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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is here! Sorry for the delays, I’m juggling with the translations and my finals so it’s kinda complicated… plus I kind of forgot to post the chapter cough

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Chapter 11

She did not know when it started, but Cornelia had come to feel a tightness in her chest whenever she saw Kurats’ tempered body and his idle facial expressions.

When she was young, she thought of him as her cute little brother.
However, that cute brother had outgrown her in the blink of an eye, and had now obtained a giant and strong body.

She used to be stronger than him up until the age of eight, but now, if she fought him seriously, she would not even be his opponent.
Ever since the death of their parents, the two siblings had been living together, and Cornelia could not help herself from wishing that the relation they had would keep going forever.

【”―― Thanks for saving me…you were pretty cool back there.”】

Asked Kurats in a confused manner, having failed to heard Corenlia’s voice since it had trailed off when she spoke her last line.

【”―― I said that you’ve become stronger!”】

Aware that she was starting to blush, Cornelia turned her back in a huff and rushed towards the kitchen.

【”I’ll make you a treat to thank you for today!”】

Cornelia smiled happily while speaking loudly to hide her embarrassment.
It seemed unbelievable that just earlier, she had resigned herself to becoming that man’s mistress and to letting her body be dirtied by him.

Although she did not know how long it was going to last, Cornelia swore to protect this ordinary life that she cherished.
Because in this world, all these two siblings had was each other.

Afterwards, a mountain of Kurats’ favorite dishes appeared on his table. Needless to say that he started grinning from ear to ear while smacking his lips.

【”Aah… I ate so much! I’m gonna sleep like a rock today!”】

『What was that?! Do you seriously intend to casually go to sleep? Unacceptable!』

Bernst interjected with all his power as he saw Kurats head towards his bed with a satisfied look on his face.

【”Yeah, I’m worn out from today, so I wanna hurry and go to bed.”】

『What are you, dense? What did you do all of this for, exactly? Am I missing something? Isn’t there something else you should be doing?』

“To think that this good for nothing is my own alter ego” Thought Bernst, feeling ashamed to the point of almost tearing up.

【”Well, I managed to save my sister already, so I shouldn’t have anything else to do, right…?”】

『Are you fine with merely helping her? Is that really all you wish for?』

When he thought about it, Kurats could not claim that this was the only thing he wanted.

The feelings that Kurats felt towards his sister were more of a romantic love rather than what one would feel for a sibling.
While thinking of that, Kurats simultaneously recalled Cornelia’s splendid bare skin that he had caught a glimpse of in the castle, and he involuntarily let his lust turn his cheeks red.

『Or rather, you don’t understand anything about women, do you? No matter how you look at it, she clearly gave you the ‘ok’ sign, didn’t she?』

【”Ok sign?”】

『It’s the sign a woman gives when she wants to show a man that she accepts him! How do you want to seduce anyone without knowing these kinds of things?』

【”Oh c’mon, how was I supposed to know that? Also, what if you’re wrong?”】

『No matter what, doing everything in your power to make a woman yours is what being a true man is about!』

(What’s this good for nothing’s problem?! This is why he is still a virgin!)

Kurats’ extreme weak-mindedness made Bernst feel indignant from the bottom of his heart.

Back when he reigned as the magic king, Bernst had formed a harem of countless women, although that was a long time ago.
But even if not for that, he had no doubt that it would have been easy for anyone with a little bit of experience to see through Cornelia’s affection towards Kurats.

『Any worthy man should be able to read a woman’s silent signs and to give them the one last push they need. You just have to hold the woman tight and whisper your love to her, and she’ll fall in your arms in no time.』

【”You mean, even my sister…?”】

Kurats swallowed his saliva with a gulp.
Now that he was told about this, he remembered that when he saw Cornelia’s skin, although she looked like she was about to cry, she had also turned somewhat red in the face.

As he imagined himself embracing Cornelia’s slim body, Kurats could not stop his blood from rushing to his lower half.
However, prehaps because he was weak from love, or perhaps because he had been brainwashed from a young age, he seemed to have instinctively rejected the idea of being more assertive with his sister.

【”B-but, my sister didn’t say anything about that…”】

『Can you not kiss a woman unless she explicitly tells you to do it?!』

From his own experience, Bernst knew it was rare for a woman to confess her love upfront.
After he became his world’s supreme ruler, women started flocking to him without him having to say a single word, but before that, when he was still an adventurer in pursuit of knowledge, he had a hard time seducing anyone.
Thousands of years ago, there was a time when even Bernst was as green and passive as Kurats.
This was why he was so annoyed and irritated by Kurats’ behavior, because to Bernst, this felt like seeing his own self from back when he was still inexperienced.
But even if that had not been the case, he was currently sharing Kurats’ feelings.
So, even though he was not feeling things as clearly as if he had experienced him himself, Kurats’ strong love for Cornelia was still transmitted to Bernst.
The anger Kurats felt towards Joshua, and the boiling passion he had experienced when seeing Cornelia’s bare skin had both stimulated Bernst’s forgotten memories.

『Being swayed by strong men is a part of a woman’s survival instincts! Isn’t getting your hand on your sister the main reason why you sought power?!』

Power was not the only thing Bernst had been seeking in his youth.
In those days, when he was still nobody, Bernst also wanted the strength to protect his woman.

【”But if you’re just misunderstanding her intentions, it’s going to be really embarrassing… Plus my sister’s scary when she gets angry.”】

『You are still green, Kurats! You will regret this for sure once you become an adult!』

【”Well then I guess I’ll think about that after I become an adult.”】

While feeling somewhat regretful, Kurats hid his whole body under his futon and closed his eyes.
Rather than his carnal desires, his priority was his sister’s happiness.
And he could not tell if he belonged anywhere within that happiness.

『I, I need to take this frustration out on something, right this instant!』

While Bernst was squirming from irritation, Cornelia was rolling around in her bed with blushing cheeks.

【”―― Did he see it? I know he saw it.”】

She was drinking her morning milk every day, she was regularly eating chicken meat because she had heard that it was good for the breasts’ growth, and she was never negligent in doing her chest growth exercises.
So, she wondered, why had her chest not grown by a single millimeter despite her persistence?

Her mother’s genes had done wonders for Cornelia’s appearance, stature and athletic capabilities, but when it came to her chest, it seemed like those same genes had refused to do their work.

【”To think he saw my child-like breasts… Alright, tonight, I’m doing three sets of exercises!”】

With a firm resolve, Cornelia silently started doing her chest growth exercises, simultaneously asking herself “Will my efforts pay one day?”.
If her mother Friggs had been here, her answer would likely have been “I’m sorry, but you should just give up.”

◆  ◆  ◆

There were some domestic troubles within the kingdom of Jormungand.

That was because the king had never had a son, his only two successors were the kingdom’s two princesses, hence why there were some concerns that the country’s influence would weaken in the future.
But there was an even more critical matter at hand, which was the fact that two distinct factions had formed around the two princesses. Said factions had started fighting in order to lead the princesses that they respectively supported towards the throne.

The country’s important nobles mainly supported the first princess, Felbelle.

She was a quiet and beautiful woman who looked like a doll with her silver hair and purple eyes. Although she seemed fragile, she had a captivating charm that was second to none.
Within the high society, there were many men who used to flock towards her in the past, trying all possible means to seduce her.
But one who won her favor in the end was the Marquis of Strasbourg, Albert.
He was handsome, he had great influence within the country’s high society, and he was highly esteemed for being good at politics despite his young age. By getting married to Felbelle, he had suddenly become one of the most prominent political forces of the kingdom.
It could be said to be thanks to Albert’s power that the first princess’ faction still dominated the royal court even though she was married now.

In contrast to Felbelle, her sister Lunaria was not very popular among the court’s nobles, but she was quite popular among the country’s people and the military’s important figures.
That was largely due to the fact that Bayard Cellvis, the kingdom’s minister of war, was her guardian.
Therefore, outside of the royal court, the popularity of the easy-going and physically competent Lunaria had overwhelmed Felbelle.

Each of the sisters had her merits and demerits, and king Christopher had been unsuccessfully trying to choose between the two of them.
It was at such a time that Princess Lunaria fell to a strange and mysterious disease.

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