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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

‘Alright, what should I do now?’ Thought Joshua.
‘Even if I bring her younger brother and torment him in front of her, that won’t get her to mentally yield to me.’
‘Or, maybe――.’

【”Maybe I should make that little brother of yours embrace his own older sister.”】

Those words brought an intense change in Cornelia.
Her expressionless face instantly turned red, and her pupils glistened and started wandering around as if she was gazing afar.
Even Joshua could do nothing but be bewildered by this reaction.

【”….C-could it be you have that kind of immoral relationship with him already?!”】
【”T-that’s not true! Kurats and I have a pure and normal sibling relationship!”】

Joshua did not know exactly what a pure and normal sibling relationship was supposed to be, but it was clear to him that this elder sister was one that completely deviated from common sense.

【”Then, would you mind being nude in front of him?”】
【”What are you saying! That would be so embarrassing!”】
【”And yet you don’t mind showing your chest in front of me?”】
【”Why should I care about being seen by some complete stranger?”】
【”Wouldn’t it normally be the opposite?”】
【”But it’s something like, my mother did not mind being in the nude when swimming with her friends, but she was really bashful in front my father, you know what I mean?”】
【”What are you on about?! Anyway, your logic is completely messed up!”】

Cornelia’s mother, Frigg, was a skilled mercenary by nature. Since being a mercenary was a mainly male profession, she had grown to be a woman with little to no bashfulness.
However, in front of Kemp, who was her foster father as well as her husband, she would become very shy and meek as a lamb.
Cornelia had long believed that that was how married couples normally worked.

【”W-whatever, that’s fine. I’ll teach you and your bother how true siblings should be. Then, he’ll understand that his elder sister was always destined to be taken away by other men.”】

【”Someone go bring me that girl’s brother from that village and――”】

As Joshua started speaking, his voice was erased by a deafening, thunderous roar.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”Stop! I told you to stop!”】

Kurats kept walking forward like there was no one around, as if the castle’s soldiers had not entered his eyes at all.
Boiling with rage, the soldiers surrounding him tried to stab him with their spears.
While killing an unarmed person would normally be considered quite shameful, this was the front line of the territory’s frontier, and there were a lot of hot-blooded soldiers here.
Kurats dodged the spears coming from his left and right by merely twisting his waist, and he thrust his fist towards a spear that was aimed at his chest.
‘What the hell does he think he’s going to accomplish by punching the spearhead?”
As the soldier in front of him scorned at Kurats’ nonsensical behavior, he could already picture him dying after both his body and his fist would be pierced through together.

But the sound that followed was one that should not have been.
It sounded as if the thin spear had been crushed by the overwhelming mass of an enormous lump of iron.
The soldier felt a numbing pain in his hand, as the head of his spear was mercilessly smashed and its butt end pierced the wall behind him.

【”If you don’t want to die, how about you stay docile until I bring my sister back?”】

While saying so, Kurats pulled out the spear that was planted in the wall.

【”What the hell are you doi-…”】

Before the soldier could finish his question, Kurats swung the spear at an unbelievable speed.
Going faster than the eye could see, the spear he was holding made a a high-pitched shriek.
Then, Kurats threw the spear with all his strength, and it smashed the wall in front of him with a plosive sound that was painful to the ears. From the hole that appeared in the wall, he could see the sky which was starting to turn red.
Even the thinnest part of the thick walls of the castle were 30 centimeters (11 inches) wide, they were supposed to be able to handle the attacks of mages and catapults alike.
Breaking through them with a human’s physical strength should never have been possible.


As if taking this thunderous roar as a signal, the surrounding soldiers immediately escaped in all directions, running from this monster that was beyond the limits of their comprehension.

『This is so disappointing…』

Bernst would have easily frozen soldiers of this level, or burnt them to nothing.
Or, he would have used a thunderbolt to destroy the castle’s walls, which would have been even more effective to threaten the enemy.
‘So why did this have to be settled through physical strength, with these musclebrain methods?’ Wondered Bernst, irately.


Without listening to Bernst’s complaint, Kurats used the perception magic that he had learned from the knowledge Bernst had transferred to him, and he then started running towards Joshua’s private room, where Cornelia currently was.

【”――It’s over there!”】

Kurats used all his strength to kick the room’s door open.
Maybe because he failed to measure his own strength properly, to say nothing of smashing the door, he even blew it away from its frame, generating a shock wave that crated cracks on the wall around it.
But, fortunately enough, nobody had been standing in front of the door.
What appeared in Kurats’ view in the next instant was his own sister, who was wearing a suggestive outfit with her chest exposed, and Joshua, who was standing still, shocked by this sudden happening.

【”…This is…. a peasant?!”】
【”Why is Kurats here?”】

Looking at Kurats who was boiling with rage, Cornelia was flabbergasted.
Why did he have to appear right after being targeted by Joshua’s wicked plan?

At the same moment, Cornelia screamed and her whole body turned red as she recalled that she was half-naked.

【”Aaaaaaaah! Don’t look this way, Kurats!”】

Seeing Cornelia on the verge of crying, encircling her arms around her body to hide her exposed skin, Joshua forgot about the current situation and shouted sadistically.

【”Hahaha! Getting so embarrassed from being seen by her brother! Such a twisted woman! To think that towards your own brother, you would feel…”】

Joshua thought he heard the sound of a vein bursting on Cornelia’s forehead before her flexible and trained knee struck his lower jaw.
A crack instantly appeared on the floor under the foot that she had kept down. The martial technique she had used was one that transferred power from the ground itself to her knee.

【”Wow… It’s been so long since I last saw sister’s flying knee strike…”】

Although she looked refined and innocent, Cornelia had inherited all of her mother’s killing techniques, and she was, in fact, the second strongest of her village, right behind Kurats.

【”Gu… Aah!”】

With his broken Jaw, Joshua was  not able to utter a single word, all he could do was writhe in pain while letting out groans of resentment.
‘How dare you do such a thing to a noble like myself! Your whole village will pay for this!’ That was what Joshua tried to say, but to no avail. His teeth were broken, and his mouth was full of blood.

【”―― How could I do such a thing!”】

At last, Cornelia realized what she had done.
The truth was that, contrarily to her gentle appearance, she was well known for rushing to physical violence whenever she panicked.

【”The intruder is here!”】

At that moment, earl Hazel and the veteran knights in charge of protecting his territory rushed into the room, ready for battle.

Earl Hazel Antos was bewildered.
At first, he thought that the castle was being attacked by a monster.
That was because he could not bring himself to imagine that one man, by himself, could destroy the castle’s walls and defeat the castle’s soldiers with his bare hands.
He believed there was even a possibility that a very intelligent, high grade monster had appeared.
Following that train of thought, he gathered skilled knights, and rushed towards the room where the monster was… But what the earl saw there was his own son with a broken jaw, as well as a young woman who was covering her chest with both of her arms as if she had almost been assaulted, and a man with a big body who was protecting her behind his back.
It was only natural that Anton, who had been ready for battle, had a hard time believing his own eyes.

【”Everyone, don’t move… Alan, go heal that foolish son of mine.”】

Alan, the only mage of the knight troupe, used recovery magic on Joshua.
This was the frontier of the territory, there were rarely more than a few mages here.
Since he was specialized in attacking, Alan could only use lower-rank recovery magic, but he still barely managed to make Joshua recover enough to be able to speak.

【”Over here! Kill these plebeians! Torture them to death!”】
【”Why is that commoner in your room exactly?”】
【”N-no reason, just――”】

Hearing the dangerous tone in his father’s voice, Joshua found himself at a loss for words.
As one would expect, he could not just say that this was a woman that he had kidnapped from some village after she caught his eyes.

【”Putting that aside, this ruffian not only trespassed in the castle, he even raised his hand against me, please capture him!”】

Seeing his son try to change the subject, the earl was able to make a rough guess about the situation, but he could still not afford to ignore the man who had attacked his soldiers and destroyed his castle.
Anton did not know how this man had done it, but this was still a person who had destroyed a solid, stone wall. There was no doubt that he was a threat.

【”Are you ready to pay for the crime of trespassing in my castle?”】

Having decided to punish his son later, Anton carefully encircled Kurats together with his troupe.

【”―― The only one who’s charged with a crime here is your son. If you don’t want to become rebels, you’d better promptly drop down your weapons.”】
【”What did you just say?”】

Hearing Kurats’ dignified tone which was clearly different from that of a commoner, Anton was not able to conceal his growing confusion.

【”After I achieved the meritorious deed of curing her highness Lunaria, I’ve been granted the rank of baron by his majesty the king. Don’t believe you’ll be able to evade the issue of messing with the sister of someone of my standing.”】

Translator’s note: So, I’ve been asked about the magic and martial arts in this manga, and well, it still hasn’t been fully explained so I really don’t know, but basically there are two separate fields, magic is generally stronger, MC has a huge amount of mana but can’t use his own magic spells because he’s a human being and his brain can’t handle those spells yet, that’s all I know for now ><

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