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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Lunaria’s big eyes were wide open.
The man’s face was so close to her that it was entirely covering her field of view.
Moreover, their tongues were still entwined and burning hot.


Lunaria used all of her body’s power to push the man’s chest, but her slender arms were not able to move his large body.

【”Did you come back to consciousness, your highness?”】

Saying that, the man slowly separated himself from Lunaria, showing her a smile of pure relief.

【”There is no need to worry anymore, princess Lunaria. How are you feeling?”】

Only after Kurats said those words did Lunaria notice that that washed-out feeling which been haunting her, and that feeling of despair which come from losing her life-force, were both completely gone.
She wondered, how long had it been since she had last felt this refreshed?

【”―― Did you cure me?”】

Forgetting about the kiss from earlier, Lunaria looked at the man with great delight.
His extraordinarily big body was refreshing to look at, like seeing a lone large tree in an empty prairie.

And while he couldn’t be said to be the handsome type, he still had good features, and his eyes were filled with a tranquility that had captivated Lunaria at first sight.

Lunaria was confident that this man was the real source of the sense of security which she had felt before waking up.

【”Although I did what I did earlier because your vitality was dangerously lacking, it was still due to my own lack of ability. I deeply apologize.”】
【”Earlier… Ah!”】

As she said that word, Lunaria finally processed the fact that she had been kissed a little while ago.

Lunaria’s face became boiling red as she recalled the sensation of putting her warm tongue through those lips to reach that mysterious and sweet saliva.

Moreover, she recalled how ever since she was a child, she wished to have her first kiss with her husband after marriage.

(So this means that this person…No, wait! What in the world am I thinking?!)
【”―― T-there is no helping it since you did it for the sake of curing me. So, what is your name? I’d like to know how I should address my savior.”】
【”I am Kurats Hans Almadianos. Moreover, you have no need to worry about any after effects, so let’s go show the king how healthy you’ve become, if you don’t mind.”】
【”Excellent! Then, Kurats, lead the way! And from here on out, it’s fine to call me Luna when we’re alone.”】

Lunaria stood up with a cheerful laugh.
This cheerful and bright personality was Lunaria’s charm, it was the trait that sustained her popularity.

Experiencing a womanly charm different from that of Cornelia, Kurats barely managed to keep his facial expression from falling apart.
Since he had the initiative, he could not allow himself to be put at a psychological disadvantage right now.

【”Then, please take my hand, your highness Luna.”】

Of course, Kurats would not be able to spontaneously treat a woman like this.

The truth was that Kurats’ lines were not even his own, he was merely repeating the words that Bernst was scripting for him.

However, he was not just repeating those words in a monotone, on the contrary, it seemed like he might actually be surprisingly talented when it came to acting, but even so…

(This is going to be terrible, isn’t it…)

Bernst sighed deeply as he worried about his alter ego’s future.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”―― Father!”】

Seeing his daughter with a good complexion and a healthy appearance for the first time in a long while, Christopher stood up with a feeling of great relief.

【”Ooh! Lunaria! You can already stand?”】

Lunaria was one of Christopher’s only two children.
While Lunaria was the popular one due to her innocent and cheerful personality, she also had a less popular elder sister, Felbel, who was more reserved.
But Christopher doted on both of them, and they were the apples of his eyes.

Therefore, one could only guess how deeply chagrined he had been from seeing his daughter lose her vitality day by day for unknown reasons.

His heart was slowly being crushed as he was resigning himself to the fact that he might never be able to see her in a healthy condition again.

But now, as he looked at Lunaria’s face while hugging her, all of those worries were completely wiped away.

【”Thank goodness―― thank goodness you managed to recover safely, Lunaria”】
【”No, Father… This would not have been possible if not for mister Kurats’ treatment.”】

When Lunaria said so, Christopher finally noticed Kurats, who was standing three steps behind while watching over the scene pleasantly.

It seemed like he was being considerate so as not to interrupt the father and daughter who were hugging each other.

【”You’ve done a splendid job. As a father, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”】
【”It is my pleasure to have been able to help.”】

Kurats had been under the threat of being decapitated in case of a failure, but some things were better left unsaid.

However, not that everything was dealt with, Christopher was starting to feel like something was amiss as he looked at Kurats who did not seem too proud nor too humble about his success.

Even the kingdom’s doctors and mages were not able to find out the cause behind Lunaria’s condition despite doing everything in their power to bring results.

Being able to make her recover completely in a mere moment was no trivial deed.
The king wondered, just how had a mere 18 years old boy become this skilled?

【”You said you were taught by your mother?”】
【”Yes, your majesty.】
【”Have you ever heard who your mother studied under?”】

Even if Christopher had not heard of the name of Kurats’ mother, Friggs, he figured that perhaps he would know the name of her teacher.
After all, it was impossible for an ordinary mage to be able to suddenly acquire a power that surpasses that of the whole country.

【”I heard from my mother that she was taught by my grandfather. My family is a family of sages who transmit their techniques from generation to generation.”】
【”Yes, I heard that our magic is from a completely different lineage than the magic that is commonly known in society.”】

The magic system that was currently in use in the Liastra continent was the Arthurius Sorcery magic system.
The mere existence of another system would already be astounding, but if that system’s techniques exceeded the Arthurius skills, then that would change the world.

【”… You said there is something you wish for, right? Well, now is the time to take your reward. You’re free to ask for anything.”】
【”In that case, your majesty, I would like to be granted a title and the authority to rule over the village of Gaura.”】
【”The village of Gaura?”】

Christopher wracked his brain as he searched through his memories.
But as one would expect, even the king of the country would not remember the name of some small, remote village.

【”It’s a small village of only about one hundred people, and it’s governed by earl Hazel-sama.”】
【”Why do you want that small village?”】

Christopher was quite curious about the reason behind this anticlimactically trivial wish.
With the powers he had, Kurats would be destined for a successful career if he came to work for the government in the royal capital, without having to care about any village or whatnot.

【”Our house’s creed obligates us to conceal the magic that is handed down in the family, and that’s why I’m in somewhat of a bind.”】

Then, Kurats informed the king that the son of earl Hazel, Joshua, had taken his sister Cornelia as a pretext while actually aiming for the family’s magic.

【”Our family has been protecting its doctrines for a long time, but that’s not worth sacrificing the purity of my sister. She’s my only living relative. Therefore, I’d like yo ask you to please grant me your honorable consideration, your majesty.”】
【”Does that man think nothing of a maiden’s purity?! Even if the king is going to forgive him, I won’t!”】

Lunaria, who had also heard the conversation, shouted with rage.
Christopher had a dumbfounded, wry smile on his face. Even though, just like her, he had deemed that this story was a scandalous one, his daughter had told him off in her anger.

【”Then, accept this reward. I appoint you as the Gaura village’s feudal lord, and as a baron of the kingdom.”】

Regardless of the actual circumstances behind the matter, it was not an option for Christopher to dissociate himself from Kurats.
That unknown magic system that Kurats was using was simple that fascinating.
That being the case, it was necessary to reward him, and by the same occasion, to tie him to the Jormungand kingdom.

【”Thank you, your majesty, I am not worthy of such a reward.”】

Although Bernst had been thinking that it would be good if Kurats had been made into a knight, it seemed like Christopher had an even higher opinion of Kurats than expected.
There was no doubt that was because of Bernst’s magic.

(This is a good omen.)
【”Well then, I’ll return immediately to take care of that wrong-doer, however, may I have some sort of proof to show my status?”】

One would have to be crazy to directly believe a commoner like Kurats if he told them that he had just become a feudal lord on this day.

In order to silence the earl Hazel’s family and keep them from raising objections, Kurats would need a proof that they would recognize at the first glance.

Christopher felt something akin to a feeling of relief upon seeing Kurats finally show a kind of impatience that was fitting of a young man like him.

Having felt the charisma and patience of an old monarch from Kurats earlier, the king smiled wryly as he wondered if that had been due to being manipulated by some unknown technique or if it had just been an illusion.

【”Take this insignia. This is proof that you’re acting under the king’s direct orders. If someone goes against this proof, you can punish him in my name.”】

The king presented Kurats with an insignia which he was originally going to give to a retainer who served directly under him, to take it on an urgent mission.
The king did this because believed it would take too much time now to go through the process of sending a government official with a notification to inform the earl about the situation.

【”You have my sincere thanks for trusting me.”】

Kurats bowed his head while pushing both of his hands forward to receive the insignia.

【”Well then, forgive my discourtesy, but I need to leave now. This shouldn’t take much time. I’ll come back to ask your highness about how your search for that criminal will go from here on out.”】
【”Hey, what are you――. “】

Christopher called out to Kurats but his words returned to the back of his throat before he could finish his sentence.
That was because Kurats’ body had disappeared in an instant.


This should have been impossible.
There was strong magic-prevention barrier installed around the royal court.
If people were really permitted to teleport to and from the palace so easily, the royal family would never know when they could be attacked by assassins and they would always be on the lookout.
It seemed like Kurats had indeed been talking about a magic system that was different from Sorcery.

【”―― Also, a criminal? What was that man talking about, Lunaria?”】

It was no longer possible for Christopher to brush off Kurats’ words as being some plebeian’s nonsense.
Christopher had no doubt that that man would not have said those words if he did not have some confidence and reasoning to back them up.

【”It’s just like he said. There is someone who put a monster on me, aiming for my life. And it seems like he’s planning to find that person.”】

As Lunaria said that, her face was blushing beautifully, like a young lady yearning for a knight in shining armor.

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