn’t make that kind of expression, young lady, you’ll spoil your pretty face. Now then, what do you want to ask me about today?”】
【”W, well… I am just a young girl at the start of her youth but… Still, I want to know about love!”】

Although she was acting evasively at first, Lunaria pulled herself together and made her request to the fortuneteller with a firm nod.

【”But, isn’t the man behind you your lover?”】

Lunaria let a ridiculous shriek escape her mouth despite herself.

【”That’s not how it is! Kurats and I…. don’t have that kind of relationship.”】

Judging by the delay it took for Lunaria to finish her sentence, the fortune teller understood the unclear feelings in the girl’s heart.
She could tell that Lunaria had yet to notice who the contender for her love was, or to even notice her own awakening love at all.

【”Then, as you wish, I will predict the direction that your love life is going to take. Let us take a look at your future.”】

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