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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 15

Hey there everyone, chapter 15 is here! I know I said there would be a double release, but I kinda counted wrong, I thought this chapter was the conclusion of the mini-arc for some reason; so, the double release will be for next week, for sure this time ><

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Chapter 15

The man named Rosberg was the strongest soldier of the kingdom, both in name and in fact.

【”My father was a mercenary……While I learned magic from my mother, my father taught me the sword. Despite the appearances, I’m still quite confident in my sword skills. So, if you don’t mind, sir Rosberg, I’d like to offer my greetings through a match of swords.”】

It was said that only a swordsman could truly understand a swordsman.
A person’s personality, habits, and discipline were all reflected through their sword.
To Rosberg, it certainly seemed like crossing swords would be the only way for him to truly get to know the man named Kurats.

【”Is this really alright with you? You’re aware that, in a match of swords, I won’t be able to go easy on you even if I want to, right?”】

In reality, that would only stand true if Kurats was an above average swordsman.
But either way, if Rosberg felt like it, he would easily be able to kill Kurats during their fight and pretend that it was an accident.
He was actually asking Kurats if he still had the resolve to fight despite the risks.
That was what wielding a sword meant for Rosberg.
If Kurats was thinking of solving things in a diplomatic way or through bargaining, then Rosberg would not let him leave with his life.

【”Of course. Actually, I’m better at fighting hand-to-hand than using magic.”】
『This is just deplorable.』

Kurats smiled broadly without paying any heed to Bernst’s sincere anguish.
For as long as he could remember, he had never lost a single fight against anyone in his village.
And ever since he had defeated his father, Hayate Kemp, at the age of ten, Kurats had never struggled in a fight, not even against monsters.

【”Even among the kingdom’s knights, there probably isn’t anyone who can face you.”】

Kurats wondered if those words that his father had offered him with a laugh were really true.
And wasn’t the current situation his chance to confirm it?
The prospect of fighting a worthy opponent like Rosberg gave light to a blazing fire within the core of Kurats’ body.

『Humph, you really have muscles for brains.』

【”…..Alright. Then, I’ll let your sword tell me how reliable you truly are.”】

Due to his heavy experience, Rosberg instinctively knew that the young mage in front of him had not challenged him on a whim or to show off.
Top-class swordsmen could sense the true strength of their opponents.
Rosberg’s intuition had been continuously ringing alarm bells since earlier, warning him that Kurats represented a first-class danger.
“―― Interesting.” Thought Rosberg.
Kurats was a mage whose abilities were so remarkable that he could mock the mages of the royal court, but if his capabilities as a swordsman were enough to raise a sense of crisis within Rosberg, then to him, that meant it was worth considering how he was going to treat him in the future, no matter how dangerous he was.
Or rather, the real danger would be to antagonize such a man.

(He can’t be thinking that I’m a normal person just because I’m not wielding a magic sword, right?)

As Rosberg felt the coming of an exciting battle after a long time, his lips curved into a faint smile without him realizing it.

◆  ◆  ◆

The plain training grounds of the knights covered a surface of about fifty square meters (550 square feet), but for some reason, there was not a single knight to be seen there.
“Besides, it’s a little too small to use for knight training, isn’t it?” Thought Kurats, while cocking his head in puzzlement.

【”This place is quite special. Even if you use high-grade magic here, the surroundings won’t take any damage.”】
【”I see. I thought these were training grounds, but they’re more like dueling grounds, huh.”】

Even if these were training grounds, they would mostly be used for one to one training bouts.
Moreover, Kurats was aware that there was a magic barrier here which would not move an inch even if he used siege magic against it.

【”You have my gratitude for saving her highness Lunaria. However, as her highness’ guardian, I must eliminate any evil person that comes by her side.”】
【”You’re one exemplary loyal subject, aren’t you?”】
【”Words don’t have any value at this point. We’ll let our swords do the talking now!”】
【”Then I, Kurats・vans・Almadianos, will be your opponent!”】

Suddenly, the two men’s sword intents started moving like whirlwinds, making Lunaria swallow her saliva from shock.

(How strong are they exactly?!)

It felt as if there were invisible blades flying together with the wind.
This was first time Lunaria witnessed a sword intent that gave off such an odd feeling of pressure.
Which meant that she had never seen Rosberg actually being serious in a fight.

(Has he been holding back until today?)

Lunaria was surprised but she also felt irrationally angry from the fact that Rosberg had not been fighting her seriously during training.
As for Rosberg, he was rethinking his evaluation of Kurats, who had yet to show even a speck of agitation.

(Oho… Even a full-fledged knight would have a hard time enduring this sword intent, and yet…)

If a man with little resistance like Mordred was exposed to Rosberg’s sword intent, it would likely be enough to make him faint.
That was because the human survival instinct would bring a feeling of terror when faced with an excessive difference in power.

【”Seems like your confidence in your abilities wasn’t a bluff after all.”】

Immediately after he finished speaking, Rosberg casually attacked Kurats.
His explosive power and the control he had over his movements were both incredible――it was almost as if he had teleported himself.
Many swordsmen would have been knocked down by this attack, not realizing what had happened to them.
But Kurats calmly caught the blow.

【”Still, you shouldn’t get conceited over this level of skill!”】

Rosberg realized that Kurats did have good eyes and strength as he rethought his opinion of him, but the kingdom’s sword was not sweet enough to be satisfied with that only.
Rosberg kept attacking again and again, not giving any time for Kurats to take a breath.

【”What’s the matter? You’ll never win if you just keep defending, you know?”】

Those with inferior abilities would always end up losing the initiative in a fight, then the only thing keeping them from losing would be how persistent they could be while being gradually driven into a corner.
Perhaps because of the influence of his father, who was a mercenary, Kurats’ swordsmanship was geared towards real combat, but even so, it was still self-taught.
And Rosberg would never lose against that kind of opponent in this sort of duel.

Nevertheless, Rosberg rather appreciated Kurats’ self-taught swordsmanship even though it was not suited for duels but for real battles instead.

【”――However, know that there are some walls you cannot cross on your own!”】

Rosberg used a light feint while simultaneously rotating his sword, making Kurats’ sword rotate with it and fall down.
―― Or rather, he tried to make it fall.
Human joints had a limited degree of motion.
This characteristic was the basis of many self-defense techniques that consisted of locking an opponent’s joints. Rosberg’s rotate and fall technique made use of that same characteristic, as well.
Even children could easily knockdown an adult after locking his joints.
And yet, Kurats had withstood the rotate and fall technique, despite being in a state where his joints were locked and he could not fully use his power. This incredible strength seemed like a lie, like a mere joke.
Even though the technique could be overturned, Rosberg had no recollection of that ever being done through sheer strength.
Rosberg once again realized how abnormal Kurats’ strenght was.

【”―― Like I thought, my swordsmanship just can’t match yours.”】

Kurats shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile.
“As expected, this is the limit of self-taught skills.” He thought.
He had narrowly managed to keep his sword in place, but with how things were, if Rosberg’s previous technique had succeeded, it would have been difficult for Kurats to deal with the attacks that would have followed.
If possible, Kurats wanted to surpass Rosberg using the swordsmanship that he was taught by his father, but reality was never that sweet.
To his regret, his capability with the sword was only average.

Kurats took a breath before sheathing his sword and asking Rosberg a question.

【”Can I switch weapons?”】
【”Pick whatever you want, a spear, an ax, it doesn’t matter.”】

As long as he was fighting in a one to one duel, Rosberg was confident that he would be able to crush any weapon.

【”Then, I’ll pick this.”】
【”Wha… You bastard, are you looking down on me?!”】

Looking at the weapon that Kurats had picked up, Rosberg opened his eyes wide out of indignation.
That reaction was to be expected, because Kurats was currently holding a battering ram: a heavy weapon which was used to destroy castle gates.
Among the kingdom’s knights, there was a certain giant man whose pride lied in his strength and who had barely been able to lift the battering ram by using his whole body’s power, but even he was only able to swing the ram in a downward motion. The only value of this weapon was its weight.
It weighted more than 200 kilos (440 pounds). No matter what, it would be impossible to use such a weapon in a one to one duel, because this kind of fight required one to move freely and fast.

【”Yup, this is perfect.”】
【”What the hell?!”】

The surrealistic scene that was taking place before Rosberg’s eyes made him speechless, his mouth was wide open from shock. This was the first time in his lifetime that Rosberg had ever showed such disgraceful behavior.

Currently, Kurats was casually wielding a huge battering ram, as thick as his torso, like it was a mere twig.

『―― This bloody meathead!』

Bernst could not condone this method of fighting.
These sorts of uncivilized physical fights were an embarrassment to a mage, however, Bernst was also aware that it was impossible for Kurats to use advanced spells as of yet.

『You could at least try not to look so barbaric!』
(Yeah yeah, whatever you say, oh great magic king)

With a loud noise, the battering ram attacked Rosberg.
It was impossible for him to intercept it with a sword because of the too big difference in mass and kinetic energy.
Moreover, due to the wide area covered by the strike, even when Rosberg dodged, he needed to move at a considerable distance.
Despite all the experience that Rosberg had amassed over the years, he had no experience fighting against such a massive weapon.

【”You… Just what kind of body is that?!”】

Obviously, wielding a battering ram of over 200 kilos and moving it faster than a sword was quite abnormal, to say the least.
The reason Kurats had been having a hard time using his sword’s power earlier was actually the fact that it was too light; who in the world would believe such a thing?

Each time the battering ram hit the ground, the stone pavement caved in while a heavy and loud noise resounded.
Rosberg tried to take advantage of the gaps that Kurats left each time the ram missed, but the issue was that, due to its volume, the huge weapon could also act like an enormous shield.

【”This is so damn troublesome…!”】 (Rosberg)

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