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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Although it had only been half a day since Kurats had transferred to the royal capital, the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the village had clearly changed, becoming sorrowful instead.
As Kurats started feeling uneasy, his childhood friend, Roy, cam running to him with a ghastly pale face.

【”Kurats, where the hell were you?! Cornelia-san has been taken away!”】

Roy bitterly cast his eyes down.
A vein appeared on the temple of Kurats’ forehead.
He seemed to have completely lost his temper, having not expected that his sister would end up being taken on this day.

【”―― I’ll go bring her back now.”】

【”Hey! Are you planning to waste Cornelia-san’s good intentions?”】

Roy figured that if Kurats really could do it, he would have already run away with Cornelia.
Because nobody in the village would have been able to stop him.

【”Don’t worry. It’s probably hard to believe, but I just became the feudal lord of the village today. I’m not gonna let earl Hazel do whatever he wants.”】

【”What the hell are you talking about――?”】

Roy started wondering if his childhood friend had been driven to madness by the shock of the situation.
However, currently, Kurats had neither the time nor the will to continue his conversation with Roy.
The only thing that in his mind was that he had to save his sister as soon as possible.
Roy was about to mutter something, but before he could do so, Kurats vanished like a gust of wind.

Kurats was in a quiet fit of anger when he instantly appeared on a slightly elevated hill, around 2 kilometers (1 mile) away from the castle of earl Hazel.
Right now, he felt like he could do anything, regardless of the fact that he could not use the multi-layered power control that Bernst had mentioned before.

『Don’t be stupid. Anger might raise your power but it’s not going to raise your control over them! These kinds of nonsensical assumptions are unacceptable!』

Bernst calmly rebuked Kurats.
If Kurats failed to control his power near the earl’s residence, he could accidentally reduce the small castle to dust, together with his sister, Cornelia.

【”――In that case, I’ll just go there on foot and take her back. “】

Saying that very calmly, Kurats began walking towards the gate of earl Hazel’s castle.

【”Stop! Which village did you come from, peasant? The likes of you are not welcome here!”】

Seeing Kurats’ large body, the gatekeeper flinched for a second and then prepared his spear in a false show of power, as if to hide his moment of weakness.

【”Get out of the way if you don’t want to die. Blame your bad luck but I’m in an awful mood right now, I won’t be able to go easy on you.”】

【”Huh, are you resisting?! Know your place, you plebeian!”】

Without giving the soldier a glance, Kurats was about to keep walking forward. But despite having been mentally overpowered, the soldier still barely managed to push out his spear to block the road.
However, Kurats only glared at him, and raised up his fist.

【”…What do you think you’re doing?”】

The soldier inclined his head to the side in confusion as Kurats prepared to swing his fist at the castle’s gate, which had an iron frame and was made out of thick oak.

The soldier was wondering what was the point of this as the only result he could imagine was Kurats damaging his own hand.


That was not the sound of a collision or a burst.
Rather, what the soldier heard was the clear sound of an object being crushed by an impossible force.


Falling on his backside from shock, the soldier let out an unintelligible shriek while pointing at the castle gate which had been mercilessly forced open and destroyed.

Just how much strength had this taken?

Kurats’ right foot was buried up to his shank in the stone pavement under him. As for the castle’s gate, its lower half had completely disappeared, as if it had been torn off by the hand of a giant.

Since it was located at the forefront of the territory’s frontier, the gate of the Hazel castle had been built in a way that it could hold out long enough for reinforcements to come; it was supposed to be able to resist for quite a while even under the attack of a battering ram, and it should absolutely not have been possible for one man to destroy it with his bare hands.

【”Y-you, you monster…!”】

Putting his whole mind into escaping out of fear of what had just happened right before his eyes, the soldier used both of his arms to desperately crawl away on the ground, with a wet and warm substance around his nether region.
If Kurats’ fist had hit him, the soldier’s body, which was far more fragile than the castle gate, would not have stood a hint of a chance.

【”―― What’s going on?”】

【”The castle’s gate is broken… is the enemy attacking?”】

Facing the soldiers who had come one after the other, Kurats indifferently asked a question.

【”Where is my sister?”】

Despite Kurats’ large build, there was no way the soldiers would listen to the words of a man who looked like a commoner.

【”Who the hell are you?”】

【”There is someone suspicious here! You, surrender now!”】

Nobody had realized how the castle’s gate had been destroyed.
They could not possible imagine that a single unarmed young man had reduced the gate to its current state with one hit.

【”If you don’t answer me, I’ll just get your bodies to answer instead, no hard feelings, okay?”】

◆  ◆  ◆

In the same castle, a short while earlier.
Joshua Patrick Hazel, the third son of earl Hazel, was observing Cornelia with a vulgar smile on his face.
Cornelia was a truly beautiful woman.
She had magnificent, sparkling, obsidian-like black hair, which would likely not be found anywhere even in the royal capital.
Joshua also quite liked the beautifully shaped bridge of her nose and her attractive almond eyes.

However, there was one thing that he deemed to be intolerable about her, it was the strong determination which was radiating within her eyes.

【”Change your clothes to the ones over there. Of course, I’ll be watching.”】


Even after Joshua threw some very exposed, dancer clothes in front of Cornelia, she did not show a single hint of agitation.
Although Joshua was fond women, what he liked even more was making people surrender to him.
Perhaps this was the influence of the cloud that had been following since birth, because, as the third son, he had no rights to ever become the head of the family.
Without showing any embarrassment, Cornelia, who was now wearing only undergarments, quickly but dignifiedly started wearing the seductive costume she had been given.
‘Shit, how is she so calm, this isn’t seductive at all’
Joshua cracked his finger joints out of irritation while watching Corenelia who now looked like a dancer in a brothel.

【”Come here.”】


Like she was told to, Cornelia stepped in front of Joshua.
There was no near nor shyness in her eyes, her face was completely expresionless, as if she was a doll.
―― “I want to defile her.” Thought Joshua eagerly.
He wanted to witness the moment when this pure and untouched girl would yield and drown in humiliation and pleasure.

【”Let me see your chest.”】


Cornelia did not lose her firm attitude and exposed her chest without any hesitation.

Laid bare in front of joshua’s eyes was a pure white chest that was full of appeal and softness despite being quite small.
Faced with that sight, he used his teeth to bite at the cherry peaks at the the top of said white chest.
That should have been painful to the point of making Cornelia scream.
However, she only frowned a little bit as she endured the pain.

Like Joshua feared, Cornelia was ready to do anything, she had such a resolve that she would likely even be willing to give up her own life if circumstances demanded it.

As things currently stood, she would probably endure any pain and humiliation until death.

“There is no way I’m letting such a first-rate prey die with her pride intact” Thinking so, Joshua got his determination back.

But the problem was that, with her excessively solid resolve, even if he were to ask her to exhibit herself without any garments, she would still calmly comply for sure.
Did Cornelia really not have any weak points that could be used to agitate her…?

【”Come to think of it, you have a younger brother, don’t you?”】

Raising his eyes, Joshua could not help himself from snickering as he saw Cornelia being taken aback.
For the first time, there was a crack in the defense of the indestructible fortress called Cornelia.
Joshua was not generous enough to ignore the weak point that he had found at last.

【”Oh… You’re worried about your brother, aren’t you? Then, shouldn’t you answer my expectations for his sake?!”】

【”―― As you wish.”】

After that, Cornelia quickly recovered her spirits.
To begin with, it was only for the sake of her precious younger brother that Cornelia was submitting her own body.
She would be losing her actual goal from sight if she were to fail to play her part properly, taking the risk of incurring the displeasure of the earl’s son and having her brother be condemned for it.

Translator’s note: This isn’t NTR, like, absolutely not, don’t be mislead by the chapter. Also, I’d personally advise you to read the next chapter directly, but your call 😀

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