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World Teacher – Chapter 30

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Well, that’s it for me, here is chapter 30 of World Teacher, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Change from the base

【”(Spirit seers are, well… extremely powerful, so there is no end to the lot that tries to capture them.)”】(Past Fia)

Though it’s from a conversation that goes a few years back, those are the words of Fia, an elf liked by the spirits of the wind.

In her case, when she puts her mind to it, she can fire off a wind that crush ramparts, and even create disaster-level tornadoes.
And that’s not in a group, it’s all by herself. Such a great power, there is no way the smeared by greed royalty and nobles wouldn’t try to obtain it.

That is why, spirit seers keep their abilities to themselves.
To protect themselves from the world.

【”Liz…  You can see spirits, right?”】(Sirius)
【”-?! You…. how?”】(Liz)

To my words, Liz opened her eyes wide, petrified. She looked frightened, and her body was trembling.
For her to become this scared, as expected, she knows. Seeing spirits is a very strong power, bound to be sought after.

【”Settle down, Liz. I… No, we, will never speak of this. Right, you two?”】(Sirius)
【”Naturally! Rest assured, Liz. We promise we’ll never tell.”】(Emilia)
【”It’s like big brother and big sister said. I won’t tell even if I have to die for it!”】(Reus)

Perhaps relieved by what we said, Liz lost the fear in her eyes and the tension in her body cleared up.

【”I deeply apologize, I lost my composure but I’m alright now.  My mother has always been telling me to never leak out that I can see spirits, saying that my life would be over if I were to be exposed. I heard that many times, so it’s scary…”】(Liz)
【”Sorry. I went and spoke of things like this without knowing anything, looks like I made you afraid for nothing.】(Sirius)
【”No, even I wouldn’t know how to address the matter if our roles were reversed. But, how did you know that I can see spirits? Could it be that you can see them too, Sirius-kun?”】(Liz)
【”That’s not it. You know about my attribute, right? I have no element to be liked for by the spirits of any of the four attributes.】(Sirius)
【”Ah… my apologies…”】(Liz)

Between the moment where she was delighted at the thought that she had friends she could count on and the moment where she apologized about my attribute, her facial expression went through a drastic change. Her feelings are plain to see on her face, what an honest kid.

【”That’s nothing you should apologize about, Liz. To answer your question, I’ve seen spirits in the past… Or rather, I met someone who could do it. There was an uncomfortable feeling coming from that person… which then led me to think that it was, perhaps, spirits, and I sense the same thing coming from you, that’s how I figured it out.】(Sirius)
【”You’ve met a person like me?!”】(Liz)
【”She was an adult on a journey, but she was also hiding the fact that she was a spirit seer.”】(Sirius)
【”So what mother said wasn’t wrong.”】(Liz)
【”However, Sirius-sama. I understand that this spirit seer talk is important, but how is it related to Liz’『Flame』spell?”】(Emilia)
【”They are actually closely related matters. According to that person, spirits tend to be terribly jealous.”】(Sirius)
【”You said… jealous? Spirits are said to be great beings, do they really feel such things?”】(Emilia)
【”It seems like they do, I’m afraid. But I’m not liked by spirits so I wouldn’t know.”】(Sirius)

According to Fia, her spirits were highly enthusiastic the times she used wind magic, but when she tried using earth magic, her spirits would get pissed off, and far from assisting her, they would actually obstruct her spells, making her unable to use them at all.
Based on the above, I figure the girl’s spirits have also been up to no good. Her fire spells  get erased and her water spells get amplified, she must be liked by the spirits of water.

【”Liz, you can see spirits so, you can hear their voices too, right? Can you recall how they are when you use fire magic and water magic?”】(Sirius)
【”Sure….  When I use water magic, they merrily come to me, and the times I use my 『Flame』spell, they don’t approach me at all.”】(Liz)
【”You might have not realized because you were too engrossed into it, but I think I felt something out of place converging around your hand when you used your 『Flame』 spell earlier. They probably put out the fire out of jealousy.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s…. they’re good children, they’re always having fun floating around, I even have chats with them from time to time. For them to have done something like this is…”】(Liz)

Liz was feeling awfully down, probably from having been betrayed by someone she trusted.
But, she got to think about it. They didn’t do that on a whim, rather, it’s something like their nature. They aren’t beings that a person may easily change.

【”They’re spirits so it can’t be helped. If you want to do it no matter what, you could try to talk it out with them. How about you ask them not to obstruct you, even if only one time?”】(Sirius)

From Fia’s first hand experience, I heard that despite begging them desperately, she was barely able to use 『Earth』 magic. However, it seems like she soon stopped using 『Earth』 spells altogether because it was very tiring to beg them every single time.

【”I’ll try. Please… just a little bit… just a little bit is fine. I want to use fire magic.”】(Liz)

She closes her eyes and desperately asks the spirits…  And so, they allowed her to use her 『Flame』spell.
It rose from her opened hand and was quite small, but it certainly was a fireball.

【”Though It’s small and distorted, it’s the 『Flame』spell for sure.”】(Sirius)
【”Congratulations, Liz!”】(Emilia)
【”I did it… I did it!”】(Liz)

As Liz raised a delighted voice, the fire immediately went out. Good grief, spirits sure are hard to please, I can only wonder how far their stubbornness goes.

【”Ah…  seriously, you’re a lost cause spirit-san”】(Liz)
【”That’s because you were too pleased and way too straightforward with your feelings.”】(Sirius)

She was pouting a little, but thanks to her finding the source of her problems, her face was radiant.

【”With that it should all be settled, right? With this technique, you can show that bastard next time, Big sis Liz!”】(Reus)
【”No, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”】(Sirius)

Would that Gregory really approve this?
Her fire is small and she can’t maintain it, for him to accept such a magic… I dare say that’s not going to happen. If so, I Imagine she’ll just get bullied again, and the status quo won’t change.

【”Excuse me, Liz, but I also think it’s no use.”】(Emilia)
【”I know. I surely won’t be accepted at this level.”】(Liz)
【”Then what do we do? If big sis Liz stays in that bastard’s place as she is, she will go back to being sad again, we can’t let that happen.”】(Reus)

All their eyes focused on me. Knowing Reus, he’s likely to step into the Aion class with a sword in hand if I don’t come up with an idea somehow. Mhm… Instead of changing her someway, how about we change her environment?

【”Right… Why don’t we have her transfer to the Coloris class?”】(Sirius)

Let’s put our connections to use. I’ll tell the principal through Magna-sensei that I want him to move her to our class since she’s being bullied. If I tell him that I want to train her like I did with Emilia, he might allow it, be it just for his own amusement.
Gregory also wouldn’t be interested in someone who can’t use the 『Flame』 spell, so he certainly won’t be reluctant to let go of her.

【”Good idea! We would be glad to have her with us, and Liz would have peace of mind. Let’s do it by all means”】(Emilia)
【”As expected of big brother! You can do anything!”】(Reus)
【”Huuh?! Hold on, please. A class change isn’t such an easy thing to do…”】(Liz)

Liz rejects the outrageous idea as being impossible. Fact is that, when addressing such a matter, a single student like myself would naturally have to pass it through the school’s principal.

【”Well, though there is some truth behind what you’re saying, I want to ask you, Liz. Do you want to join our class?”】(Sirius)
【”That’s… Yes. I’d be happy if I could study together with all of you but…”】(Liz)
【”Then there is no problem. I’ll be making my move directly from tomorrow, so I’d like you to hold on a little more in the Aion class.”】(Sirius)
【”Mmh……  Why are you doing all this for me? Though I’m a noble, I don’t have any money, and I’m a spiritseer so maybe-…  Ouch!”】(Liz)

Since she started saying some rude things, I gave her a light chop on the head. It shouldn’t have been painful, but she held her head while looking up my way with a slightly earnest expression as I talked to her.

【”It has nothing to do with nobility or spirits. You’re our acquaintance and you’re Emilia’s friend, that’s why we want to help you. End of story. “】(Sirius)

Emilia, who only has eyes for her little brother and I, has found a friend in Liz. In my previous life, I would deem my friends as trustworthy as long as I could truly rely on them. (Tln: This line is really annoying, if you have a better phrasing, please share it) 
Therefore, if the girl is troubled, I’ll help her. It’s on Emilia’s behalf so it’s no problem at all. And above all, how could I let such a good kid cry?

【”…Thank you… very much.”】(Liz)
【”You’ll thank me once it’s done. Now then, it’ll soon be time for dinner, but will you guys be eating here today? And how about you, Liz?”】(Sirius)
【”What? But I can still go to the dinning room, they haven’t laid out the food yet.”】(Liz) 
【”What? You’re planing to return to eat now? We’re celebrating our first time inviting you here. Please eat without reserve.”】(Sirius)
【”It’s fine, Sirius-sama’s meals are absolutely more tasty than the dinning hall’s. Don’t you have any expectations when you think of that cake?”】(Emilia)
【”Cake?… T, then…. Let’s eat”】(Liz)

Liz nodded apologetically while swallowing her saliva. Yes, it’s best for kids to stick to being honest.

【”What should I do for the menu? What do you want to eat?”】(Sirius)
【”Though anything is fine, I’d like you not to hold back on the meat, please”】(Emilia)
【”In times like these, hot pot is a must.  Let’s all eat something delicious.”】(Reus) (Tln: Times like these probably refers to winter or something equivalent in their world)
【”Well then, we’ll have hot pot with meat and vegetables. Reus, go look for a block of meat and drain the blood from it. You have 30 minutes.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s more than enough time. I’m going!”】(Reus)
【”Then I suppose I’ll take care of washing the vegetables.”】(Emilia)

As we each moved to our work, the only one with no task, Liz, spontaneously called out to Emilia.

【”Mmh….  Emilia? From what I’m hearing, it seems like Sirius-kun will be the one cooking, but wouldn’t that normally be done by the attendants?”】(Liz)
【”Though I do cook sometimes, Sirius-sama is usually the one who does it. That cake was developed by Sirius-sama, too.”】(Emilia)
【”Even the cake!? I, I see…. he’s really like my mother.”】(Liz)
【”You can’t compare Sirius-sama to other people!”】(Emilia)

She’s acquainted with aristocrats so it can’t be helped if my actions as a master look strange to her.
However, other places are other places, my house is my house. I don’t know of any common sense.
Now then, is there any seaweed soup left?

――― Emilia ―――

【”Haah… it’s just as  you said, Emilia. That hot pot meal, it was my first time eating it but it was way tastier than the food at the dinning hall.”】(Liz)
【”There is a lot more to Sirius-sama’s cuisine. Hot pot is only one among many.”】(Emilia)
【”Though I don’t know how he comes up with all those ideas, he never made a bad meal or the like.”】(Liz)

Having finished eating in the Diamond Manor, we’re on the way to returning to the student dormitory.
The hot pot made by Sirius-sama seems to have very much pleased Liz, she has been walking satisfiedly beside us. As expected of Sirius-sama, he already seized her heart by their first meeting.

【”When I heard about him from you, I had doubts and wondered whether such an amazing person could exist, but having actually met him, I understand. He’s certainly amazing, but… he’s sort of strange in some respects.”】(Liz)
【”Strange you say, big sis Liz?”】(Reus)
【”Yes, he’s a very strange person. I’ve only been a noble for a little while, but from what I’ve seen, the treatment of the nobles towards their attendants isn’t very good.  And yet, despite being a commoner, he doesn’t give you, his attendants, any order you wouldn’t like and he values you like family. “】(Liz)

Elena-san also said something similar.
He’s one who doesn’t treat us as servants but as family, which would be considered as unbecoming behavior among aristocrats, but it’s precisely because he’s such a person that we want to support him, I guess we want to live up to his expectations. Sirius-sama’s mother, Aria-sama, was the same.

【”That’s why, he’s a strange person…. I think. I only have my father left in my family, but I haven’t met him once since I came to Elysion, therefore I don’t even know how he thinks. So…  it’s improper of me but I guess I’m a little envious of you guys.”】(Liz) (Tln: how he thinks, aka, his standing in regard to attendants etc….)
【”In that case… won’t you become his servant, too, Liz?”】(Emilia)

Yes, though I just came up with the idea, I think it’s not bad.  That way I can be with Liz, and I think that Sirius-sama wouldn’t mind, either. It will only be a matter of time before Liz falls for him and becomes a candidate for being his first woman.

【”…..Impossible! I’m a noble, there’s just no way I’d do that!”】(Liz)
【”Strange, it took you some time to answer, were you imagining it?”】(Emilia)
【”That’s not it! Reus-kun, you say something too!”】(Liz)

Liz seeks Reus’ help in a panick, she’s so cute. However, Reus can make some quite troublesome remarks sometimes, speaking to him too thoughtlessly is playing with fire. Come on, you’ve been pondering on something for a while now, what is it going to be this time?

【”…. It’s no use! I just can’t understand.”】(Reus)
【”Huh? What do you not understand? Attendants?”】(Liz)
【”That’s not it. It’s what you said about big brother being strange, big sis Liz. For me he’s nothing but amazing.”】(Reus)

This child says one-liners filled with conviction like this from time to time. This one took the best of courses, however…

【”….No, he’s amazing and kind. Or rather, big sis Liz, other nobles don’t matter. Big brother is great! That’s all.”】(Reus)

Exactly. Sirius-sama is wonderful… that’s all there is to it. Reus said some good things. I’ll make tomorrow’s snacks a little bigger.

【”Reus-kun…  I guess you’re right. Sirius-kun is an amazing and gentle person. Not to speak of how he quickly saw through the fact that I can see spirits and solved my troubles, he even proposed to move me to your class. And though I don’t think such a thing can be done, if it’s him…  maybe it’s possible.”】(Liz)

You’re just as gentle as he is, Liz. That’s why I immediately called upon Sirius-sama for you. I had faith that if it’s for your sake, he would surely help.

【”That’s right, leave it all to big brother, it’s fine!”】(Reus)
【”I agree with Reus. At the very least, I can guarantee that nothing bad will come out of it, so you can be at ease.”】(Emilia)
【”You two…  right. I’ll look forward to being able to study together with everyone.”】(Liz)

I feel the same. You’re the first friend I made after coming to school… I want you to smile more like you are now.

And so, we returned to the front of the student dormitory, and as expected, I can’t help it…  I’m worried.

Is Sirius-sama resting properly by now? Is he taking his bath? Aah…. I’m so worried.
One day, for sure! For sure…  I will live in the diamond manor. I’ve already moved some luggage there as a feint, however it doesn’t seem to be very effective. (Tln: Like taking one’s toothbrush and baggage to a lover’s home to slowly get the partner accustomed to one’s presence)
How about next, I bring some alcohol and go with the strategy of pretending to be drunk and staying? But I can’t drink alcohol as a minor, maybe if only once…. but then Sirius-sama would probably get angry.

【”Emilia? Just now, you suddenly got lost in your thoughts, what’s the matter?”】(Liz)
【”Ah-…  it’s a usual habit of hers, don’t worry about it. Careful big sister, watch your steps”】(Reus)
【”… Would alcohol do the trick?”】(Emilia)
【”Just what are you saying!? Get a grip of yourself.”】(Liz)

That day, I made Liz worry until we returned to the dormitory and got to bed.
I’m a healthy girl and yet… why?

――― Sirius ―――

【”Indeed… That’s certainly a problem.”】(Magna)

Early morning. Having gone to school a little earlier than usual, I paid a visit to Magna-sensei and went to his staff room. I was worried that Gregory-sensei would overhear us, but Magna-sensei’s status are superior so his staff room is a private room. As one would expect from the school principal’s right-hand man, we can speak without reservation here, that’s a relief.
I told him about how Liz is facing bullying, and explained to him that her talents would develop remarkably if she were sent to the Coloris class.

【”And so, I’d like you to talk to the principal for me. Oh, here is a present. I have two, so feel free to take one, Magna-sensei.”】(Sirius)
【”I’m conflicted, is that a bribe?”】(Magna)
【”No no no, it’s a genuine present. It’s a sweet that I made, and since it’s pretty popular among my attendants, I’d like to hear an adult’s opinion on it.”】(Sirius)

It may seem like a bribe in every respect, however that wasn’t my intention. The contents are yesterday’s cake’s left-overs, but just in case, I’m showing them to Magna-sensei to have him review them.

【”Ho, it’s my first time seeing such a sweet. Though I normally wouldn’t accept, this picked my interest. I’ll take it then.”】(Magna)

….. He actually took it.
If I were to let what I’m feeling right now appear on my face, I would look terrible. Seems like what I heard from the other students about Magna-sensei liking sweets was correct, now I just have to wait. I’ll say it again, this isn’t bribery, it’s a strategic move. Well then, go ahead, eat the cake bomb that put so many people under its charm!

【”Oh, also, I understand you and your friends don’t need to learn the basics, but please at least pretend to be taking the classes, will you? Fortunately, the other students don’t seem to have noticed, nevertheless, you’re not having a good influence on your surroundings.”】(Magna)

… I’ve been made.

At lunch break, as I was heading to the dinning hall, not Magna-sensei but the principal Roswell in person, appeared. Of course, he was disguised as Bill-sensei.

【”Oh, Sirius-kun. About the earlier talk, could you come with me?”】(Bill)

Since I’ve been called, I’d like to go right away, but the siblings don’t know that Bill-sensei is the school’s principal. Taking them along is a no go, so I guess I’ll give them a different task to do.

【”Sirius-sama, are you not going to lunch?”】(Emilia)
【”Our discussion will probably last for a while, go ahead of me. I’d like you to check on Liz’ state as well.”】(Sirius)
【”Big sis Liz… from what she told us yesterday, today is her practical skill test.”】(Reus)
【”That’s right, let’s cheer her up in case she starts feeling down. Then, excuse me Sirius-sama, I’ll be taking my leave first.”】(Emilia)

When I saw off the two and faced Bill-sensei, he was looking toward the direction the siblings left off to with a kind smile.

【”Good for him. The girl made some quite good friends.”】(Bill)
【”You know Liz?”】(Sirius)
【”Kind of. Leaving that aside, let’s get to the talk, shall we? Please follow me.”】(Bill)

Under Bill-sensei’s lead, I came to a corridor where the private rooms of the teachers were lined up. At the end of said corridor is the principal’s room, next to is the private room of Magna-sensei that I went to this morning. Probably since it’s lunchtime, some teachers and students can be seen here and there, confidently entering the principal’s room would stand out. How do we proceed?

【”We’re only going to talk, no need to go to my room. Let’s go to Magna-sensei’s.”】(Bill)

I was interested regarding the principal’s room, but since he said that, I couldn’t do much about it.
As we entered the room without knocking on the door that had “Magna” marked on it, Magna-sensei seemed like he had been already expecting us, having probably been notified in advance.
Bill-sensei and I sat down at a table, facing each other, and we directly got to the main question as Magna-sensei prepared some tea.

【”Now then… I heard the story. It seems that Liz-kun has had some hard times.”】
【”Yes. Yesterday was my first time talking to her, but I could tell her mind is exhausted. I believe this requires a prompt intervention.”】

Probably from having sympathized with Liz’s feelings after hearing me out, Bill-sensei let out a sigh as if at his wits end.

【”Haah… Seriously, that man is just… What does he take students for? It’s deplorable.”】(Bill)
【”Don’t you only think of him as a pawn? The girl is important, too, but we ought to do something about him.”】(Magna)
【”I know. However, let’s focus on Liz-kun for now. How did the earlier talk go?”】(Bill)
【”Well the thing is… he refused.”】(Magna)
【”I see. That was within expectations, but it’s still shocking, I’m speechless.”】(Bill)

I have no idea what these two are talking about. I get that they tried something but it seems the results were unfavorable, in any case, I want an explanation.

【”Oh, sorry. To tell you the truth, I considered your idea of putting Liz-kun in the Coloris class, and in the morning, I sounded out Gregory-sensei about it.”】(Magna)
【”That was fast, thank you very much.”】(Sirius)
【”Yeah, I tried my best since that sweet was really tasty. But, as you heard, the man refused.”】(Magna)
【”Though I take you for your word, what appeal does she have to Gregory-sensei? He says that one who isn’t proficient in all the basics is no good, but there is one she isn’t proficient with, right? And yet he doesn’t want to let her go, that’s inconsistent.”】(Sirius)

There is something I assessed from yesterday’s conversation. It’s my own conjecture, but the girl’s father is likely a considerably high grade noble. And though I can see Gregory gathering famous aristocrats, these two seem to know something more.

【”How much do you know about the girl?”】
【”All I know is that she became a noble recently. However, I don’t care about such things. She’s Emilia’s friend and our mate, I’ve no other motivations for helping her.”】(Sirius)

Magna-sensei exchanged eyes with Bill-sensei, and the two of them slowly nodded.

【”I know about a certain secret of hers. It’s a complicated matter so I think you should know, will you hear me?”】(Bill)
【”That won’t be necessary. I believe I’ll eventually hear it from the person herself, and I’m also not interested in family feuds. With that aside, do you have a plan?”】(Sirius)
【”You pass. I’ve properly grasped your disposition, Sirius-kun. And so, I’ll let you in on our plan. It has some troublesome drawbacks, but it’s the one and only reliable move we can make.”】(Bill)
【”Please explain.”】(Sirius)
【”Though it’s not much  frequent nowadays, there is a contest called “trade” that allows a teacher to designate students and substitute them.”】(Bill)

Originally, a certain teacher had his eyes on a pupil who had been taken in charge of by another teacher, he declared that he could teach that student better, and it’s said that that’s where it began.
There are cases where fellow teachers can’t have a match because of an age difference, so they get students, taught by themselves, to fight in their stead, the winner may designate a student to take for himself, and that’s about it.
I see, although it’s quite troublesome, if we win, we’ll surely be able to get Liz to our class.

【”But it’s not gonna happen if both sides don’t agree on it, right? We can’t have a match unless Gregory-sensei covets a student from the Coloris class.”】(Sirius)
【”A talent from the Coloris class that Gregory-sensei would covet? Mark-kun is a good candidate, but he’d likely have already taken him to his own class if he wanted to…”】(Bill)

Well, Mark does come from a good family, and his magic skills stand out as well.  But I guess his character is unfit for Gregory. This has already become a pain, how about we try to be more forceful about it?

【”Rather, how about something more unilateral? It seems like he accepts bribes from students, that would do for some pretty bad rumors, wouldn’t it?”】(Sirius)
【”Are you suggesting blackmail? That’s not a very nice move.”】(Bill)
【”No no no, of course I’m not, we’re simply talking. But some compromising documents or such could just happen to drop on his desk.”】(Sirius)
【”So it could just happen to drop on it?”】(Bill)
【”Yes, it could just happen to drop on it.”】(Sirius)

Bill-sensei and I exchanged complicit glances, and soon, our mouths distorted as we grinned at each other. We have a deal.

【”Haah…. Are you really a kid? Well, I wonder if Gregory-sensei will really hear me out…”】(Magna)
【”Please give it your best shot, Magna-sensei. Ah, that reminds me, how was the sweet I gave you? It’s called a cake by the way.”】(Sirius)

I asked Magna-sensei, who seemed dejected, about his impressions on the cake I handed him. From there, his gloomy face went through a complete turnover, and with a grand smile, he grasped my shoulders. Oho, he fell for it harder than expected.

【”So that sweet and melting and yet so airy thing is a cake?! No, it’s a sweet of your own making so thinking about it is pointless.  Anyway, it’s seriously amazing! I’d like you to make it again if it’s alright with you.”】(Magna)
【”Yeah, maybe later.  By the way, do you like cheese, Magna-sensei?”】(Sirius)
【”By chesse, you mean that food the Gargan company have started selling? If so, I had some just the other day, and it was very tasty.”】(Magna)
【”I’m thinking of trying to make a cake with that very same cheese next time. Though it’s a  rich and bittersweet cake…  would you sample it for me?”】(Sirius)
【”Certainly! If it’s money you want, please tell me.  Name your price and I’ll pay.”】(Magna)

Ten gold coins…. even if I were to say that, I feel like he’d jump on the occasion and pay, but still, I can’t.  Although I didn’t expect him to like the cake to this level, my preparations seem to have been fairly effective.

【”No need for money, it’s just sampling. However, there is the thing with Liz going, and as long as that’s not over, I can’t concentrate on making cake…”】(Sirius)
【”I understand. I’ll immediately speak with Gregory-sensei.  Principal, please!”】(Magna)
【”I’ll leave it to you. This has become interesting.】(Sirius)

Magna-sensei walked and left the room, yet his speed made it seem like he flew out. With only a small look at the state of his face, I could picture him knocking with great force on Gregory’s door.  Mhm…  If he goes with that vigor, he just might work this out.

【”Now then, I guess I’ll get back to paperwork. By the way, Sirius-kun, the trade’s contest is going to be between fellow students, but have you decided on who’ll be doing the fighting?”】(Bill)
【”It’ll be me, of course. It would be way too shameful for the one who brought the matter up to not do anything.”】(Sirius)
【” Self-confidence is not…  No, I guess that’s the very reason you accepted the plan. Are you sure you don’t need any assistance?”】(Bill)
【”I really don’t. It’ll be plenty enough if you just take care of preparing the match.”】(Sirius)

I’ve been thinking of not standing out, but I’ll manage one way or the other, depending on my approach to this.  The problem lies in the rules of the fight, but I guess I’ll think about it once they’ve been decided.

【”I understand. I won’t say more. And Sirius-kun, one last thing…”】(Bill)

Bill-sensei’s face suddenly turned serious, I reflexively put myself on guard from that pressure. Damn it… He may not have been an enemy, but I was careless. If he tried to kill me now, chances are that I wouldn’t go unscathed.

【”Please get me a cake made of that cheese, too! Make it as big as possible!”】(Bill)

… These aren’t words you say with that kind of blood thirst.
Maybe because sweetness is hard to come by in this world, the drug called cake can even take a person who lived for four centuries as its victim.
You just can’t beat cake.

And thus, after classes ended, I was handed a sheet of paper by Magna-sensei, and was informed that it has been decided that a trade with the Aion class would take place.
Although it’s a sudden event, it’s merely a match between students therefore almost no preparation is needed and so the contest will be held tomorrow morning.
Through force and blackmail, it seems Magna-sensei and Bill-sensei somehow suppressed Gregory and succeeded at negotiating with him so that we may get Liz unilaterally. Since he’s always doing nothing but foolish things, I believe he too should experience some foolishness once in a while, which is why I feel absolutely no guilt.
However, maybe due to our one-sided request, the rules will be decided by Gregory, so I was reminded to be careful. And more than that, I was reminded about the cake.

With the paper in hand, all of us including Liz gathered at the Diamond manor.
On the paper, which I placed on a desk, were listed the rules of the trade. As I displayed it for the siblings and Liz to see, I reported the results of today’s operation.

【”I’m so sorry it turned into such a big matter.”】(Liz)
【”I’m the one who’ll deal with that. As for you, you should just make your preparations to enter the Coloris class without worrying about it.”】(Sirius)

Initially, I intended to ask the teacher to please move Liz, then to be told it’s difficult, and then to bribe him with cake…  with this plan, in three simple and simultaneous steps, I was going to put and end to the matter, but things don’t always go the way we want them to.
Well, it’s useless to dwell on the past. Right now, I should focus on the trade that’s just around the corner.
Well then, the rules written on the paper, which have been decided by Gregory, are as follows.

– No magic above intermediate level allowed.

– Only wooden weapons may be used. As long as it’s not lethal, any direct attack is allowed.

– The number of participants per team is two people.

– The outcome is determined when participants declare that they give up, or when the referee deems them as being unable to continue, which gives victory to the opposite party.

– A large serving of cheesecake is required.

I crossed out the last sentence which has been added to the paper.
Mhm… for rules thath ave been written by that man, I feel like there are too few entries. I thought about any loopholes that could be in the rules, and I couldn’t come up with anything to worry about in particular.
Since the Aion-class has a lot of elite students, they might be convinced that we’ll be easy to beat. I guess that goes to show that they look down on us.

【”Sirius-sama, since it’s written in the rules that there must be two participants per team, Reus and I will go.”】(Emilia)
【”No way. As I said to the teacher, it was my suggestion so I want to do it, I’ve made my decision.  Though I understand your concerns, I’ll go no matter what.”】(Sirius)
【”In that case, big brother, the second participant will be me, of course!”】(Reus)

Reus mightily stood up, and grasped his fist tightly, full of motivation.  Normally, Emilia would push Reus aside and declare herself as a candidate, but this time, she only looked at the paper without saying a thing. I had even been thinking about how to persuade her, and yet she’s unusually quiet.  Reus,  also thinking the same, timidly took a peek at Emilia’s complexion.

【”… Big sister, is it fine if I’m the one to go?”】(Reus)
【”I’ll surrender to you this time. You’re stronger than I, so it’s only natural.”】(Emilia)
【”Is it really fine, Emilia?”】(Sirius)
【”If I may be completely honest, I want to fight alongside you.  But this is an important contest where Liz’ future is on the line. And to ensure a win, it’s best if Reus goes out.”】(Emilia)
【”Emilia…  I’m sorry. And thank you”】(Liz)

Deeply moved, Liz clung to Emilia while shedding tears.
I see…  You always give priority to your feelings of wanting to be with me, and yet you’ve now learned to go down for the sake of a friend. You’ve grown up, Emilia.

【”I am all right , so don’t cry, Liz.  Since Sirius-sama and Reus will win without fail, I’ll just have faith in them and look forward to it.”】(Emilia)
【”Yes……  Sirius-kun, Reus-kun…  I’ll be depending on you”】(Liz)
【”【”Leave it to us!”】”】(Sirius & Reus)

There is nothing for us to do except to win tomorrow.
I’ve already come up with a few strategies for the fight, so all that’s left is to ascertain the cooperation and coordination between Reus and I.
After the end of our usual and unchanged training, we all ate dinner and finished the day.

The next day.

There are various facilities over the vast grounds of the school, and surprisingly, there is even such a thing as an arena among them.
It’s originally a place that opens for annual events and festivals, and yet it can even be used upon a request for a match between students, the school regulations are unexpectedly loose. Fact is that, except for fights, the arena is seldom ever put to use, that’s why any use of it is welcome.
Its appearance is similar to the Colosseum from my previous life. It has stone chairs lined up in the form of a staircase so that the people inside can be seen, and fighting grounds in the center which are filled with bare soil. Reus and I were down there, getting ready.

【”Big brother, the arena is huge. Are we really going to fight here?”】(Reus)
【”That’s right. But there was no need for such a place, any proper open space would have done the trick.”】(Sirius)

On the rear seating area are the Coloris class’ students, where the students of the Aion class are occupying the seats on the opposite side. Since there are only nobles among them, they’ve taken their servants along with them, which led to their numbers being double that of the other class.
But I think the biggest difference lies in their attitudes and the looks in their eyes. While our Coloris class was genuinely offering its support, the people in the Aion class were, for the most part, pointing at us with insulting looks.
By the way, rather than an event, it’s more of a sudden occurrence, so for the other classes it’s business as usual.  However the Coloris class and the Aion class aren’t the only ones here, there are also teachers, as referees, and a medical team.

【”Sirius-sama, do your best!”】(Emilia)
【”You have our support, Sirius-kun!”】(Mark)
【”You two, we’re rooting for you!”】(Coloris-class student)
【”【”【”Big brother! Boss! You can do it!”】”】”】(Reus’ friends/underlings)

【”These plebeians just won’t shut up.”】(Aion-class student 1)
【”Do they think they can win against descendants of great lineages like ourselves?”】(Aion-class student 2)
【”Seriously… even being filthy has its limits.”】(Aion-class student 3)
【”Don’t waste our time on this sort of pointless things.”】(Aion-class student 4)

Judging from each of the contents I caught from that… Well well well, looks like some foolish nobles have gathered. (Tln: This sentence I’m not sure of, it doesn’t fit the character nor the mood, I don’t know if I’m screwing up or the author did)
After looking at the Aion-class’ students with a shocked expression, the actual aim of the Trade, Liz, who was near them, anxiously looked towards us.
She’s still in the Aion-class, therefore she can’t openly support us. However, she’s holding her hands in prayer, and from reading her lips, I understand that she’s rooting for us. Right now, the girl is like a princess captured by an enemy country.

【”Big brother, big sis Liz is looking.”】(Reus)
【”Yeah.  It seems like she’s telling us to do our best.”】(Sirius)
【”Yes. We’ll help you right away, big sis Liz! By the way…  are our opponents not coming?”】(Reus)

As Reus said, there is nobody other than us in the fighting area. We’ve finished warming-up, and we’re ready to start anytime here, but our opponents haven’t showed up. As I was thinking of putting my two cents in regarding that rude behavior, our adversaries appeared with the teachers who are to act as referees.

【”Very sorry for the delay. A small problem occurred.”】(Magna)
【”It’s only natural to keep an incompetent and a half-beast waiting.”】(Gregory)

The classes’ respective homeroom teachers, Magna-sensei and Gregory, turned up, and then came our opponents, students from the Aion-class but… their numbers were too high. For some reason there were five of them.

【”Well then, this match is a waste of time so let’s get to it without delay.  All of you, get in position!”】(Gregory)
【”Hold on! I have not agreed yet!”】(Magna)

In a rare show of anger, Magna-sensei stopped Gregory who was in a hurry to start the match. As Reus and I had many questions come to our minds, Bill-sensei came from a different direction and approached us.

【”Sorry to have kept you waiting. To be frank, there appears to be a problem with the rules.”】(Bill)
【”There is no problem! It was a clearly stated rule!”】(Gregory)
【”And just where is this rule?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself as a noble?!”】(Magna)

To the pair that quarrels once again, Bill-sensei lets out a sigh and then holds out a paper to me. Although that’s the same paper I received yesterday with the rules listed on it, I was told this is the one that was in Gregory’s possession.

【”Take a look and compare the contents.”】(Bill)

I was about to take a look while trying to recall the contents from yesterday, but I didn’t even have to recall them.  After all….

– The number of participants per team is two people… but servants are not included.

….There was no need to make any comparisons. It’s clear to the eye that there is a part that was not written on our side’s paper.

【”It’s merely an imperfection in the documents, right? What the heck are you unhappy about?!”】(Gregory)
【”You call this an imperfection? You have got to be joking! In the first place, please don’t go thinking that it’s commonplace to have servants like you people do.”】(Magna)

After all, this world doesn’t have copy machines. The documents are written by hand, so I can understand how defects could happen, but this is way too conspicuous. Damn cheap tricks.

【”Anyway, the trade has been decided, it’s too late to overturn it. Wouldn’t this argument be over with if you bastards also sent your attendants instead of complaining?”】(Gregory)

Holding back his laughter, Gregory looks towards us as if telling us to send them if we can. Does this guy not know that I do have attendants? Still, three people is not…  No, I guess it would be four people with I, the siblings plus one other person? Nevertheless, that’s still one person less than our opponents.

【”Whatever the case, I demand a redo. I’ll report to the school principal for a fair judgement.”】(Magna)
【”Say whatever you want. The duty of deciding the rules has been left to me, so there is no doubting my words.”】(Gregory)
【”Please settle down Magna-sensei, Gregory-sensei.”】(Bill)

While the verbal warfare goes on, Bill-sensei breaks between the two and interrupts their conversation. Despite being in a dissatisfied mood, Magna-sensei falls back, and Gregory sends a hateful glare.

【”Silence! You’re just an ordinary teacher, keep your mouth shut.”】(Gregory)
【”That ordinary teacher you’re speaking of has been watching this unsightly scene and felt the need to stop you. It’s normal for you two to debate your opinions, but how about asking him first?”】(Bill)

Looking over his shoulder as he said so, Bill-sensei gave me a gauging look. As if wanting to say『This is no big deal for you two, right?』.

【”Let’s ask the one who’ll actually be fighting, Sirius-kun.  So, do you have any objections regarding the rule?”】(Bill)
【”I do not.”】(Sirius)

Magna-sensei and Gregory were much surprised by my flat refusal.  However, Gregory immediately took on a condescending look.

【”Then, what about you, Reus?”】(Bill)
【”I’m with big brother!”】(Reus)
【”And so that’s that. The students are waiting, let’s hurry and start the match.”】(Bill)
【”Hehe… you fools.”】(Gregory)

Leaving behind a dumbfounded Magna-sensei, Bill-sensei and Gregory separated from us. Midway, Bill-sensei whispered a hope of his.

【”Sirius-kun, I refuse to approve these methods. Even if you’re defeated, there is nothing to lose in it for us so renouncing is still a better alternative.”】(Bill)(Tln: He’s telling him it’s not worth it if he’s planning to get beaten up)
【”If I drag this on any longer, Liz’ mind will get worn out.  It’s going to be fine, a mere five people are no match for Reus and I.”】(Sirius)
【”Big brother and I are invicible!”】(Reus)

To our responses filled with self-confidence, Magna-sensei lets out a breath as if giving up, and puts his hands on our shoulders with a gentle smile.

【”I understand, please fight carefully then. However, if we judge that you’re in danger you’ll have to stop immediately.”】(Magna)
【”We’ll win for certain.”】(Sirius)
【”Leave it to us!”】(Reus)

Magna-sensei left, and the five opponents were waiting at the center of the arena, weapons in hands.
Upon taking a closer look, among them was the noble that passed the entrance examination with me and his attendants.  That noble is a double wielder of wind and flame magic, but for him to have been selected for the contest, does it mean he’s a big shot?
Facing the opponents while analyzing them, they were looking down on us and grinning with ugly smiles.

【”What an honor it must be. Getting to spare with I, the double wielder, Alstroe El-melloi.”】(Alstroe)
【”Oh, yeah, sure. By any means, come at me if you like.”】(Sirius)
【”You bastard… Hey, you.  Make those guys regret challenging me!”】(Alstroe)
【”Please leave it to us!”】(Alstroe’s attendant 1)
【”We won’t let this incompetent off easily!”】(Alstroe’s attendant 2)
【”Shut up! I’ll make all of you regret for sure!”】(Reus)

As I calmed Reus who was baring his canines, the countdown before the match started rolling.
Due to the clear difference in number, some agitated voices can be heard from our class, but I’m not worried. Thing is that If I were to worry, Emilia would likely barge in here in a rampage.

The difference in fighting power between two contestants and five certainly is a disadvantage.
However, when Reus and I pair up, each of us is worth many times more than one person.
By fighting in combination, we’ll show both of these foolish nobles how it’s done.

【”Well then, from here, the trade between the Coloris-class and the Aion-class will start.”】(Bill)

Bill-sensei stared at my opponents and I, took a deep breath, and raised his hand.

【”Let the trade… begin!”】(Bill)

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