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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

What did it mean to fight with a sword? In general, it basically consisted of clashing against the enemy’s weapon using swordplay, and to slash through the gaps within his armor. Even if the opponent had a large shield or armor, there was no need for a swordsman to directly strike there.
If Rosberg used his trump card, the magic sword Gerlach, he would easily be able to burn any shield or the like to ashes in a single blow, but he believed that would not count as a win.

The fire magic sword Gerlach was passed down from generation to generation in Rosberg’s family.
Using this magic sword, he had become a top tier fierce god of the sword, but even when he did not wield it, his title as ‘the Kingdom’s sword’ was not an exaggeration in the slightest.

【”I didn’t expect any less from you. Well then, how about if I use two?”】

This time, Kurats picked two battering rams, one in each hand, and he started swinging them in an insane display of dual wielding.
Witnessing this scene where nonsense came to accompany absurdity, Rosberg could only laugh.

【”This is fun! Rather than a duel, at this point it feels I came to subjugate a dragon!”】

The two massive and long iron beams that could take a life with a single blow were coming from every direction, raising sparks as they powerfully knocked on each other,  but Rosberg kept dodging while still laughing.
However, that did not mean there were any room for him to take a breath.
The proof of that was the sweat which was running down his back, slowly wetting his knight clothes.

The battering rams then came from the left and right at the same time, as if to applaud Rosberg’s efforts by striking him in the middle, but he dodged by lowering his posture as he chanted a spell.

【” ‘Impact’ “】

Although wind spells were not showy, they were quite difficult to defend against, however, with the battering rams being used as shields, the wind spell that Rosberg used was pointless and only ended up creating a dry metallic sound.

【”―― Well, it was worth a try.”】

Only advanced magic would be able to break through the huge mass of a battering ram.
From the start, given that Kurats was a mage, Rosberg did not believe that his own magic woud be of much use, but if he could not even use it as a diversion, it was going to be extremely difficult for him to fight.
(If that’s how it is, then I’ll just force my way through with my sword!)
As Rosberg thought that, there was a slight shift in his center of gravity, which did not escape Kurats’ perception.

(I wonder what he’s gonna show me now…) Thought Kurats.

Kurats believed that, given Rosberg’s status as the swordsman who received the title of the kingdom’s sword, there was no way he would be limited to this level only. Moreover, Kurats knew that when it came to the sword, no matter how hard he tried, he would never stand a chance against Rosberg.

Because of that, Rosberg was high in Kurats’ esteem.

【”You’re not gonna die from what’s coming, are you?”】
【”I don’t feel like it, so I’m gonna have to say no.”】
【”Then prepare yourself. I’m going to show you a tiny bit of what it looks like when I get serious…”】

The second Rosberg muttered so, his sword moved with a clear ‘shiing’.
A moment after, there was a loud metallic sound as a massive lump of metal slipped off to the ground.

There was a skill that allowed outstanding swordsmen to cut through steel even with a wooden or blunt sword.

It was called Zantetsu ―― Using this technique, Rosberg’ sword stopped the battering ram that was coming at him by slicing it in two.

(So you’re finally showing your true strength.)
【”The battering ram’s whole worth is in its mass and thickness, I’d never have imagined that you’d actually manage to cut it in two perfect halves…”】

Kurats could not help himself from smiling wryly as he looked down at the battering ram which had been sliced in half.
(To think he’d be able to use Zantetsu with a blunt training sword, this is incredible.)
Kurats was not one to talk, but he still sincerely admired Rosberg’s extraordinary means.

【”Even without the Gerlach magic sword, you’re still the kingdom’s sword. I’m very impressed.”】
【”Praising me is not going to make me go easy on you.”】
【”The duel’s not over though, right?”】

The two men, who recognized each other’s capabilities, found great delight in gaining a rival against whom they could use their full power.
It was rare for those who reached Kurats’ and Rosberg’s level to find a suitable training partner.
The two smiled fiercely at each other, having completely forgotten about Lunaria’s matter.

【”―― Here I come.”】
【”Go ahead.”】

Kurats once again brandished his battering rams and approached Rosberg.
Although one of the iron beams had been cut in half, it was still extraordinarily heavy.
If a weight this heavy hit a human being directly at a high speed like a falling rock, it could easily split their body apart.
But Rosberg saw through the direction that Kurats’ lethal attack would take and dodged at the very last second before closing in on Kurats.

The battering rams were moving at an incredible speed while still having a large range of attack, but when Rosberg got close enough, he could see that, as he expected, the two weapons were quite fragile.


With a flash, what was left of the first battering ram was cut right in half, starting from its base.
And as Rosberg’s sword returned, it also sliced Kurats’ second battering ram.
Kurats no longer had massive shields protecting him, and all that was left in front of Rosberg was an unarmed man.

【”I got you!”】

With that conviction in mind, Rosberg prepared to thrust his sword towards Kurats’ throat, ready to declare his own victory.
But, faster than the eye could see, Kurats punched away the body of the sword and closed in on Rosberg before driving his elbow at his unguarded abdomen.

Kurats had held back plenty enough, however the hit still blew Rosberg ten meters away. (30 feet)

【”Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing… When I said that I was better at hand to hand combat, I meant with my bare hands, not weapons.”】

Kurats’ outstanding body granted him incredible physical abilities, making him so powerful that he could easily smash bed rock to pieces with his hands.
Even if he did not use any weapons, his whole body was a strong means of attack in itself.
The battering rams and the like were only tools that allowed him to display that physical strength.

【”…I guess he got me, huh.”】

Rosberg stood up while holding his abdomen where there was still a dull pain circulating.
If Kurats had been serious, Rosberg’s upper and lower body would surely have gone their separate ways.
But strangely, Rosberg felt neither vexed nor angry.
Rather, he was thinking that he would like to have a serious fight against Kurats one day, a fight where he could use his Gerlach magic sword.
Besides, Kurats’ strength was clearly sufficient to protect Lunaria.

【”I have failed, so I suppose I have to allow him to stand by your side, your highness.”】

Although Kurats lacked experience as a swordsman, his swordsmanship was not vile in any way.
At the very least, he would never abduct or assassinate Lunaria.

(But that doesn’t mean I believe he’s worthy of being her highness’ man.)

Although Lunaria did not seem to have noticed yet, Rosberg sensed faint traces of an awakening love within the princess’ reactions.
However, as the princess’ guardian, he absolutely could not believe that a mere mage would be suitable for her.
If he wanted Rosberg’s approval, Kurats would have to, at the very least, pile up a streak of achievements that would make him worthy of being praised as a hero.

【”I see! So he even won your approval? I didn’t expect less from Kurats!”】

Looking at Lunaria’s delighted and broad smile, Rosberg once again made a vow to himself.
‘If he ever has any wicked desires towards this lovely princess, I’ll make him taste Gerlach’s blade on the spot.”

◆  ◆  ◆

【”… The places where I’ve immersed myself in water? How would knowing that help the investigation…?”】
【”The parasite was aquatic so it definitely attached itself to you underwater, your highness.”】

Kurats figured the parasite had likely taken Lunaria as its host in a situation where she was naked or close to naked.
The monster was troublesome due to its parasitic traits, but like an insect, it had no fighting strength to speak of.
In normal times, such a small fry would never have been  able to enter Lunaria’s body, she was not that weak, she had been trained by Rosberg after all.

【”I’m trying to ask you about the places where you’ve taken baths or the like. I have a hard time believing that a monster could enter the royal palace’s baths, but still.”】
【”While there are many influential nobles in the first princess’ faction, the royal palace itself falls under the strict management of his majesty the king. Otherwise it would be impossible to protect the royal family. In the first place, there is no way anyone could bring a monster inside the palace, let alone inside the baths.”】 (Rosberg)
【” ―― I guess you’re right. “】

The defense barrier and the security breach net protecting the castle were quite advanced, despite being useless against Bernst.
Even for Kurats, it would be difficult to break through those protections due to his current lack of experience with magic.

【”Then, your highness, wasn’t there any occasion where it happened elsewhere, outside the castle? For example, maybe you went to the river for swimming practice or something along those lines.”】

If she had had swimming practice with the knight group in the river at the east of the royal capital, then perhaps the parasite could have attached itself to her at that moment.

【”You think her highness would expose her delicate skin to those uncultured beasts?! You fool!”】

Maybe because he pictured the scene in his head, Rosberg’s cheeks turned red as he showcased his indignation.

During swimming practice, the knights stayed in their underwear, basically half-naked. No matter what, it was impossible for a young single woman of the royal family to participate in such a gathering.
And that was regardless of the fact that Lunaria herself was very interested in participating in the swimming practice.

【”Did you visit any other country as a diplomatic envoy?”】
【”I did go to the the Schwartzvald kingdom, but it was more than a year before I fell ill.”】

There had probably been a gap of around half a month between the time the parasitic monster attached itself to the princess and the time when the symptoms of the mana depletion appeared.
It would not have been possible for the parasite to stay hidden for more than a year without doing anything.

【”Then, did you step outside the castle anytime in the month prior to the time when you were bedridden?”】
【”Y, yes… Well, I went out of the castle many times back then. But I don’t remember being submerged in water at any point in that time frame…”】

As she said that, Lunaria lowered her head in shame while Rosberg glared at her. She had likely left the castle stealthily, without informing him.
“Mhm” Said Kurats, while folding his arms and looking down to the ground like he was considering the information he had just gathered.
But naturally, Kurats was not actually doing any thinking.
He was merely pretending to be lost in his thoughts while faking a serious facial expression.

(What do you think?)
『If it turns out that the crime happened inside the royal palace, that would mean the whole palace is already under the enemy’s control.』

As previously mentioned, the royal palace was the most secure location of the kingdom since it was the king’s residence.
If someone had the power to bring a monster in this kind of place, it would be no exaggeration to say that that person could assassinate Lunaria at any time.

『But that’s quite unlikely considering the fact that, even though she fell into a coma, the princess was still alive. It’s safer to assume that the princess just doesn’t remember the occasion when the parasite could have attached itself to her. 』
(I see, you’re right.)
『Do I have to do all the thinking for those muscles you call a brain?! Unacceptable! 』
(M, my brain isn’t made of muscles, okay? …I think…)

Kurats was sounding very unreliable within his thoughts, but on the surface, there was no change to his serious facial expression.
Lunaria was very impressed as she looked at Kurats; his magic was like that of no other in the kingdom, he was strong enough to defeat Rosberg, and on top of that, it felt like he was radiating with intelligence.
She felt like if she followed his words, she would have nothing to worry about.

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