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My death Flags show no Sign of Ending – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 is here. This chapter is partially edited by myself, I’ll do a more careful edit tomorrow. Sorry for the late release, lots of things happened at the same time IRL, but I’ll try to get back my rhythm.

Anyway, here is chapter 62, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 62

After hearing of Harold’s past and secrets, Lifa had returned to her room and was holding her knees. It was too heavy, the fate that Harold carried on his shoulders. She repeated many times in her head the story she had heard from Justus.
Especially the last thing he had said.

『By now, Harold only has a few years left to live, I doubt he’ll live past his twentieth year. If he uses that power after this, his remaining time will become even shorter. 』

Harold was 18 years old. That meant he had only about two years left to live, even less if he wasn’t careful.
Lifa had a hard time accepting that reality. She couldn’t organize her thoughts or think of what to do.

【”… Are you alright?”】

【”Elu…. I don’t know what to do. How can I help Harold with……”】

【”Do you regret to have heard that story?”】

【”….I don’t know…”】

【”I’m sorry. “】

【”Why are you apologizing?”】

【”Because I knew. I knew that Harold’s life was being cut down every time he fought.”】

【”What?! Then, why didn’t you stop him?”】

【”Do you think just anyone could stop him?”】

【”That’s… You’re right, but…!”】

Elu knew. He knew and yet, how was he able to interact with Harold so naturally? How was he able to smile at him? Lifa wondered.
It was the same for Harold. Lifa didn’t understand, how was he able to keep fighting until now? There was no way he wasn’t afraid to die, so how was he able to wield that sword so calmly?
Lifa’s thoughts were entangled and she couldn’t even organize her words .

【”Just what… you… All of you make no sense….”】

【”Right. Perhaps, that’s the right thing to feel. “】

Elu smiled sadly.
Being kind to Lifa, while she was in her present state, would do no good.



【”If you’re thinking of stopping Harold, you had better forget it right now.”】

【”But that’s….”】

There was nothing Lifa could do for Harold. That’s what Elu’s strengthened tone seemed to imply.
This behavior was so unlike Elu that Lifa had no choice but to realize how serious his words were, no mater how much it displeased her.

【”This is the path that Harold chose. It’s not a problem that people, who don’t know his circumstances, should put their nose into.”】

【”Then, are you just going to silently watch him die, Elu? I can’t do that….”】

【”In that case, you shouldn’t meet with Harold anymore.”】

【”How can you say that?!”】

Lifa yelled at Elu.
However, neither that nor her glare made Elu flinch. He was completely calm and just went on to speak nothing but facts.

【”I told you I already knew Harold’s secret from before, didn’t I? But he didn’t want me to tell you, or to tell anyone. He has his goal, and this is necessary to attain it.”】

【”What is that goal?…..”】

【”He didn’t tell me that much. But it seems to be more important to him than his life.”】

But what could possibly be more important to him than his life? muttered Elu to himself.

How could he go so far? How could he accept death like that?
What on earth was so important to him? Lifa had many questions, but couldn’t think of any answers.

【”Well then, it’s time to sleep. Maybe your thoughts will be a little clearer with a rested mind.”】

【”…… Yes.”】

Lifa entered her bed as Elu incited her to. The light was turned off and the room was covered in darkness.
However, the torrent of emotions in Lifa’s mind left her no chance to fall asleep.
Lifa rolled her body trying to protect her heart that felt like it was on the verge of being crushed. And then, the pure young girl, as if she were praying to god, spoke a single wish.

【”Don’t die on us, Harold……”】

【”Just go and die.”】

That was the first thing Harold told Itsuki. Itsuki, who was a picturesque friendly young man, was used to Harold’s abusive words and easily warded them off.

【”Happy to see you have lots of energy to spare. Do you want to drink anything?”】


They were currently at a coffee shop in Kablan. Although the time was more fitting for having dinner, Harold thought he wouldn’t be able to calmly hear out Itsuki and eat at the same time, so he found a suitable place and brought him there.
Itsuki, who was sitting on the opposite side of Harold, had a refreshing smile as usual. But to Harold, on the contrary, it felt agitating.

【”Hurry and explain from the beginning.”】

【”Well, simply put, I’m getting married.”】


Harold’s response seemed completely indifferent.
Even though things may have appeared this way, Harold actually wanted to congratulate him.
He was deeply moved to learn that Itsuki was finally getting married. Thinking of Itsuki’s specs, he was a flawless character: he had a good face, a good personality, a good family, and to top it all off, he was good with the sword. It was rather surprising that he managed to stay celibate up until now.
If there was a flaw of his to speak of, maybe it would be his sister complex.

Which reminded Harold that, shortly before he entered the knight order, Itsuki and him had talked about each-other’s marriages.
Itsuki had been too insistent, showing Harold with question about his marriage with Eirca. As one would expect, Harold couldn’t tell Itsuki he was going to break up with Erica, so he dodged the issue by asking Itsuki about his marriage.
Itsuki had crossed his shoulder with Harold’s telling him “Soon, we’ll be brothers”, at that time, Yuno, who happened to be present and hear the conversation, had a smile that put a lot of pressure on Harold, he still had cold sweats just from remembering it. It seemed like, despite being a beautiful woman, Yuno didn’t have any romantic partner.

【”The one who’s to become my wife is the daughter of the head of this town. He decided to hold a party to celebrate the marriage before the family wedding.”】

【”And so?”】

【”It’s not that formal so my whole family doesn’t have to be there. But I’ve been thinking of bringing Erica along to see her future sister-in-law.”】

【”Can I leave?”】

【”The problem isn’t with my relatives however, it’s bigger than that. You see, there are many sons of aristocrats and merchants who are going to attend the party.”】

Itsuki kept talking as if he hadn’t heard Harold’s words. He completely disregarded him.
Itsuki was perhaps the only one who could take such an attitude towards Harold.

【”So you’ll be like an insect repellent, sending away all the beasts that come courting my sister.”】

【”Are they beasts or insects? Make yourself clear.”】

【”They’re beasts, but they look like no more than insects.”】

Itsuki boldly spoke that insult. Perhaps that image of a friendly young man didn’t suit him that well after all.
However, there were more important matters to discuss at the moment.

【”Why should I deal with something that troublesome?”】

【”Isn’t it natural? You’re Erica’s fiance after all.”】

【”What’s the hell is wrong with your head? Did you forget I told you to cancel that engagement five years ago?”】

【”I remember that. I don’t remember anyone agreeing though.”】

【”Are you fricking…..”】

【”All my father said was『I knew this day would come sooner or later. I guess there was no avoiding that. 』, but he didn’t say he agreed.”】

That was certainly the case.
However, Harold thought that Tasuku, with how much he loved his daughter, wouldn’t marry Erica to someone whom she was like cats and dogs with. He assumed that if Tasuku had a chance to break off the engagement, he would take it. Therefore, Harold thought that Tasuku meant【”I guess there was no avoiding the cancellation of the engagement”】. Or rather, Harold convinced himself that Tasuku meant that.
If by【”I guess there was no avoiding that.”】he meant【”I guess there was no avoiding you making a request for a break off in the engagement.”】, then he hadn’t actually clarified whether he agreed with the break off or not.

Harold was astonished as Itsuki took a sip of the coffee he had ordered.
Itsuki took a breath, put the coffee cup back on its saucer and faced Harold once again. Harold didn’t know if his eyes were playing tricks on him, but he saw a vein appear on Itsuki’s forehead.

【”Really, you’re way too selfish. You decide and do every single thing all by yourself. I mean, think about it, you could have been dead and we wouldn’t even know. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the ones worrying about you. And even if we don’t pull emotions into this, you let my father manage that farming method, which was your idea, all by himself, and now I’m the one who’s going to get dragged into this. Well, I’m very grateful for that and I’m fully aware of how absurd it is to complain about it, but you definitely could have done a little more. Also, this is a good opportunity to tell you this: I don’t have to listen to the selfish opinions of a selfish brat like you!
Even though you might have tried the break off thinking that the engagement would cause trouble to the Sumeragi family or something stupid like that, I’m sorry to say but we’ve already gotten our fire back, thanks to you. Like hell we’d have a reason to care about your bad reputation. Perhaps you think I’m being selfish right now? Like you’re one to talk. I’ve decided to be as egotistical as you are. For my marriage, I was entrusted with some new responsibilities within the family. Among those was the responsibility of making the decisions regarding Erica’s marriage. Fortunately, it wasn’t specified in “that letter’s wording that the person in charge has to be my father, so I think it should be fine.
I’ll say it again, loud and clear. The next head of the Sumeragi family, Itsuki Sumeragi, will absolutely never acknowledge the break off of the engagement between you and Erica!”】

Everyone was astounded: Harold, the coffee shop’s clerk and even the shop’s other customers. Be it from the very long sermon that Itsuki suddenly started in public, or that one declaration at the end. and Itsuki had been standing upright, mightily, and clenching his right hand into a fist. It was like an election speech.
It was clear that Itsuki wasn’t being completely careless as he didn’t speak out Harold’s name once in his whole speech, but he did speak the Sumeragi’s name which was pretty much a hint. But in Harold’s opinion, there were more important things Itsuki should have been careful about. Getting all the store’s attention on himself was not something Harold was able to endure.

【”I’m certainly thankful to you, but this and that have nothing to do with each other. So, how about that? Think I reached the summit of selfishness yet?”】

【”Ugh… Are you a fricking kid?”】

Itsuki had a smug expression on his face. His complaints were so childish that Harold couldn’t find it in him to resent him in any way.
He had a hard time detecting any form of intelligence within Itsuki. Rather than getting angry, he felt worried wondering whether it would be fine for such an air-head to get married.

【”Well, honestly, I’m aware of how weird I’m being, but I have to be at least this shameless to actualy associate with you on equal grounds. After all, I don’t particularly like getting pushed around by you.”】(Itsuki)

【”Hah, in the end, no matter what you say, emotions will always drive your arguments with that competitive personality of yours. Erica is really pitiful, getting forced into an engagement by a twisted elder brother like you.”】(Harold)

【”Huh? Did you just call Erica by her name? You really did, didn’t you? I see, Erica, your relationship made some progress without your big brother knowing.”】(Itsuki)

(Ughh…! You’re becoming like your freaking father! )

The apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree. However, Itsuki’s responses were still quite different from his father’s.
Although the difference wasn’t that obvious, Itsuki had a way better skill for agitating people. Moreover, it wasn’t an automatic and omni-directional skill like Harold’s cynical behavior, but rather, Itsuki could aim that talent of his and adapt it to a specific target. Well, thinking about it normally, there was nothing weird about someone having manual control over his behavior, the strange one was Harold.

【”But I guess it’s no time for joking around. For the time being, you get what I meant to say, so I’ll entrust you with the task of being Erica’s insect repellent.”】

【”I’m telling you this is not――”】

【”Here you go. This is the letter I got from that doctor.”】

Following those troubling words, Itsuki took out a piece of paper from his chest pocket. Harold felt despair as he read through the paper, which basically said that Justus had entrusted all the power that he initially had over Harold to Itsuki until a fixed date. When he thought about it a little, Harold realized he had already been told beforehand that he had no right to refuse the client’s demands, from the beginning, he never had a chance to escape from this ordeal.
Harold was in checkmate.

【”That’s just how it is.”】

【”What did Eri… that girl say?”】

【”It’s fine to call her by her name… Erica doesn’t know you’re coming. Even now, I told her I was going to meet with a friend and slipped out.”】


【”This is going to be a surprise.”】

It was a surprise indeed.  Actually, if this wasn’t a happy occasion as Itsuki was getting married, Harold might have exploded from how surprised he was.
Though he wanted to get angry at Itsuki for pushing troublesome things onto him, Harold knew that this was a form of payback and he had it coming. Though he was annoyed by his mouth, but even if it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have shifted the tone of the conversation at this moment.

【”For now I’ll have you stay the night at a nearby hotel’s room that I booked for today. I’ll come pick you up tomorrow before noon. We’ll meet up with Erica and my companion later on.”】

【”Hold on. Putting Erica aside, you want to introduce me to your fiancee, you utter moron?”】

【”Well, obviously, she’s my fiancee.”】

【”Stop. This is clearly a bad idea.”】

There was a very bad reputation that went with the name Harold stokes. If Harold were to one day get married to Erica, in a way, he would become a relative to Itsuki’s fiancee’s family. There was no doubt her family would do their utmost to avoid that possible future scenario.
Harold once again tried to persuade Itsuki to reconsider his marriage with Erica, because this time, if this were to become an obstacle to Itsuki’s marriage, it wouldn’t just itch his feelings, it would cause an uproar.

【”Hmm, it could cause quite the riot if our guards slay every man that comes to challenge you…Oh, that’s it!”】

Itsuki clapped his hands as if to say he had hit on a great idea. And then, he dug up Harold’s dark history…. Or rather, he made a suggestion to rewrite it.

【”From tomorrow, you’ll be Erica’s fiance, Lord…. Lord Strouse!”】

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