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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Almadianos Eiyuuden is here! Check out chapter 3 if you haven’t, it’s the post right under this one.

For the Patreons, Chapter 5 should be available tomorrow, or at worst the day after, I’ll notify you on Discord anyway, as always.

Anyway, here is chapter 4, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 4

Kurats was never the type to come up with a plan.
His nature was to break through his problems from the front, with his strength and endurance alone.

Bernst had also been the same ever since he obtained god-like powers. However, in the days when he was an adventurer, he experienced many situations that he was not able to solve through using brute strength.
Back then, there were some people who used their authority and influence to pressure him into compromising while he was still learning and training.

『Since you can’t fight him upfront, then you have no other choice than to appeal to someone who’s even more influential than the earl. There should be no shortage of people who’ll do anything to share in on an out-of-norm power like ours.』
【”Well, there are aristocrats looking for power in every corner of the country, but….”】

The problem was that there was no time.
Even if he were to find someone to collaborate with, it would be pointless if his sister was already taken away by then. He did not have the time to introduce himself to some nobles and to leisurely build a connection with them.

『For example, you could join a gladiator competition… or maybe save a young noble lady secluded in her room due to some incurable illness. You don’t have to consider the time you’ll lose on the road, we can move instantaneously using my transportation technique.』

Bernst’s words gave Kurats a flash of insight.
The first thing he recalled was the tournament of the grape month; winning this competition was as great of an objective as becoming a knight of the kingdom.
However, he would need to wait half a year before the start of the tournament.

It was actually Bernst’s second suggestion, the one about the incurable illness, that seemed the most achievable.
The second princess princess of the Jormungand kingdom, Lunaria Heinz Von Jormungand, was currently ill in bed due to a disease of unknown origin. She had been sick for nearly half a year, without showing any signs of recovery.
Kurats recalled that, in his anger, the king had declared that anyone who could make the princess recover completely would be given any reward they wish.

『I see, that’s convenient. Since she’s an actual princess, saving her will be more than enough.』

『We’re going to transfer to the royal capital! Prepare yourself.』

Bernst spoke casually.

【”Save her? H-how am I supposed to do that?! Wait, rather, what do you even mean by ‘transfer’?”】

Kurats did not even know the concept of using magic in the first place.
In this poor remote village, there was no opportunity to see magic in action; he had only heard rumors about magic from his parents, who used to be mercenaries.

『Ugh! I won’t allow you to be this ignorant while bearing the blood of a magic king like myself! Anyway, this technique is not that difficult. First, you have to picture lights gathering around your forehead.』

In response to Bernst’s displeased words, Kurats obediently closed his reddish brown eyes, and focused his consciousness on his forehead.
This concentration method was not exclusive to magic spells, it was also a very basic technique that was often used when training in fencing.
Therefore, even Kurats, who had never trained his magic and had only trained his physical strength ever since he was young, was familiar with the concentration technique that Bernst had described.
The white light felt like it was mirroring his soul and submerging his body in water… He sensed it gradually becoming brighter at the center of his forehead.

『I see, as expected, you’re a fast learner… Now, keep concentrating and think of a scenery that you’re familiar with in the capital. Then, imagine yourself standing there.』

Seeing the tranquil and powerful mana that did not seem like it came from someone who had never used magic before, Bernst nodded his head in satisfaction.

(That’s right, that’s how it should be. Those bearing the name Almadianos cannot possibly be weak… Still, it’s pretty frustrating that I can’t use my own techniques myself)

Bernst smiled wryly, feeling more irritated than he expected.
While he was thinking about such things, Kurats’ magic power kept building up until it reached saturation.

『…Good, imagine this magic power bursting like a bubble! Now jump forward and repeat after me!』

Coming from Bernst, a huge amount of knowledge and images flowed inside Kurats’ brain.
This fantastic knowledge should have been an enormous burden on his brain, but he was actually calm, so calm in fact that he even surprised himself as he instinctively recited an incantation.


Instantaneously, there was a white flash that seemed like it was covering the world in front of Kurats’ eyes, and before he realized it, he was stepping on the familiar stone pavement of the royal capital.

(This magic was done by me?!)

This instantaneous effect was nothing like what he had heard about from his parents, Kurats could not suppress his astonishment as he felt a chill run down his spine.

Even court mages, who were the best mages of the kingdom, would have a hard time using such an advanced technique.
Moreover, the one who had used this spell was none other than Kurats himself, which made the matter even more astonishing to him.

He was not proud of this, but he was completely clueless when it came to magic, and yet, by simply following Bernst’s advice, he was now able to directly feel the mana circulating inside his body.
From now on, he would be able to use the spell without any assisstance.

『Do you really have the time to be stuck in a daze?』

Thanks to Bernst’s words of ridicule, Kurats came back to his senses and immediately rushed towards the guild, which was located somewhere around the entrance of the royal castle.
There were probably less than three days left before his sister would get taken away.
There was not a second to waste. He had to gain the power to oppose earl Hazel as soon as possible.

【”If I remember right, the reception should be around here…”】

It had been around three years since the last time Kurats came to the royal capital.
He still remembered the excitement he felt the first time he saw the capital when he came there with his father.

But it seemed like the streets had slightly changed in the last few years.

In a way, it felt like people had a harsher atmosphere to them. Perhaps they felt bitter knowing their kingdom’s princess had caught an illness of unknown cause.

Kurats only had his old memories to guide him, but he still somehow found his way without getting lost, and spotted the impressive red roof of the old guild’s quarters.

The guild’s counter had been quiet for a little while.
It was already afternoon, so there were only a few adventurers looking for requests.

Even so, there were about a dozen armed adventurers carefully checking out the bulletin board where the requests were displayed.
Having no use for that bulletin board, Kurats directly stepped towards the guild’s receptionist, who was sitting with a business smile on her face.

【”…Sorry, can I still take the request to treat the princess’ illness?”】

The receptionist, Hilda, whose cute smile was famous among the adventurers, unintentionally let her confusion escape her mouth. She felt like the young man’s words did not match his stature at all.

However, her reaction was understandable.

Although he was a ‘young man’, he was over two meters (6’6) tall. He had an incredibly imposing body, with a weight of no less than 100kg (220 lbs), and he the splendidly built, bulging muscles of an experienced warrior.

Hilda did not recognize the young man, but when she first saw him, she was convinced he was an adventurer who was here to take a monster extermination request.

【”M-my apologies. What I meant to say was that the request to treat the disease of her highness the princess has not been withdrawn yet.”】

Hilda barely managed to reply, but she still did not understand why a young man, who was clearly more suited for manual labor, was getting himself involved with such a high-level request.

Even if he was doing it as a joke, the target of the request was the princess of the country.

She was not someone he could just try his luck with, nor could he feed her some nonsense about using willpower or the like to heal herself.
If he were to somehow worsen the princess’ condition while treating her, it was very possible that he would be decapitated on the spot.

And this was no mere conjecture, for it had actually happened to one of the royal castle’s doctors, who had failed to cure the princess despite bragging about his skills beforehand.
After that incident, the number of people trying to cure the princess drastically decreased.

【”Then, I’d like to urgently relay what I’m going to tell you to the royal castle. My name is Kurats・Hans・Almadianos… and I’m a mage.”】

Since she was the guild’s receptionist, Hilda was hardly ever flustered. However, Kurats’ line made her unintentionally shout.
Was this what they meant when they said not to judge people by their appearance?

Hilda was at a loss for words as she once again looked at Kurats’ stunning physique and his young-looking yet graceful facial features.

She figured she was being influenced by her own prejudice, but from her experience, most mages were slim and had gloomy features. However, this was indeed a prejudice, for there were more than a few muscular mages in this world.
Moreover, this sort of common sense technically did not apply here since Kurats’ magic was not the same type of magic as the one that was commonly known, but of course, Hilda had no idea about that.

In any case, these matters were beyond the reach of a young receptionist like herself.

【”Please wait for a while… I will go get the castle’s permission.”】

Since there were no healers or doctors showing up to take the request, the guild was being pressured by the royal castle to quickly find someone qualified for it.
So the truth was that the guild would really appreciate it if the request was taken by Kurats, provided that he would not make too big of a mistake.

As he wondered if a commoner with no background like him would really be able to enter the castle, Kurats was becoming more anxious in his mind, but he did not let that show on his face.
This whole plan was based on the premise that Bernst’s advanced magic would be able to safely save the princess from her disease.
However, if that prerequisite was not met, then the plan would be impossible to execute.

『Don’t be so afraid… Did you not see that woman’s face? She was clearly relieved, wasn’t she?… I’m guessing everyone else has already given up on this request, and it has probably been a while since anybody presented himself to take it.』

Bernst’s guess was right on the mark.

【”Hey, look, I’ll say it for you own good, you should this give up. You’re still young, you don’t want to pointlessly throw away your life, do you?”】

One of the adventurers, who had heard the conversation between Hilda and Kurats, stood up and came to talk to him.

This man was acquainted with another adventurer who had failed to complete the request and was banished from the kingdom as a result.
And in this man’s eyes, Kurats absolutely did not seem like he was more competent than that veteran adventurer.

【”Thank you for worrying. But while I may not look like it, I do have my chances of succeeding.”】

Looking at Kurats’ eyes and the natural smile on his face, the adventurer changed his initial evaluation of him.
He could tell that Kurats was neither boasting nor bluffing.
The question was whether this young man was greatly deluded, or was truly capable of backing up his words.

【”Well, if you say so, then I won’t stop you. Also, you don’t have to do it but if you don’t mind, can you show me some of your magic?”】
【”Well, I guess I can―― How about this?”】

The moment Kurats said that, his body appeared behind the adventurer.
Teleportation ―― This was not a type of magic that could be used casually without borrowing the power of a magic formation.
If Kurats was also competent in hand-to-hand combat, then he would have certainly been able to take the adventurer’s life just now.

In a cold sweat, the man swallowed his saliva, now convinced that Kurats was no average mage.

【”…I am Martin Harding. I have a bit of influence in the guild, so don’t hesitate to come to me if you meet with any trouble.”】

Martin the hero had acknowledged a newcomer; the whole guild became noisy as this astonishing information spread around.
Several adventurers, who knew of Martin’s excellent eye for people, stood up to get to know Kurats. uBt at that moment…

【”..Sir Kurats Hans Almadianos! I’m sorry to have kept you waiting!”】

Having contacted the castle, Hilda corrected her demeanor and respectfully bowed towards Kurats.
Although Kurats was puzzled by her sudden change in attitude, Bernst was not. He had more or less figured out the reason for this change.
Some completely unknown mage had appeared out of nowhere to save the princess’ life just when the country was about to give up. In their desperation, the castle’s people were tightly grabbing onto this last hope, and had therefore asked Hilda to be courteous and careful around him. That was probably what had happened.

This meant the princess was in quite the critical state. Even so, the more dangerous this was, the more gratitude Kurats would get in return for saving her.

【”I’ve been told to notify you to quickly go to the castle. Someone will come to guide you there immediately. “】

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