Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 1

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

On a barren land, destroyed to the point where no rubble was left, a young and slender boy with cold and emotionless eyes was looking down on the heavily wounded body of the demon king.

【”―――― ‘Grand-loss’ .”】

With no prior incantation, the boy muttered this single word like he was spitting it out.
At the same moment, a dark and empty void that could absorb light itself appeared from the boy’s right hand.
This enormous energy was enough to swallow up the whole continent. The fallen down demon king was powerless against it, he was feeling the coming of death for the first time in his life.

However, there was no deep emotion in the eyes of the boy facing him.
He was still very young and was only in the first half of his teenage years, yet his facial expression was that of an old sage who had attained enlightenment.

His expression made he seem like he knew everything there was to know, including the final result of this fight. It showed the overwhelming difference in power between him and his opponent.
The word absurd seemed too weak to describe this boy. He was making the demon king boil with rage.

【”You bastard! How dare you! You think you can kill me?! You think you can kill Melchior, the demon king, the supreme ruler of this world?!”】
【”―― What a joke, your magic might as well be a party trick.”】

The dark energy of the empty void was so small that it could fit in the boy’s palm.
However, the demon king knew how powerful it was. He was capable of using a magic defense barrier that could repel the world’s strongest armies, but that spell would be as good as a sheet of paper against this attack.
This mighty demon king, Melchior, was forced to realize that there was no use resisting anymore.
The boy’s power was simply that irrational and overwhelming.

【”Why? Why does a human being have this much power?”】

Melchior had managed to become history’s strongest demon king and had finally brought humanity to the brink of extinction, and yet he was going to be killed so casually?
Why? Why did such an insignificant human child have so much mana, and why was his magic even more advanced than his own?
Melchior had no more room to be angry or scared. As he faced this situation that went beyond his understanding, all that was left in him was a feeling of bewilderment.

But the boy did not offer even a single word in response to the demon king’s question.
The dark void instantly crashed against the demon king and swallowed him up, turning him back into atoms without leaving any dust behind.
―― No one had ever been able to defeat this demon king, he was supposed to take over the world in the end.
Be it the famous hero, the noble knight king, or even the mercenary who had risen to become the legendary sword king, all of them had been beaten hands down and trampled by Melchior; he was the strongest demon king.

And yet, a boy who was passing by had annihilated him by casually casting a spell with a single hand motion.
Over the red wasteland stretching as far as the eye could see, the only traces left of the strongest demon king were the ground that he had destroyed and the mountains that he had crushed.
No one else had been able to intervene in the fight between the two opponents, not the demon king’s subordinates, who were standing at a distance, nor the kingdom’s royal court mages, who had used their clairvoyance techniques to watch the fight.

【”Is this a dream…?”】

The excessive difference in power had made every single witness of the battle question their own sanity.
In this one instant, the world had been pushed into a new era, an era with no demon king.

◆  ◆  ◆

―― *snap*.

【”….Humph, what a waste of time.”】

As he said so with a hoarse voice, an old man, who had been playing with his long beard that reached to his chest, erased the young boy, his own alter-ego, like he was breaking an unfinished puppet.
This time, it had only taken him three days to exterminate the demons and the demon king, and he achieved that without even having to put in any effort, it had been far from a hard fight.
The enemy had been too weak to affect the old man’s spirit.
The battle ended up being completely insignificant, as if everything had been a simple, pre-established scenario that was already set in stone.
The old man could not find any more appeal to the routine of making others submit to his far superior power.

―― It had been perhaps a hundred years since he had started doing this kind of play.
The old man, who could no longer find any stimulus in his own world, was seeking it in other worlds.
Obtaining an immortal body had cursed the old man into having an overwhelming power that came together with an unbearable boredom.
He was a part of the world’s elements, he was equal to a god, and his name was George Bernst Von Almadianos.
Having attained the peak of magic, he was the strongest ruler of the Dormond world.

He had come up with a play that consisted of sending his own alter-egos to different worlds and to control them.
Having become an enormous existence in his own world, he was transmigrating to other worlds to satiate his boredom.
At times, he would become a demon king who ruled the world, at other times, he would become a hero who defeated the demon king.
So as to enjoy himself in the different worlds, he would limit his power to one thousandth or less of the power that he had in his own world.
This sharp reduction of his power was going to make it more difficult for him to achieve his duty in those other worlds, but the old man believed it would give him the thrill that he had been seeking for a long time.

【”…..But the problem is that I’m too strong.”】

Even after sharply decreasing it, Bernst’s power was still out of norm.
While Bernst was called the ‘elemental mage’, and the ‘magic king’ for his mighty magic power, he was also the world’s best when it came to controlling his spells. He was not a god’s equal for show.

Before long, even the stimulus of going to other worlds became insufficient to move his heart.
Bernst dearly remembered his younger days, thousands of years ago, when he aspired to become a mage and vowed to carve his name in the continent’s history.

He wanted to taste the excitement of those days once again.
But that was not possible due to the way things were in his own world. At the end of his quest of power, Bernst had partly joined his soul with a star.
Over the years, he had acquired the strongest power he could have hoped for.
Reverence, faith, worship, and yearning… He was receiving every form of adoration, and he held the power to do and control everything he wanted. But there was one thing that he could not completely control yet: his own emotions.

【”Perhaps I will soon not be able to think like a human being anymore…”】

A thousand years had passed since he had forfeited his body’s senses and had started losing his physical body.
Since then, he had never laughed out loud. Not even once.
He had already accepted long ago that the end point of his quest of power would be to completely unite with a star, or, in other words, to lose his sense of self.
It was close to a miracle that he was still able to keep his individuality as the man named Bernst after all this time. He had lost his senses and become a being of consciousness in the process, but if he had kept being a normal human being after uniting his power with a star, he would have become insane a long time ago.

The finality of all this was that he wanted to taste one last time the ambitions and the dreams that he had in the days when he was craving for strength.
He wanted to taste the maniacal feelings of love he felt in those days. That love that was so sweet yet so painful that it could tear one’s heart apart.
―― And above all, he was brimming with the hope of a future that wasn’t transparent, a future that he could not predict.
However, as he got closer to becoming a god, those hopes were becoming more and more distant, to the point where they seemed like fleeting dreams.

But one day, Bernst suddenly hit upon a way to grant himself his wishes.

【”Mhm. If I can’t personally experience these things, then maybe I can share another’s feelings and experience them through him…”】

As a final resort, Bernst decided to give up on living temporary lives through alter-egos.
He had considered lowering the alter-egos’ power even further, but as the highest ruler of the Dolmond world, he refused to weaken himself to the point where he would be forced to submit to others.

His pride could not allow that.

But what if it wasn’t Bernst himself who went to the other world?

If he were to create life an alter-ego who had a high shareability with himself, and to then send him to another world and give him an artificial personality ―― then surely, that alter-ego would be able to develop various emotions that Bernst himself could not.
Moreover, since that alter-ego’s personality would be different from Bernst’s, then even if his circumstances were to be somewhat disgraceful, it would be no problem for Bernst to close his eyes on that.

In that case, it was essential to adjust the alter-ego’s virtual personality so that it would still stay active and independent even if his body was possessed by Bernst.
Because if Bernst himself were to completely take over the body, he would merely become unparalleled again and would stay in the cycle of predictable futures. To get any sort of feedback from sharing the alter-ego’s emotions, it was essential for the virtual personality to hold perfectly.

【”It’s a gamble.”】

Despite everything, Bernst was still very anxious about not being able to control his alter-ego.
Since he had obtained a nearly ultimate power, he felt a strong sense of crisis whenever he thought of a situation where he would not be able to use said powers as he wished.
But there was not much time left to think too far about this.

【”I can’t just sit idly and wait for my unavoidable unification with the star….”】

For Bernst, who had lived for an eternity, the temptation of living one last adventure as a human being was too sweet to give up on.
Despite knowing the risks, he found the resolve to try one last play.

In order not to lower his shareability with the alter-ego, Bernst set himself as the base of its virtual personality.
Even so, if its upbringing and living conditions were different, there was no doubt that the alter ego would develop a fairly different character form Bernst. Human beings are creatures that adapt to their environment.

With all these factors in mind, it was very likely that Bernst would get to experience something fresh.
As for the alter-ego’s power…. Since Bernst’s power was too extraordinary, he set the double’s power as one thousandth of his own.

【”Don’t fail to live up to my expectations, my double!”】

While he wondered whether this idea would succeed or not, Bernst was like a starving man craving for food. He could not suppress his desire for the strong and intense feelings that came with life.

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