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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of Almadianos! Sorry for the delay, I was busy with exams and another project of mine, Death flags, which is my main project if you did not know, and I wanted to release this at the same time.

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Chapter 6

Since this was a conspiracy, it likely meant some kind of trouble would come if the princess was saved, but that was also a success in a way.

Bernst had no intention of ending this play after merely taking care of some remote village’s feudal lord.

Regardless of Kurats’ personal intentions, Bernst was determined to put him through a lifetime of thrill and excitement.

『You could just kill the monster as is, but I want you to keep it as evidence. Just put it to sleep and use the transfer spell on it…』

【”Hold on. I can transfer myself but there is no way I could transfer an other living being.”】

『WHAT?! In that case, how about changing the parasite’s molecular structure and removing it directly?』

【”You only sent me the information about how to do it, there is no way I could put that into practice!”】

『So that means you can’t even use multi-layered thinking and high-level techniques?! Unacceptable!』

【”Don’t ask for the impossible, today was my first time using magic, remember?”】

『To think that my own alter ego’s brain has been tainted bu muscles to this degree… You’re completely useless!』

Since Kurats’ consciousness was now lined with Bernst’s, there was no doubt that he had inherited knowledge of the most powerful magic spells.

However, even if he had that knowledge and understood it, putting it in practice was naturally a whole other story.

In the first place, it was indispensable to be able to use multi-layered thinking in order to be able to use multiple spells at once, but Kurats could not even do that.

Since Bernst could do absolutely anything without having to think about it, he had forgotten about these kinds of obvious matters.

『This is problematic…』

At present, it seemed like using two beginner spells at the same time would be Kurats’ very limit.
(Since he can’t layer his thoughts, I guess I’ll have to think about the best alternative.) Thought Bernst.
However, given the circumstances, just how far away was Bernst’s wish of having Kurats use overwhelming magic?

『You’re going to do some intensive training! You hear me? Intensive training!』

As Bernst shouted that like some sort of demonic sports coach, Kurats wiped his forehead out of shock.

【”Alright, I get it… but let’s take care of the princess first…”】
『Regarding that, there is nothing to worry about on my part, this will be fine as long as you don’t mess up!』

Unlike attack magic, which could be spread and scattered, healing magic required to be delicately controlled.

Even if Bernst could do that intuitively, he figured it would be too difficult for Kurats to do the same here, so this was not an option.

“Why is my own alter ego not even able to control his ow, techniques?” Thought Bernst with an unreasonable feeling of anger.

『Since you can’t stop transfer it… I guess you’ll first need to use a clairvoyance perception spell to find it. After that, you’ll be able physically do an incision and to use a spell to fix her condition, as for healing… Wait, you didn’t bring the tools to do an incision so….』

【”Why would you need tools to do an incision?”】

『Huh? You mean that you’re confident in using the Water Cutter technique to do a surgical operation?』

If Kurats really had such an advanced control over his power, then that meant he would be able to use other types of techniques.

However, Kurats’ answer went completely against Bernst’s expectations.

【”What? Wouldn’t you normally use your hand as a sword to cut through flesh?”】

『Normally? How is that normal?!』

Was Kurats that much of a musclebrain?
He had calmly declared that he could slice through human skin and muscle tissues by using his hand only.

In Bernst’s Dolmond world, first-class martial artists could indeed cut through their opponents with their bare hands by circulating their vital force through them.

However, there was nobody who could use that talent carefully enough in order to be able to use it as a substitute for a scalpel.

This feat was only possible due tor the Kurats’ overflowing magic which had been dedicated to strengthening his body for a long time.

『…. I can’t believe that your magic pulse has actually fused with your muscles…』

Bernst once again realized how abnormal Kurats really was.
After years of training his body, the path of his mana, his magic pulse, had finally penetrated every single corner of his muscles.

This was extraordinary, but as a magic king, Bernst could not help but feel like it was not good enough, because it was not beautiful.

『Alright, we have not other choice so, first, use your clairvoyance to find the monster, and use an electric shock to neutralize it. 』
【”Got it.”】

Kurats used his perception spell and once again looked at Lunaria.
Certainly, in Lunaria’s womb, there was a certain spot where her mana was mysteriously vanishing.

It was most likely by absorbing her mana like this that the monster had managed to escape from the royal mages’ clairvoyance spell.

The reason Kurats was able to discover it was thanks to the high accuracy of the otherworldly technique that Bernst had proudly shared with him.

【” ‘Paralyze’ “】

Kurats carefully sent an electric shock to the parasite, while making sure not to kill it, and the creature bent its head backward as it stopped moving.

【”Well, now comes the real thing…”】

Kurats once again focused in front of Lunaria’s abdomen.
It was absolutely beautiful. She had a youthful skin which was full of vitality.

Perhaps it was because Kurats was at the peak of his youth, but when he looked at her radiating, fascinating skin, he could not bring himself to imagine that there was monster absorbing her mana to the point of putting her on the brink of death.

Kurats suddenly remembered of Corenlia’s white body that he had seen when he was younger, but he shook his head to get that thought out of his mind.

『Will you focus already?!』
【”My bad.”】

Kurats concentrated his mind on the tip of his finger. For Kurats, this was an ordinary technique which he had been using on a daily basis.

Some crimson blood started coming out of Lunaria’s white skin, like it had been sliced by a sharp knife.

『You need to use your fix spell on her or she’ll die of blood loss.』
【”I know! ‘Fix’ !”】

His experience of dismantling his hunting spoils on the spot when running about on the mountain was coming to use here.

Although it was Kurats’ first time ever seeing human organs, he did not affect nor damage them as he tried to catch the parasite inside Lunaria’s womb.

【”And… here it is. To think that a monster could look like such a small insect….”】

Kurats picked up the monster prudently in order not to kill it. It was shaped like a small insect of about 5 centimeters (2 inches).

For the time being, Kurats threw it into a water jug nearby and he once again concentrated his mind.

【” ‘Full healing’ !”】

As he used the spell, the dreadful cut on Lunaria’s abdomen was going through a rapid cellular regeneration as if time was rewinding itself.

To cause such a cellular regeneration, a court mage would have needed over ten helpers to supply him with their mana, but thanks to Kurats’ extraordinary reserve of mana, using the spell did not make him feel any big burden on his body.

But, of course, he also had the help of Bernst, who was giving him advice.

In only a few minutes, Lunaria’s body had regained its flawless beauty.

『―― This is bad. 』
【”What’s going on?”】

Confused, Kurats tilted his head in response to Bernst’s words that seemed quite serious.

Kurats himself was quite astonished by how satisfying the results had ended up being, which only served to make Bernst’s words all the more confusing to him.

『She seems to have exhausted more vitality than expected… The way things are, she won’t survive for more than five minutes.』
【”W-w-what are we going to do?!”】
『All you have to do is replenish her vitality! Stop getting flustered over things like this! 』

Bernst sharply scolded Kurats, who was panicking.

Although Bernst knew there was no going around it, he could not help himself from being irritated by Kurats’ inexperience.

【”H-how do I replenish it?”】
『Well, the best method would probably be to do it through contact with the mucous membrane… But that won’t do since it would be akin to abusing her. So you have to pour your vitality into her through lip contact!』
【”T-the lips?”】

As an inexperienced young man who had never even kissed anyone, Kurats was bewildered.

And as he was considering following Bernst’s advice, for some reason, Kurats could distinctly picture his sister contemptuously looking at him as if she was looking at a worm.

『If you don’t hurry she’s probably going to die.』
【”I get it! I’ll just do it damn it!”】

Lunaria’s consciousness was on the verge of being swallowed by a darkness that was akin to a bottomless swamp.

Her awareness was instinctively able to guess that this darkness was death itself.
Therefore, the moment she would be swallowed by the darkness, that would spell the end of her life.

While she was exposed to the freezing coldness emanating from that void, she instinctively hugged herself with her arms.

【”I don’t want to die…”】

The princess could not help but feel like it was unfair for her to die as a maiden who had never experienced love.

But she still cherished the days she had spent dedicating her time to learning and training in order to become a martial artist, as unfitting of a goal as that might have been considered for a lady.

She felt it was too regrettable to simply yield in to some disease even though she had yet to even reach her teacher’s feet.

【”Somebody, somebody save me…”】

“I cannot get through this hopeless situation through my own power” Thinking so, Lunaria stretched her right arm towards the empty space in front of her, seeking for someone’s help, anyone’s.

―― And at that moment…

A large rugged hand, that seemed like it belonged to one of the titans that legends spoke of, gently wrapped Lunaria’s supple and thin fingertips.

(I am being saved! )

A warm sensation was transmitted to the princess through that large hand while she clung onto it in her daze. It was giving her a sense of security, like it could protect her from any difficulties.

As she used both of her arms to cling to the hand and embraced it with all of her body, a young person’s face came into her view, but she could not distinguish it well due to it being wrapped by light.

Lunaria felt relieved from the bottom of her heart, for that person made her feel an unconditional sense of security; he made her feel like all she needed to be rescued from her plight was to leave everything to him.

(It’s this person! This person is my ―― )

At that moment, Lunaria was suddenly invaded by an unbearable feeling of yearning, and she gave her lips to that young stranger.

――’It’s so warm’.

She unconsciously swallowed some of the warm magic power that was coming to her through her lips, as if she was drinking the finest of nectars.

That small amount alone was enough to warm her chest and to make her feel like her mind was melting.

Wanting even more of that magic power, Lunaria started stretching her tongue to reach the warm nectar.

She was able to feel how agitated and bewildered the person in front of her was as she entwined her tongue with his. And at the same time, her muddled thoughts were gradually becoming clearer and clearer.

‘This strong sense of security that I’m feeling has to come from a man. But, in that case, then who is he… and why in the world am I entwining my tongue with his?’

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