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Tsuyokute New Saga (LN) – V1 – Chapter 7 – 1

Hello there people, I’m back! So, yup, I’ve picked a new novel to translate, since my other project gets updated at an awfully slow pace by the author ><

I’ve started the translation from where the last translator left off, and by that, I mean the last translator of the Light Novel, not the web novel. So first, I’d like to thank Mizunashi for providing the raws of the light novel! πŸ˜€

Anyway, here is the first part of Chapter 7, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 7 – part 1

After shopping, Kyle and the others finished their lunch and lodged in an inn.
It was a prominent and honorable place where foreign nobles and other people of high standing would stay,Β and given its scale, it was more suitable to call it a hotel rather than an inn.

【”Still, that was one flashy shopping spree. Aren’t we going to attract an awful lot of attention?”】(Seran)

After everyone gathered in one of the two rooms provided in their lodging, Seran spoke up while looking at what the group had purchased.
They had bought 10 millions Gadors worth ofΒ goods, he was probably trying to say that this could spread some bad rumors and make the party stand out.

【”That store is used by aristocrats and the like, so the personnel won’t easily leak information about the customers.”】(Kyle)

Customer trust was a lifeline in the service trade. It was out of the question for them to tell unrelated people about what their clients had bought.

【”But well, a story like this one is gonna leak from somewhere or another, even if it doesn’t spread instantly. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, there won’t be a problem if we stay for just a day.”】(Kyle)

Besides, as long as they stayed in this hotel, the party’s security was not going to be a problem.

【”Is that so… Wait, what?! We went through all that trouble to come to the royal capital and we’re only staying for one night?”】(Seran)
【”Yeah, we only came here to do some shopping. We’re on a pretty tight schedule, after this we have to head to….”】(Kyle)
【”No way I’m letting things go this way then! I’ll be out for a while!”】(Seran)

While saying that, Seran rushed out of the hotel.

【”Well then, I’ll go look around for a bit, too. It’s my first time in the capital, I want to enjoy myself a little.”】(Lize)

As Lize stood up to go out, Ulza offered to accompany her.

【”Let’s go together. I’ve been here before so I can show you around a little.”】(Ulza)
【”Thanks, then I’ll be depending on you, Ulza.”】(Lize)

Looking at Lize and Ulza as they left together, Kyle had a slightly complex expression on his face.

【”Those two sure are getting along…”】
【”As for me, I’ll buy some sweets- I mean, I’ll do some shopping… Let’s go.”】

Although Sildonia started heading out, Kyle stopped her.

【”Hold on. There is a lot we have to discuss, plus I want to ask you about that thing.”】

So far in their journey, there was no instance when the two of them were left by themselves.
Sildonia was the only one who knew about Kyle’s circumstances, and given that she hadΒ knowledge from the ancient magic kingdom, she was more than a fitting choice to answer his concerns.

【”Ah… Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that, and I wasn’t too preoccupied my appetite to think about it either, not at all. Yeah.”】

Although Sildonia sat down to face him, her reluctance to do so did not escape Kyle’s eyes.

【”First, I want you confirm this…. Can I really change the future?”】

This was what Kyle was the most anxious about.
He was trying to change the future, but if said future could not be altered, then there was no meaning to his actions.

【”Change it? That’s an odd term to use. The future is the future because it has yet to happen, it’s not set. So, you’re free to make it into whatever you want it to be.”】
【”It’s not set…. But all those things that happened to me were real, right?”】
【”You’re wrong. While going back through time, you also came to another world. None of you experiences have occurred in this world, and so, its future has yet to be decided.”】

【”This is just my own hypothesis but…”】 Starting by saying that, Sildonia kept explaining.

【”Time is not a single line, it’s more like a tree branching out in countless directions, and your soul has moved from one of those branches to another. Perhaps this will sound like I’m playing with words, but you did not exactly come to the past. It’s just that your soul came to this world while carrying the memories and experiences you gathered in another world.”】

As one of the proofs of her hypothesis, Sildonia pointed at Kyle’sγ€ŽDivine dragon’s heart』.

【”Since it was used as the catalyst for the transfer, theγ€ŽDivine dragon’s heart』came to this world together with your soul. Originally, there was only a single divine dragon’s heart in the world, but now there are two: The one right here, and the one that was in this world from the start, it’s probably located in the demonic territory… For two instances of one same object to exist at the same point in time is already an inconsistency in itself, by this point, you can consider that this world and the world you came from are completely different, no matter how similar they appear to be.”】
【”I kind of understand, but I’m still lost… Then, could it be that there are going to be other things in this world that are different from what I know?”】
【”No, the trunk’s branches are all the exact same. And that fact did not change until when you, an outsider, came in, at which point those similar branches got divided into other different branches, but outside of your influence and mine, things will go roughly the same way they did in your memory. Everything happens because of the accumulation of the happenings that came before it, and the happenings that were accumulated before your arrival are all exactly the same as they were in your previous branch. Therefore… theγ€ŽGreat invasion』is going to happen.”】
【”I see.”】

When told that this was a different world, Kyle had had some light expectations, but it seemed like he had been overly optimistic.

【”…But we can prepare ourselves to face the invasion, right?”】
【”Well, just from the fact you’re getting to learn things from me like this, your experience should be different than it was in your previous world, you’ve already somewhat altered the future. So you can do whatever you want, your actions will depend on you only.”】
【”Just knowing that is enough for me.”】

What he was doing, or rather, was he was trying to do, was not meaningless at all, Kyle was fine as long as he knew that.

【”You plan to increase your fame and therefore raise your influence in order to prepare a framework for cooperation between the human tribes before the great invasion… that’s actually an excellent idea. It’s just that it will bring you many difficulties.”】
【”What are you talking about? I have a lot of trump cards, and I even have the legendary Magic King with me. So there is nothing absurd about my plan, right?”】

Sildonia showed a broad and daring smile in response to Kyle’s words.

【”Well then, next, I’ve deduced the reason behind your increase in magical power.”】
【”Ooh, I’d like to hear about that.”】

Kyle leaned forward in curiosity. After all, he did not understand this matter at all, even though it concerned his own body.

【”To explain this, I should first explain what is magical power. Magical power is a part of the soul, so it’s safe to assume it cannot be separated from it, correct?”】
【”In addition, among the forbidden spells, there is a unification spell called【Fusion】, do you know about it?”】
【”No, I haven’t heard of it.”】

Even Kyle, who was quite knowledgeable about magic, had never heard of this spell.

【”Mhm, seems like it was successfully buried in history. The real me sealed it because it was too dangerous.”】
【”…. So, what kind of spell is it?”】
【”Putting it simply, it’s a dark art that makes it possible to drastically increase one’s mana by absorbing a soul in order to fuse with it.”】

In Zares, there were extensive studies about the strengthening of mana, thanks to which the kingdom came up with various methods to increase mana, such as training etc… However, at the end of the day, the mana’s power was largely controlled by the natural quality of the soul.
Therefore, they thought out a method to strengthen the soul itself, by using a spell to fuse souls between them.
However, a soul was both the life and the very nature of a person. And just like there is no such thing as two human beings who are exactly the same, a soul was completely different from one person to another.

【”But fusing with another person’s soul is like increasing a beer’s volume by adding melted chocolate in it. Upon doing that, the two people’s memories and personalities would get mixed up. An ordinary human being’s mind would not be able to handle that and the person would go insane.”】
【”So that fusion is completely useless.”】

Becoming stronger would be for naught if the price to pay was to lose one’s mind.

【”And so, to minimize those effects, they decided to use pure souls that had yet to have a sense of self.”】
【”Don’t tell me they….”】
【”Yes, I’m talking about the souls of newborn infants.”】

Kyle covered his face with his hand.
A spell that could absorb a baby’s soul to strengthen one’s mana, it was only natural for that to be a forbidden magic.

【”That being said, even a newborn infant is an individual person. Upon fusing with its soul and absorbing it, the other person’s soul would still be affected accordingly, and no normal human being would be willing to do such a devilish act anyway. And so, at the time, I came up with a certain hypothesis. If you were to fuse two souls which are exactly the same, then all those problems would not happen…”】

There was no such thing as a soul that was identical to another, but if it did not exist, then it only meant that they would have to make one themselves. Following that thought process, the Zares kingdom started researching artificial souls.

【”Making a soul… Thinking about it now, you’d really have to fear no god to dare to do such a thing.”】

“Such arrogance” added Sildonia, with a bitter smile. However, in those days, most people in Zares believed without a doubt that humans would surpass the gods sooner or later.

【”Well, in any case, the research to make identical souls was a complete failure in the end and this magic was sealed since it was too dangerous… Now then, like I said earlier, both the Divine dragon’s heart and your soul have come here, and yet there is another Divine dragon’s heart somewhere in this world. So, what do you think happened to the soul of the Kyle Leonard of this world?”】
【”What happened to his soul…? Don’t tell me it…?!”】
【”Yes, it’s right here.”】

Sildonia pointed at Kyle’s chest.

【”Mhm, but don’t misunderstand. The you who’s speaking to me right now is still the Kyle Leonard who was in this world from the start.”】
【”Please hold on a second… I’m still confused.”】

Kyle groaned with his head between his hands.

【”Don’t think about it so hard. That type of fusion occurs without the awareness of the one concerned.”】

“Besides, it’s a perfect fusion” She added.

【”The Kyle who came here from the other world had much more powerful feelings, hence why his will came out so strongly in your character, but the memories and experiences of the both of you until you reached the age of 16 are completely identical, and you individuality and souls are the same as well. In other words, this was akin to mixing two batches of colorless and transparent water. The fusion went without a hitch, therefore doubling the might of your soul. And the whole process happened entirely outside of your notice.”】
【”So you’re saying all of that happened to my soul…”】

Still, in a way, Kyle partly understood what Sildonia meant.
Even since his hometown was destroyed, he had kept on fighting and killing day after day. He was aware that his mind had gone wild and that he had become apathetic.
But now, his mind was softer, and he felt like the easygoing personality he previously had in this time period wasΒ returning.
He believed that the reason for this was his meeting with Lize and the others, whom he had never expected to meet again, and his return to the life he had in his hometown, but the fusion of his souls likely had something to do with it as well.

【”… Well, I guess it’s a good thing that my mind has become more relaxed.”】

Although he said that in carefree way, Kyle was smiling wryly, thinking “so this was because of my former optimistic personality, huh”.

【”Anyway, your soul is stronger and your mana is rising as well. I dare say that in the future, you’ll probably reach a point where you’ll even be able to use high grade magic, although it doesn’t seem like you’d be able to master that in your current state.”】
【”High grade magic?”】

Kyle instinctively leaned forward.
High grade magic was said to be able to create cataclysms. All the people who could use it had marked their name in history.

【”Could it be that… I’ll also be able to use the attack spells of theγ€Ž Magic king』?”】
【”Mhm, while those high grade attack spells were the real me’s specialty, it’s not impossible for other people to use them.”】

There were various legends about Sildonia Zares, one of them was that she had destroyed an army of 1000 demons all by herself.
What allowed her to achieve such a feat was a legendary magic which had been out of use ever since her death, more than a thousand years in the past.

【”You say I’ll be able to use that…”】
【”That’s a story for the future. To me it looks like it’s gonna take some time for your souls to fuse perfectly, and whether you’ll be able to master the spells or not is another story, and it would likely take years for you to do so.”】
【”I see, but you’ve given me some good news. This means I’ll be able to become stronger. By the way, besides that, are there gonna be any other changes or negative effects on my body?”】
【”Well, there are no precedents for what happened to you, so I can only make conjectures, but if you’re fine with that, then I have a lot to say. However, do you really want me to give you such bad and vague information?”】
【”… No, don’t.”】
【”Smart choice. Though there is still a possibility that the essence of your soul will be altered and you’ll turn into a being on a different league, the chances of that happening are extremely low anyway, but….”】
【”I said don’t tell me!”】
【”Well, if anything abnormal happens to you, don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll do a consultation for you, but who knows if I’ll be of any help.”】

Said Sildonia, while laughing out loud.

After that, the discussion continued for a while, and when the sun was about to set, Sildonia put an end to the conversation.

【”That’s it for today. Now, let’s go out.”】

【”The food they sell in the stalls at this time of the day has got to be delicious too.”】 said Sildonia, delightedly.
Good grief” As he thought that, Kyle prepared to go out, but at that moment, Seran came back while violently opening the door.

【”What’s wrong? You look like you’re in a bad mood.”】
【”Damn it all! Whoever said that the women in this city are very open-minded was a damn hack! I wasn’t even being selective, I was calling out to them indiscriminately, and yet I didn’t ensnare a single one. Every one of them just looked at me with dead eyes! Their hearts must be freaking rotten!”】

He had apparently failed to flirt with anyone.

【”I’m pretty sure your heart is the one that’s the most rotten. But you stopped quite fast today, usually you’re more persistent, did you really give up?”】
【”They were about to call the guards. This is the royal capital, so the public order is pointlessly well maintained. Besides, as I expected, the city’s women are no good, they’re too disgraceful. I’d be much better matched with some more purehearted women.”】
【”You’ll quickly find out that there is no way that’s gonna happen unless you change your attitude.”】

From Seran’s face, it looked he had come to a realization at that moment, and he then started thinking with an earnest expression.

【”No, wait, we have money now. If I shower them with gold then…”】
【”You say the worst things with the most honest of faces.”】
【”Alright, I’m pumped up! Give me some pocket money so I can try this out!”】

Seran stretched his hand towards Kyle.

【”… Don’t go wasting them.”】

Even though he was thinking that this was pointeless, Kyle still gave Seran some advice, just in case, while handing him a number of Zares gold coins.

【”Don’t worry! Those coins are safe in my pockets! Now excuse me, the night streets are waiting for me!”】

Full of a baseless self-confidence, Seran started running out of the hotel.

【”He sure is a slave to his desires… Well, people like that live surprisingly long lives.”】

Said Sildonia, while looking at Seran’s back as he left.

【”Well, this will probably serve as a good experience for him.”】

The next morning, after finishing their preparations for departure, Lize and Ulza came to Kyle and the others’ room.

【”Yup, as I thought, the royal capital is amazing. Yesterday was really fun.”】

Said Lize in a good mood, having likely been able to see a variety of unusual things.

【”It was also quite refreshing to look around the city with someone else for once… By the way…”】

Ulza looked towards one of the room’s beds.

【”What’s with him?”】

She pointed at Seran, who was rolled up in ball on top of that bed with his back turned towards her. SheΒ  wasn’t able to help her eyes from catching that sight.

【”Hmm, let’s see. He was tricked by a girl who claimed her mother had some sickness and then his gold was taken by her, on top of that , he went to the house of a girl that got friendly with him, only to end up being conned through a badger game scheme… In total, he was deceived four or five times in one night, and it seems like he lost a bit of his faith in humanity.”】

Sildonia explained while drinking tea.

【”That will teach him. Now then, we’ll put him aside and talk about something important instead, such as what we’re going to do after this. Our next destination will be the town of Archen.”】

The Archen town that Kyle was speaking of was located along the east border of the Jirgus country, it was a large town which thrived on trading.

【”To be honest, while I do have a goal, I don’t have a clear guideline to follow for my future actions. As for why we’re going there… Well, actually, Sildonia seems to have some sort of foresight ability.”】
【”Huh? …Ah! Yes, that, that’s right. I do have that ability, no problem here, mhm.”】

Recalling the setting that she and Kyle had settled on the day before, Sildonia hastily confirmed his words.

【”What’s with that reaction…”】
【”That’s just your imagination. And although I said she had a “foresight” ability, it rather seems to be a form of astrology so advanced that it can make some pretty accurate predictions, and this is a claim of the legendary γ€ŽMagic king』, so I think it’s credible.”】

Said Kyle, making up a story that was quite plausible.

【”I told her about my goal and had her use her foresight, and it seems like we need to go to this town. I’m personally willing to have faith in her prediction.”】

【”So, what will you do?”】 Kyle asked Ulza and Lize.

【”Well, I planned to accompany you from the get go so I don’t have any objection in particular.”】
【”Same for me, I didn’t have any goal on this journey from the start, so it doesn’t particularly matter which direction we take.”】

Seran, who had his back turned towards the three of them, also waved his hand in agreement. He had apparently been listening to some extent.

【”Then, let’s head to Archen.”】

Translator’s note: I know Sildonia is called the “magic king” in both the novel and the manga, so I’ll keep the translation as that, but unlike what’s said in some of the manga’s translations, she is a female.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I wish you an excellent day πŸ˜€

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