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My death Flags show no Sign of Ending – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 is here, I tried sort of editing it, sorry if the quality isn’t as good as usual ><

Anyway, here is the chap, enjoy!

Chapter 63

It went without saying by now, but Harold and Erica were natural enemies. That was because Harold was afraid that, if Erica’s impression of him wasn’t as low as possible, the story would likely deviate from the game’s story which could lead to the annihilation of the hero’s party. Then, it would become almost impossible to obstruct Justus’ plans.
Moreover, Itsuki, who was Erica’s elder brother, was troublesome as well. Harold hadn’t met Itsuki for quite a while, and it seemed like somehow Itsuki’s impression of Harold was as high as it could be, it was a wonder how it had risen that much. If Harold was told that Itsuki was just acting, he would immediately agree.
In other words, the Sumeragi siblings were powerful opponents, perhaps as dangerous as the last boss, Justus.

As Harold had these thoughts, he slowly raised his body. He felt like he just had a nightmare, but when he thought about it, the real nightmare would arrive with the events that were coming later that day.
He was thinking he didn’t want to wake up, however when he looked at the room’s clock, morning had already come and was approaching noon. He likely woke up that late because of the bad sleep he had at night. As Harold was sluggishly preparing himself, the sound of the room’s knocker signaled him that a visitor was here.
That was a sign that the harbinger of Harold’s nightmare had arrived.

【”Good morning. Did you sleep well?”】


As expected, when Harold opened the door, the one who appeared was Itsuki. Although Itsuki had greeted him composedly, Harold didn’t have the energy to return his words.
He couldn’t run away anymore. In that case, he’d rather empty his mind, neutralize his feelings, and get this over with.

【”Seems like you’re lacking sleep. I can see that you were so excited about meeting Erica that you couldn’t even sleep properly.”】

【”And I can see that your eyes are damn useless.”】

Itsuki really was the best at triggering people for him to launch that blow from the get go. He had better be cautious because this could grow into a real fight if he didn’t read the mood properly.
Harold couldn’t help thinking of these kinds of trivial things to escape from reality.

【”Hurry and lead the way.”】

【”You’re resisting less than I thought.”】

【”It’s in my principles to get done with troublesome things as quickly as possible. If I annihilate every man that comes to the party, this should end pretty fast.”】

【”I see you’re doing good today, too.”】

They checked out of the Hotel and left for the town of Kablan. It was already night when Harold arrived here before so he didn’t get to check the townscape before, but the first thing that caught his eye was a waterway. It went through the whole town and many small boats were coming and going over it.

【”Looks like the waterway caught your interest. Kablan is also called Lake-town, for the water actually comes from the mountains where ――”】

Itsuki suddenly started giving a short lesson on Kablan. In short, Kablan was a town blessed with clear water. That waterway was spread throughout the whole town, and boats were a more common means of transportation than carriages. There was a famous saying “Kablan’s babies learn to stir a boat before they learn to walk.”
And certainly, currently, there were more boats to be seen than carriages.
Itsuki proudly boasted about Kablan’s splendor. Perhaps he wanted to think well of his marriage partner’s hometown.

Afterwards, Harold and Itsuki chatted with each other while walking through Kablan, heading towards their destination. On the way, Itsuki suddenly put on a serious look and said【”Hold on, does this mean that I’ve had a date with Harold even before Erica?”】after which Harold almost instinctively pushed him into the waterway.
Harold wanted to praise himself for his self-control that intervened at the very last moment.

In the end, Harold missed the timing to ask Itsuki the questions he wanted to ask, as the two of them reached their destination after around 20 minutes. This was the residence where Itsuki’s marriage partner lived. Then, Harold remembered something important.

【”Hey, what’s the name of the woman you’re getting married with?”】

【”Come to think of it, I didn’t tell you. Her name is Sylvie Berlioz, the second daughter of the Berlioz family.”】

Harold recorded in his brain the minimum amount of personal data that he heard from Ituski. It would be bad if he didn’t know the name of the party’s guest of honor. Though what he had to watch out for the most was his sarcastic mouth.
He decided to be as quiet as silent as possible in front of the officials of the Berlioz family. Ideally, he would just introduce himself and then not talk at all. In which case, he would be portrayed as a taciturn, unsociable, but still courteous man.
There were three days left until the end of the celebrations. He wanted to deceive them during that whole time period if possible.

【”Then, let’s go in, Lord.”】


Itsuki smiled lightly while emphasizing on the name “Lord”, and he was clearly very happy with himself. Harold only humphed at him in response.
However, Harold was uneasy, wondering if it would really be fine to go in.
There hadn’t been any bounty rewards for Harold’s head before so his personal description didn’t really circulate among the public. Though his name and bad reputation were well known, few people actually knew his face. Even if someone recognized Harold, he wasn’t a wanted criminal so there was no reason to catch or arrest him.

Nevertheless, Harold himself felt nervous as he went through the residence’s door. That was the adverse effect that came from being subjected to hostile looks every day.
Even if he forcibly gave himself a strong character, that didn’t change the fact that, at the roots of his personality, he was a timid person. His instincts were telling him to turn on his switch, but he thought it would be dangerous to raise a storm of abuses in this place so he stopped himself.
Although Harold was worrying endlessly by himself, at this time, he was standing with the celebration’s main guest, Itsuki, so there was actually no way the people of this house would be hostile towards him.

Itsuki was greeted by the mansion’s employees whenever he passed by them. Everyone of them was cheerful and seemed delighted. Even if Harold was just watching from the side, he could see that Itsuki was adored and the felicitations the people gave him for his marriage seemed to come from the bottom of their hearts.
So, naturally, those employees were interested in Harold who accompanied Itsuki, but when they asked about him, Itsuki would instantly follow up with this【”This is my friend, lord Strousse, he might look scary and not talk much but he’s not a bad person.”】and Harold would just silently and mechanically salute them and keep walking.

The two repeated this set of actions several times as they advanced within the mansion. And then, Itsuki stopped his feet in front of a certain door.
Apparently, Erica was there. Knowing that he’d have a hard time dealing with her, Harold felt tense, it had been several years since he had last met her.
Without caring about Harold’s worries, Itsuki knocked on the door.

【”Erica, you there? It’s Itsuki.”】

【”Big brother? Please wait I’m――”】

【”Okay then, I’m coming in.”】

Itsuki was actually just checking if Erica was present. So, without caring much for the contents of her answer, he directly opened the door.
However, while doing this, he moved his body to the side to make place for Harold.
The door opened smoothly without any interruption. Then, the field of view to the room was now wide open, which allowed Harold to see that a person was standing there in the back.

She was wearing a kimono, colored in a cherry blossom pink, and her black hair was longer than in Harold’s memory. She was also taller than before, as her young girl’s body had now grown into a woman’s body.
When the door opened, a gust of wind entered through the window facing it, and the woman’s black hair silently fluttered with that breeze.
Her openly exposed skin was pure white. There was no dullness to that perfectly smooth skin, it was like a ceramic, be it the nape of her neck, her shoulders or her upper back, they were all blessed with a dazzling whiteness. It was captivating. Her body was so fascinating that it could bewilder hundreds of men all by itself.

It was only after the scene was saved in Harold’s mind that he realized Erica’s kimono was opened.
He had no time to think of how bad the situation was. Having sensed that the door had been opened, Erica, who had her back facing the door, turned around.

【”Oh come on, I told you to wait――”】


Erica’s sentence was interrupted once again. But this time, it wasn’t because someone else interrupted her.
It was because her eyes met with Harold’s.
Both of them solidified and turned into living statues. After a short pause, and having seemingly understood the situation, Erica’s face, no, everything from Erica’s neck to her head turned  scarlet red in the blink of an eye.
The first one to get out of that stand-still was not one of those two, but Erica’s attendant, Yuno.

【”E, excuse me.”】

Unlike her usual self, she uttered but a few words. Yuno was probably in a big panic, too. Since he had been focused on Erica, Harold hadn’t noticed Yuno’s presence, but she had likely been helping Erica getting dressed up.
Yuno stood up to cover the young lady’s soft skin. She was in a hurry for she didn’t want things to get any worse. While she very carefully arranged the Kimono, her feet got tangled in it and she fell down on the bed together with Erica.


【”M, my deepest apologies, Erica-sama…”】

And so, Yuno’s body completely covered Erica whose Kimono was still open, and whose chest area was dangerously exposed. Both of them were beautiful women. And Erica, who was thrown down, had her face turn red in shame.
It was a spectacle right out of a yuri manga or novel. (Tln: Yuri = Lesbian)

【”……I didn’t know you had these kinds of hobbies, well, bitches do copulate in public.”】

That what came out of Harold’s mouth when he tried to say 【”I don’t mind two women being together as long as you’re both fine with it.”】, he would, of course, have never willingly called them bitches. Harold was unable to bear this a second longer and closed the door, Itsuki had pushed him into a problematic endeavor as mercilessly as ever.
And Itsuki’s words alone weren’t going to have much weight in Harold’s eyes as he was responsible for this whole situation.

【”I’m sorry……”】

Itsuki was now prostrating himself in front of Harold. He was apologizing to Harold and Erica.
It was hard to believe that man in such a miserable state was really getting married.
Contrarily to Harold who couldn’t talk out of amazement, Erica’s silence came from her anger. Incidentally, before Itsuki prostrated himself, Erica tidied herself up and attacked him with her palm. She expressionlessly had drawn closer to him and hit him with a powerful blow on his back. It made a frightful sound.
She probably held herself back from hitting him on the cheek and chose his back instead because of the party that was coming. It would be unsightly if there was a deep red mark on the bridegroom’s cheek. Though it would make for a good laugh, it would be no laughing matter for Harold who was anxious to keep things close to the original work’s story.

【”Soo, I’ve reflected on my mistakes, can I get some recovery magic on my back or….”】

【”Did you say something?”】

Erica’s voice was cold. Moreover, her eyes, that were looking down on Itsuki, were becoming cold as well.
It was if she was looking at trash. It was unbelievable that Erica, the incarnation of kindness, could have these kinds of eyes.
Though Harold wanted to agitate Itsuki ever more by saying【”You’re even worse than those insect-like beasts you want me to chase, you’re a freaking garbage-insect.”】, he decided to stay away from the subject in fear of redirecting Erica’s wrath to himself.

【”Stop bothering me. You’re wasting my time.”】

【”B-but look, I have to introduce Harold- I mean, Lord, to Silvi, right? Right?”】

The elder brother was sucking up to his little sister. It was truly miserable.
And perhaps because she had taken pity on that brother’s misery, Erica finally calmed her anger.

【”Please don’t ever do this again.”】

【”Yeah. I swear to god.”】

【”Hah, seriously… stand up. Your clothes will get dirty.”】

【”Damn it hurts….. you’re way too cruel with me.”】

【”Ever heard of the saying, “you reap what you sow”?”】

【”I’ve never heard of it. Maybe you’re referring to the saying “getting pennies from heaven”?”】

【”They say the buddha will turn the other cheek as much as three times, I wonder if that applies to a normal person, what do you think, big brother?”】

Erica was smiling but her eyes and voice showed otherwise. This time, Itsuki’s face turned blue. Harold was wondering whether Itsuki would turn green or yellow next.
As those disturbances occurred, the time had finally come to meet the owners of the mansion, the Berlioz family.

Even though the pain in his back made him walk awkwardly, Itsuki led the group to a banquet hall in an annex building that was connected to the main building by a pathway. It was the main location for the celebration and it seemed like the Berlioz family was there.
In any case, Harold once again reminded himself to stay as silent as possible. But that resolution of his was crushed only a few seconds after he entered the hall.

【”An opening!”】

An attack. With a yell, someone jumped out from the shadow of the hall’s opened door. In his hand he was holding a weapon that was shaped like a sword. This was the person’s chance to attack as Harold wasn’t currently carrying a weapon. This sudden visit would put him in a predicament.
And so the blade attacked Harold.

Translator’s note: In the previous chapter, author said he found back his inspiration the moment he brought Itsuki back into the story, sorry I forgot to put that in. And sorry for the delay, shitty week, I’ve been sick, and other stuff ><

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