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Chapter 28 of world Teacher, it’s been a while guys.

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Hazing right after school enrollment

When it comes to school entrance ceremonies, getting to hear the speeches of the headmaster, old graduates and other important people, is a must. This world doesn’t seem to be much different in that aspect.

After two days, the Elysium academy’s entrance ceremony was held as we, freshmen, were gathered in the school’s largest auditorium. Here, the new students get to see the school’s principal, Rodwell, for the first time. Though, in my case, I’ve already seen him before (in disguise).
Rodwell is a good looking man with white skin, glittering blond hair, and long ears, peculiar to elves. He’s a handsome fellow with a perfectly structured face, in no way does he seem like someone who’s more than 400 years old.

Often referred to as a “Magic Master”, Rodwell is the continent’s greatest magician, a triple, who specializes in all magical attributes, except for fire.
He holds a tremendous amount of magical power which can raise tempests, and call upon earthquakes and floods that destroy everything in their way. Furthermore, he has studied fire magic, his only shortcoming, to an advanced level. Surely, he’s a genius. He has been taking full advantage of the elves’ long lifespans, and even after hundreds of years, he still keeps on honing his skills without a trace of arrogance. In the Melifest continent, there is no one who doesn’t know of the one they call: the strongest magician.
In fact, there is no end to the people who enroll in the school out of yearning for him, some of the freshmen looked to be in trance while watching him as he was standing on a stage, giving a speech.

【”What will all of you study here, at Elysium Academy?Β  I suppose that might vary from one person to another. However, I want you to learn a lot, and to make a good use of the knowledge you’ll acquire. The magic and skills you’ll all study can be useful in various fields, but on the other hand, they can also easily be used to threaten or even kill people. Always keep that in mind.”】(Rodwell)

Mhm, no matter in which world, the headmasters’ speeches are really long.
By the way, about my thoughts on Rodwell after seeing his actual appearance, I was merely convinced once again that he was the man from that time, as expected. He might be unexpectedly strong, but he’s not our enemy, and I believe it would be good if we could associate with him to some extent.

【”Are you yawning, Emilia? How unusual.”】(Sirius)
【”Ah, that’s…Β  I stayed up late chatting with my roommate.”】(Emilia)

As she whispered so in a low voice, Emilia, who was standing next to me, looked bashful.
She appears to be getting along well with her roommate. According to her, her room is a double room and she shares it with a young girl who’s not cautious around beastkins despite being from the human tribe. In the contrary, I hear that she’s a kind young lady who addresses her in a friendly way.

【”Her name is Liz, she’s a beautiful blue haired girl.”】(Emilia)
【”So you already managed to make a friend, huh? Thank goodness.”】(Sirius)
【”Yes! She’s my friend.”】(Emilia)

Looking at her smiling without a single worry, it seems like her life in the student dormitory is going well. Even though it isn’t much, I believe this alone gives meaning to our coming to this school.
And then, turning my sight to the opposite side, there was Reus sleeping upright as a boy of the fox tribe was tapping on his shoulder to wake him.

【”Big brother, you really can’t fall asleep like that.”】(Foxkin)
【”Hmm? Aah, sorry, sorry”】(Reus)

This foxkin boy goes by the name of Lowe, and he claims to be Reus’ underling.
From what Reus told me, it seems that he’s actually his roommate, and apparently, the kid suddenly picked a fight with him the first time he got to his student dorm room, so Reus beat him back.

【”(I’m really no match for you. Please make me your underling!)”】(Past foxkin boy)

After making him promise to not hinder him, Reus accepted him as his follower. Although he was dumbfounded when he was first introduced to me, he’s a fellow who can read the air and he doesn’t approach me except when necessary. Though I wondered just in what way he’s an underling, it could be said that he’s at least faithful to his words of not being a hindrance to Reus.

【”Greetings, I am called Lowe. I’m quite confident in my speed, so please treat me well, big brother.”】(Past Lowe)
【”The only one allowed to call big brother like that is me!”】(Past Reus)
【”Hiii-!γ€€I’m sorry, I meant, boss! Please treat me well, boss!”】(Past Lowe)

The number of my followers somehow increased right after enrollment, what’s with that?


And so, about the building where I now reside, in the last two days, it has been tidied up to the extent where a person can actually live there.
I passed some money to the people at the γ€ŽSpring Breeze’s Perch』 and had them get me a futon, and whenever there were other necessities, I bought them after consulting our budget. By now, it has become a dwelling finer than a poor private house, as for what I’ll do with the now vacant rooms, it’s still under consideration. I plan to gradually remodel the vicinity while attending school.

【”―― and that’s about all I can say. Next, I’ll try to explain our school’s curriculum. For starters, the first years―….”】(Rodwell)

To summarize the headmaster’s speech, the curriculum of this school lasts five years.
The first two years are co-educational, and from the third year on, each person can study in the field they want.
There are various branches in the school that center around the departments of the four magic attributes, Reus is in the fencing department, Emilia is the magic department, as for myself, since I expertise in magic formations, which are used for making magic tools, IΒ  intend to enter the magic engineering department.

【”Well then, I suppose I’ll let the teachers of each branch address a few words to the new students. First, I’ll ask the specialist in earth magic, Magna-sensei.”】(Rodwell)

Afterwards, teachers who specialize in each field, such as wind magic, fencing etc… get introduced. And then, the atmosphere of the auditorium completely changed as a man, with a mantle crossed by dichromatic red and yellow stripes, stood on the stage.

【”I am the expert in fire and earth magic, Gregory. I am an honorary noble and I possess a double attribute, I seek for nobles and powerful people in my class. Unlike the beastkins, the proud aristocrats are welcome. And I pledge on my house name and on my title as a double, that I’ll make you strong. That is all.”】(Gregory)(TLN: He says “double” in English, just like Rodwell is titled as a “triple”, in english, “double” refers to those with two attributes and triple to those with “three”)

At those words, the beastkins knit their brows while most of the aristocrats cheerfully applauded.
I get that there is a gap between nobles and beastkins, but what the hell is that man thinking? He even had prejudices against me because I don’t have an attribute, is he some sort of stereotypical arrogant bastard? Looking at the school principal, he also sighs with a disgusted expression. For you to have to hire someone like that, I guess you also have your share of hardships, huh.

【”…. Is that bastard responsible for the harassment towards big brother?”】(Reus)
【”Even during the interview, he was looking at us with nasty eyes, he seems like someone whom we need to be careful of, in various ways.”】(Emilia)
【”The thing is that he’s a fairly high ranked noble. It wouldn’t be prudent to start a fight with him, now would it?”】(Sirius)

While pacifying Reus who looked like he’d leap out anytime, I kept looking at the back of Gregory who was completely unaware of myself. That man’s eyes…. I’ve seen them before.

【”Erm…. in any case, with that, the entrance ceremony is now over. Please take a look at the list of classes outside, and head to your respective classrooms.”】(Rodwell)

And thus, though the finish left a bad aftertaste, the entrance ceremony came to an end.


Having left the auditorium, there was a big signboard standing in front of me, with a list of the new students’ classes affixed on it.
Still, the freshmen’s behaviors are quite diverse, some check their classes and immediately head towards them, some are having friendly chats with the surrounding students, and there is a great variety of them questioning the teachers’ delay in coming.
I absentmindedly watched such a spectacle unfold while waiting for Reus who had gone to check the classes list.

【”There is a really huge variety of people, isn’t there? I’ve only been at the village and that house so I’m completely clueless about these things.”】(Emilia)

Emilia, who’s standing next to me, is wearing a robe of the school’s design. Wearing it is mandatory except during training and special events, and it comes with a scarf colored differently depending on one’s school year. By the way, we, first years, have blue ones.
Though It looks to be of simple manufacture, it’s actually a special robe made of a rare magic thread, if mana is transferred inside, it can also become a strong defense that even a knife can’t stick through. Having the robe on downtown is allowed, and although there are no student discounts, depending on the shop, some services can be received by wearing it.

【”…..What’s wrong? Does my getup look weird?”】(Emilia)
【”No, though you look good as a maid, I think that suits you, too. You’re cute, Emilia.”】(Sirius)
【”Really?! I’m glad”】(Emilia)

She shyly turned around while swaying her long silver hair. Mhm, she’s a cute disciple indeed.
There are many female students in the school, but I think Emilia is at top-level in charm.Β  Be it with her face and figure, with her shining silver hair that reflects light, or with her chest that has had a good growth despite her age, she has attracted the attention of many people.Β  In fact, some school boys are throwing glances this way, and even some schoolgirls are watching her shining silvery hair in fascination.

【”Which reminds me, that… Liz, was it?γ€€I’d like to meet her, but where is she?”】(Sirius)
【”Actually, It seems like she has been called to her house and she couldn’t come to school today.”】(Emilia)
【”She couldn’t come to the entrance ceremony? Isn’t that going to be a big issue?”】(Sirius)
【”I don’t really know either. However, she herself laughed that she was fine, she said that she had the school’s permission.”】(Emilia)
【”If the person herself said that it’s alright, then there is no prob―……”】(Sirius)
【”Ah, so you were here.”】(????)

As we were talking about Liz whom I wanted to meet at least once as Emilia’s master, someone called out to me from behind, so I turned around to face them. There stood, with a gentle smile, the teacher who allowed me to pass the entrance examination… or rather, it was Rodwell in disguise.

【”It’s been since the time of the interview. I’m glad you were all able to enter the school without too much trouble.”】(Rodwell in disguise)
【”Though I can’t say it all went that smoothly, I hope we’ll get along well from hereafter. Putting that aside…. what brings you here, mister principal?”】(Sirius)

For the time being, I spoke in a small voice, inaudible to the surroundings, out of consideration for the other party’s intentions.

【”As expected, you’ve noticed. Please, when I’m in this appearance, I’m Bill, a teacher.”】(Rodwell)

I guess he disguises on purpose so that he can move incognito, and it works, given that Emilia is completely unaware, trying to adjust herself to the situation.

【”To be honest, I have business with you. I came to apologize.”】(Rodwell)
【”Apologize? You had me succeed the exam though, is there something you’re unsatisfied with on that matter, Bill-sensei?”】(Sirius)
【”No, it’s about the dormitory issue and about how that man determined your living place on his own accord while I wasn’t there.”】(Rodwell)

I assume that man is Gregory. Though he’s a fellow who hates beastkins and commoners, he holds an even more extreme contempt towards those with no attribute. He probably dropped me there to pester me, but for him to do that behind the principal’s back, what a bad character.

【”That’s also my fault for not monitoring properly. I’ll immediately withdraw the order and take you back to an empty dormitory room.”】(Rodwell)
【”No, thank you, I’m good.”】(Sirius)
【”There is a big distance from there to the school though, and there is only a building that turned to ruins there, right?”】(Rodwell)
【”To tell you the truth, I already fixed it into a suitable living environment. However, the roof, among other things, was decaying so I replaced it. Is that going to pose a problem?”(Sirius)
【”No, It’s alright, but still, did you do that in only three days?”】(Rodwell)
【”Well, right, that’s because I have some architectural skills, so while I’m merely an amateur, I took my chances. Look, if you came to apologize, then I have one request, will you hear me out?”】(Sirius)
【”Y, yes…. if it’s within the scope of my abilities.”】(Rodwell)
【”I’d like to get your permission to freely modify that building. It would be troublesome if, later on, I get complaints for remodeling a building owned by the school.”】(Sirius)

It’ll probably be all right even If I do nothing, but even so, seeing that man’s character, I have a feeling that it’s just not possible for him not to meddle. Moreover, he has an eye on me, so he just might get me expelled using some convenient pretext like the illegal remodeling of a building or something. Since I don’t want the environment that we’ve spent so much efforts on arranging to be destroyed, I’d like to have the school’s principal authorization. (TLN: Don’t know if I need to say it, but at the beginning, he’s speaking of Gregory)

【”I understand, the building was going to be disposed of sooner or later anyway so please suit yourself and treat it as your home. I’ll pass you a non-interference decree from the school.”】(Rodwell)
【”That would be a great help, thank you.”】(Sirius)
【”No no no, I’m just really interested in what you’ll do. Even so, we won’t be able to help much with the security and the supervision. I hope you can understand.”】(Rodwell)
【”That’s alright. Preparing for that is on my schedule, and in the first place, I’m a commoner so there aren’t many things that I’d be worried over if they were stolen.”】(Sirius)
【”Still, it would be a problem if there was a theft on school grounds, therefore, when such a time comes, please do report to me properly. However, I want you not to do it excessively if possible.”】(Rodwell)
【”I’ll be careful.”】(Sirius)

From an outside view, I suppose this scene looks like a student and a teacher having a friendly talk, but the actual contents of said talk are quite morbid.
Well, the bottom line is that that place is now mine, and if some fools try to attack it, it’ll be fine for me to repel them without holding back. That’s what I was aiming for when I extracted that agreement from the principal.
And immediately from today, I’m going to set up a variety of traps. Non-lethal traps are a real hassle, but I’m quite fond of the process of planning patterns to set them up so it’s alright.

【”Does the building where Sirius-sama will be residing have a name?”】(Emilia)
【”No, none in particular. It might be inconvenient for it to stay unnamed, how about you name it, Sirius-kun?”】(Rodwell)
【”Well then… make it “The Diamond Manor”, please.”】(Sirius)
【”Oh? What’s the basis for that name?”】(Rodwell)
【”Despite being colorless, diamonds are valuable jewels. The name comes from a simple wish of mine to be the same.”】(Sirius)
【”It’s not bad. But still, in my opinion, your worth can’t be compared to that of those Diam-whatever, Sirius-kun. Well, I’ll apply the name. Oh, right, your homeroom teacher is Magna-sensei who’s directly under my supervision.Β  If anything comes up, please notify me through him, well then, see you around.”】(Rodwell)

I chose a hardly adequate name, and yet, oddly, he readily decided on it and even admired me for it. With what had to be said having been said, Bill-sensei left with a graceful wave of his hand. Next to me, Emilia was smiling cheerfully.

【”What’s wrong? I don’t think it was such a happy conversation.”】(Sirius)
【”No, I was just thinking about how you now have an ally friend who understands you, Sirius-sama. However, for me, those diam-whatever are complete garbage when compared to you, Sirius-sama.”】(Emilia)

Just what kind of person do you think I am? That’s what I want to ask her, but I stop myself since I’ll just get an obvious answer back.
After we waited a little while longer, Reus jumped from the crowd and shouted towards us with a big smile on his face.

【”Big brother! Big sister! We’re all in the same class!”】(Reus)

That’s good to hear. However, knowing who our homeroom teacher is, I have a feeling that this distribution came from the principal’s instructions, but well, the three of us are together so I’m not going to complain.
After calming down Reus who was jumping up and down in celebration, we headed towards the class we were assigned to.

The freshmen are separated in several classes which are named after some great men, and each class is composed of about 30 individuals. Our classroom is called Karalis and is often referred to as the Karalis class.
The classroom is shaped like a folding fan and built just like the college classes from my previous life, with desks placed at different heights depending on how deep inside they are. Most of the students seem to have already entered the class as their loud voices can be heard from the corridor.
However, when the three of us entered, it suddenly became quiet. No, rather, it was when I myself entered.

【”Ooh… it’s a pretty big room. Where should we sit, big sister?”】(Reus)
【”Anywhere is good. Sirius-sama, these seats are empty.”】(Emilia)

The moment the students quieted down, the two siblings completely disregarded them and headed to a set of seats.
Although the surrounding pupils are speaking in low voices, the whispers that reach my ears are all about myself being incompetent, not having an attribute and whatnot. That was probably leaked by the noble who passed the exam with me, but it would have been exposed sooner or later anyway so I don’t mind.
They also ask things like, what’s my social position, or why I came to the school, or how I can walk through the school without shame, there is seemingly no end to their questions. However, even though I’m personally not worrying about it, there is no way that would apply to Reus and Emilia.

【”Big brother, can I beat them up?”】(Reus)
【”May I make them understand what self-conceit is?”】(Emilia)
【”Hey hey, calm down. I don’t mind it so you don’t need to mind it either.”】(Sirius)

In the first place, why are those with a colorless attribute the only ones who get systematically belittled?Β  I mean, it’s not like they can’t use magic, they just have to tighten their chest and release it with a boom.
I sit on a properly vacant seat as, though still reluctant, the siblings sit down, next to me. Every time, they nonchalantly end up sandwiching me, with Reus on my right side, and Emilia on my left, it seems to be an absolute rule for the siblings.
As we sit down, the surrounding students also start sitting while having friendly chats, and soon, the prescribed number of students was there.

Judging from the humans to beastkins ratio, aren’t half of the pupils beastkins? And there aren’t many noble-ish people either, I wonder, is this class a gathering of the commoner students and the like?
The males and females are about fifty-fifty, too, and as they were waiting for the homeroom teacher with their chins in their hands, three boys came in front of us. To be more accurate, it was in front of Emilia, whom the boy in the middle came to address, with a smile.

【”Excuse me, the miss with the silver hair over there. May I know your name?”】(???)
【”What’s your business with my big sister?”】(Reus)
【”Shut up, beastkin! Mark-sama is speaking right now!”】(Annoying servant)

Although Reus quickly snarled at said person, he was roared at by a boy who appeared to be an attendant.
While pacifying Reus who was about to retort, I observed the three boys and they appear to be in about the same age group as the three of us. However, the red haired boy in the middle is good-looking and elegant, he’s probably some sort of noble. Although the red haired boy has some composure, the two servants behind him hold a completely condescending attitude towards us.

【”Calm down, if you’re going to be my servants, then have some dignity. So, miss, would you mind telling me your name?”】(Mark)

Emilia sought my approval, so I nodded, implying to her to do as she likes.

【”I am called Emilia. Excuse me, but, who are you?”】(Emilia)
【”Bastard! How dare you not know of Mark-sama, you insolent!”】(Annoying servant)
【”Behave yourself.Β  My name is Mark Hortia. I am the second son of the proud Hortia household, I’m one who’ll eventually become a prestigious noble.”】(Mark)

The boy, who introduced himself as Mark, bowed gracefully. Mhm, putting the servants aside, this boy appears to value manners. The aristocrats that I’ve met so far were mostly an arrogant bunch, guys like this one are quite rare.

【”So, what business does a person such as yourself have with me?”】(Emilia)
【”Emilia… what a lovely name. And then there is that sparkling silver hair, you’re simply beautiful. Would you like to become my servant?”】(Mark)
【”I refuse.”】(Emilia)
【”For the likes of you beastkins to receive an invitation from Mark-sama in person is… wait, what?”】(Annoying servants)
【”I’m telling you that I refuse.”】(Emilia)

Before the servants finished speaking, Emilia made an instant decision with a splendid business smile.

【”You’re getting carried away, huh. Mark-sama, let us make her understand her position here, even by force if it comes to it.”】(Servants)
【”Oh…. You two really need to shut up. I figured you wouldn’t be easy to reach, but may I hear your reasons?”】(Mark)
【”I already have someone whom I’ll serve for the rest of my life. That’s why I declined your offer.”】(Emilia)
【”Your master…. is he the one next to you?”】(Mark)
【”Yes, that’s right. He’s my master, Sirius-sama.”】(Emilia)

As Emilia called out to me with her hands clasped in reverence, Mark gave me a light bow while looking my way with probing eyes.

【”Are you her master? Forgive my rudeness, but I’d like to know which noble household you belong to.”】(Mark)
【”I’m not a noble.Β  She calls me master of her own will because she likes it.”】
【”Are you pretending to be her master even though you’re a commoner? Cut the crap, hurry and order this girl to offer herself to Mark-sama!”】(Annoying servant 1)
【”Wait, now that I think about it carefully, isn’t this guy the one with no attribute from the rumors?”】(Annoying servant 2)

At those words, the surroundings became noisy.Β  Even if the surrounding students wanted to ask me whether I’m the colorless guy from the rumors, they probably couldn’t bring themselves to do it since this is our first meeting. Surely this servant’s question must have been on all of the classroom’s students’ lips. And I know that all the ears and lines of sight in the classroom are gathering my way.

【”That’s right, I don’t know about any rumors, but I do have a colorless attribute, so what?”】(Sirius)
【”Hmph, Mark-sama is one who has already learned the γ€ŽFlame Lance』spell. Why would an incompetent like you, who’s not even at a beginner level, be in a place like this?!”】(Annoying servant 1)
【”He probably used bribes, right?Β  Wait, no, he doesn’t have that kind of money, does he?”】(Annoying servant 2)

Blood-thirst starts overflowing from both my sides, but the attendants in front of us don’t seem to notice at all. While pressing down the two siblings’ heads, I gave a look of disdain to the servants.

【”Leaving Mark-sama aside, I believe that you, his servants, have no right to speak.”】(Sirius)
【”What’s that, you bastard! We might be servants, but we’re still nobles, you know?”】(Annoying servant 1)
【”Being able to use the γ€ŽFlame Lance』spell isn’t a requirement for entering the school, besides, the one who can use it is your master, not any of you guys, right?”】(Sirius)
【”What’s wrong with attendants who speak of their master’s splendor? We are Mark-sama’s unconditional servants!”】(Annoying servant 2)
【”Unconditional servants? Is that the type of servants that don’t listen to their master’s orders? Mark-sama has been telling you to shut it for a while now….Β  right?”】(Sirius)

Unable to object my words, the two servants could only hatefully glare at me.

【”Enough, you two. As he says, let alone a servant, you don’t even seem to understand what an aristocrat is.”】(Mark)
【”But Mark-sama, we can’t keep silent and let a menial like this talk.”】(Mark’s attendant)
【”Even from my point of view, your attitude is awful, it’s only natural for him to get angry. Don’t forget that you only became my attendants because my father ordered it. Refrain from exposing your disgraceful behavior any further.”】(Mark)

As one would expect, being told so by their master, the two couldn’t say anything, and they reluctantly withdrew behind him.
Mhm, for him to judge his relatives impartially and even rebuke them, not only he’s polite, but he’s a man of integrity, as well. This time around, those guys’ way of talking was obviously to blame.

【”Sirius-kun, I deeply apologize for my attendants. I’m not trying to come up with excuses, but they became my servants just recently, so please overlook this.”】(Mark)
【”There is no problem. However, myself aside, you ought to be prudent because these two might not let go.”】(Sirius)

Since I had been stroking the siblings’ heads during the conversation, the two had already forgotten their anger and were happily wagging theirΒ  tails. It’s hard to believe that such a gentle-faced pair was letting out blood-thirst just a few seconds ago.

【”I’ll be careful. Well then, the teacher will be coming soon, so if you’ll excuse me, I must go.”】(Mark)
【”Are you already good with what happened with Emilia?”】(Sirius)
【”My pride won’t allow me to forcibly take a servant who already pledged their heart to a master. One day, I’ll become famous, if I can attract her more than you at that time, then allow me to invite her once again.”】(Mark)

Be it in his speech, his actions or his appearance, he’s quite the cool guy. While waving his robe like a mantle, he gracefully sits on a slightly remote seat, and his servants follow suit, sitting down next to him. Though said servants glared at me while taking their leave, it seems to me like they’re going to get a preaching after that. (Tln: He calls him an “Ikemen”)

【”I won’t be attracted by anyone other than Sirius-sama~”】(Emilia)
【”I’ll follow big brother too~”】(Reus)

Shit, I patted them too much and now they’re all flabby. For the time being, these aren’t expressions that can be shown in public, so I lightly tap their heads to reboot them. As I did that, the classroom’s door opened, and our homeroom teacher appeared.

【”It seems like everybody is present. I am Magna, the homeroom teacher of this class. I hope we’ll get along”】(Magna)

I had already seen him at the time of the examinations, but he was a brown haired man in his forties who was wearing a yellow striped mantle. Though not at the level of the school’s principal, he exuded an aura of experience, and he entered the classroom while releasing an overpowering air, giving the impression of being extremely skilled.

【”But enough about me for today, you’ll be associating with your classmates a lot so you should first introduce yourselves to them, don’t you agree? We’ll start with the cat beastkin over there, please give us your name, your race and a quick introduction of yourself.”】(Magna)
【”Y, yes!”】(Cat beastkin)

After that, the self introduction started in turns, one by one.
There were students of various races with various reasons for coming to the school, I was able to hear a wide variety ofΒ  stories from them, which was pretty interesting. And then, our turns came around.

【”I’m Reus. I am of the silver wolf tribe, and I’m the servant of Sirius-sama, who’s next to me. My specialty swordsmanship and my attribute is fire. I look forward to working with you.”】(Reus)

Though I was concerned about what he would say, he managed to come up with an acceptable introduction by using someone else’s as reference.
He looked like he was going to say: “I’m Sirius-sama’s servant, so if you make fun of him, I’ll kill you!” or something, I was pretty worried. A small applause rises up, he seems to be welcome to some extent. Next is my turn.

【”I am Sirius. I’m from the human race, and as you all know, my attribute is colorless. My future major is magic formation research and I wish to advance to the magic engineering field.”】(Sirius)

As I then bowed down to greet them, the surrounding pupils seemed troubled about how to react. At that point, Magna-sensei clapped his hands, gathering the attention of all the students.

【”I have something to add about him. I was one of the judges in his examination, so I was present when we decided that he has the appropriate abilities to enter the school. He can use beginner class magic, too, so I’d like you to please not judge him over his attribute.”】(Magna)

And then, with a stretch of his hand, he pressed the self introductions to continue. I’m thankful to him, but I’m attracting a lot of attention now which is kinda embarrassing. In any case, my introduction is now over, so it’s Emilia’s turn.
As she gracefully stood up and bowed with a smile, the surrounding students of both genders were charmed, unable to take their eyes from her. Her manners are splendid, as usual. She has received mother’s education so I can be at ease on that regard.

【”My name is Emilia. I have the wind attribute, and just like my brother, I am Sirius-sama’s servant. Everyone, please understand that both my body and soul are dedicated to Sirius-sama.”】(Emilia)

Did Emilia just drop a bomb?!
The surroundings entered in a noisy commotion, but she alone kept smiling while standing proud.
Why did she make such a statement? Oh, I see, she was surely creating a diversion. On top of not having an attribute, all the attention was focused on myself as well, therefore, she tried to reduce the burden on me. Such admirable loyalty. I really have a wonderful attendant.

【”Hehe….Β  I was able declare openly my belonging to Sirius-sama”】(Emilia)

I bloody knew it!
Well, rather than trying to keep up appearances, maybe it’s better for her to expose herself from the beginning so that fishy fellows won’t approach her…. maybe.
After that, there were no more bombshell statements from Emilia, and the self-introductions of the entire class concluded without a hitch. Then came break time, and as the teacher left the classroom, several boys and girls gathered at our location.

【”Say say, is it true that you don’t have an attribute?”】(Student to Sirius)
【”It must have been very hard to have no aptitude to any attribute, right? Just what kind of training did you go through?”】(Student to Sirius)
【”Your silver hair is so pretty, Emilia. Your skin is beautiful too, a a woman I’m so envious.”】(Student to Emilia)
【”Just what was that body and soul thing earlier?! Are you a slave?”】(Student to Emilia)
【”So you’re good with a sword? Let’s have a match at the next training.”】(Student to Reus)

There seems to be many kids with strong curiosity in this class, perhaps it’s because of the high number of commoners. As for the aristocrats and such, they were surrounding us at a distance and spectating as we were attracting all the attention, answering the flood of questions which were pouring in one after the other.
Apparently, my story goes like this: despite not having an attribute, I’ve put on some serious training, the kind that would make one bleed out, and I finally managed to enter the school with great efforts. Well, I suppose that’s not wrong since I did train until I bled.


Since today is the first day, we didn’t take any lessons, and we were done after Magna-sensei gave us some detailed explanations about the school’s curriculum and facilities. It will be a little longer before the evening bell rings, I guess? When the teacher exited the class, all the tension left the room, and each person started thinking while talking about what they would do about dinner.
By the way, though we eat breakfast and lunch at the school’s dining hall, when it comes to dinner, we’re relatively free as we can not only eat in the dining hall but also return to the school dormitory and cook for ourselves, we can even go out to town and eat there.

【”Sirius-sama, do you have any plans for today?”】(Emilia)
【”I do. Let’s see, I’m going to clean my room since I haven’t finished yet, and I’ll also improve some of my house’s facilities, I think?”】(Sirius)

My room and kitchen are no problem, however, I want to use a vacant room to build myself a bath, too, so I have a lot of things to do. Although I thought Emilia would naturally come along, she bowed her head apologetically.

【”I deeply apologize. I have to go back to my room for a moment to check my luggage and to see if Liz is there, so I think I will be a little late.”】(Emilia)
【”Don’t worry about it. Go at your pace, I’ll be going ahead with Reus, isn’t that right?”】(Sirius)
【”Sorry! Big brother!”】(Reus)

The moment I called out to him, Reus apologized and joined his hands in prayer as if crushing a mosquito with all his strength. Mhm, maybe that’s better than when he kneels down?

【”What is it, Reus?”】(Sirius)
【”Though I’d also like to go there right away, I’ve been invited by those guys and I couldn’t turn them down.”】(Reus)

Turning my gaze to a set of voices calling out to Reus, there were several beastkins holding wooden swords and waving their hands. Judging from the situation and Reus’ apology, it seems like he was challenged to a sham battle. What a good trend.

【”Well, interacting with people other than myself is also important for you. Don’t worry and go.”】(Sirius)
【”Got it, big brother. Give me a second to annihilate them and I’ll come right back!”】(Reus)
【”No, no need to rush, you can take your time. Also, remember to go easy on them”】(Sirius)
【”I understand!”】(Reus)

Do you really understand? After joining the beastkins, Reus goes out of the classroom while happily chatting. Emilia follows suit at a quick pace, too, and as I found myself alone and tried to go back home, I was called out to by Mark. His two servants appear to be absent, but so do mine.

【”You’re going back too, Sirius-kun?”】(Mark)
【”Mark-sama? Hmm, well, that is the case indeed.”】(Sirius)
【”Haha, I might be a noble but we’re on equal standings in this place, aren’t we?Β  I missed my chance to tell you earlier, but I’d appreciate it if you talked with me normally.”】(Mark)
【”I understand. By the way, Mark-sama, what happened to those servants?”】(Sirius)
【”There is no need for the “sama”, either. They seemed to have some urgent business and they went ahead of me. But they were extremely suspicious, so I think I’ll cross-question them later.”】(Mark)
【”I see you have it hard, too, Mark. I don’t mean to pry, but why would you have guys like them as attendants?”】(Sirius)

Though they call themselves unconditional servants, their words don’t match their actions at all. Why would he take along those self-important guys who look nothing like attendants?

【”They are nobles from our Hortia family but since their rank is fairly low, they try to curry my favor as I’m a heir second only to the first-born son. I made them my attendants, unwillingly, because I was told to do so by my parent.”】(Mark)
【”Hey hey, is it alright to tell story like that about your family members to a commoner like me?”】(Sirius)
【”I don’t care. Such ungraceful persons don’t deserve any consideration. I’ll be keeping an eye on them, but please inform me right away if something happens. I’ll deal with them accordingly.”】(Mark)
【”I see, I’ll do just that. Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”】(Sirius)
【”Yeah, see you tomorrow”】(Mark)

I guess I was able to become good friends with him. As I waved my hand in farewell, I stood up and begun walking to my home, the Diamond Manor.


There is some distance to the Diamond manor.
I might cover it in one go if I make a run for it, but the siblings are going to be delayed, so with there being no reason to hurry, I was walking at a leisurely pace.
Though I often end up by myself these days, I believe that those two have taken on a good habit. Soon after walking past the student dormitories with a slight sense of loneliness, I felt a sense of incongruity and came to a halt.

【”Stop right there, incompetent”】(???)

Two boy showed up from a tree off the road and stood in my way. After giving some thoughts about who they could possibly be, it came to me: aren’t they Mark’s two attendants?

【”What do you want?γ€€I’m heading home right now so…”】(Sirius)
【”We just have a little business with you. There is place where few people pass by over there, come along!”】(Attendant)

Wow….Β  on top of the amazing self-importance, he got quite the tone of command going.
What, what? Pulling me to a place where few people pass, is this money extortion? Even if you make me jump, you won’t hear any coins jingling, you know?

【”So troublesome…”】(Sirius)
【”Shut up, incompetent! Hurry and come!”】(Attendant)

Since they’re already getting kind of angry, I docilely follow behind the two for the time being.
The place we went to was enclosed by trees, but it had enough space for several people to move. Though it’s not that far from the road, I guess it’s not a place where people would come unless they think of taking a peek there.

【”So, what did we come here for?”】(Sirius)
【”That Mark bastard got mad at us because of you! Then he kept going on and on about attendants and about how nobles should act!”】(Attendant 1)
【”We are aristocrats! No matter how much higher in rank he is, we hate bowing our heads to that guy who’s our age!”】(Attendant 2)

Even if they tell me that, what do they want me to do about it? I did think that these guys’ clumsy acting was suspicious, but it turns out that the whole “outstanding servants” thing was an act, huh? Deep down, their hearts are filled with repulsion towards Mark.

【”Say this to the person himself. I’m not related, right?”】(Sirius)
【”You are. Order that beastkin to go from you to Mark!”】(Attendant 1)
【”It’s unusual for that guy to be interested in a beastkin. This is your chance to curry some favor despite being incompetent, don’t you agree?”】(Attendant 2)

I thought for sure that your goal was to simply hit me for revenge, but it was that kind of thing?Β  Still, I don’t feel like listening to your orders.

【”I refuse.Β  I don’t want to bend her choices for my own convenience.”】(Sirius)
【”Hmph, I’ll have you listen, even by force.”】(Attendant)

Two other people came from behind the trees, adding to the lot. Mhm, from their appearance, are these nobles of the same rank as the two attendants or are they just commoners who follow them? Their body builds are trained to some extent, they’re holding wooden swords in their hands, and they’re surrounding me with large numbers, but even so, they’re sneering without feeling guilty in the slightest, therefore, these guys must be of the same rank as the other two.

【”How about this, if you apologize immediately and promise to take that sub-human to that Mark bastard, we’ll let you go with only a beating.”】(Attendant)

Did you bastard call that child… a sub-human?

【”So, what will you….Β  wait, what are you doing?”】(Attendant)
【”Can’t you tell by looking? I’m warming up.”】(Sirius)

If they had threatened to force my hand from the beginning, I think I’d have striked first and incapacitated them without bothering to parley. I can tell that they don’t have any battle experience just by the fact that they’re watching idly as I’m warming up.

【”Hey, he’s not thinking of fighting us, is he?”】(Servant 1)
【”And all by himself, too? No, it’s just as one would expect from incompetents. They don’t think the way we do.”】(Servant 2)

The reason I didn’t want to make enemies out of nobles is that it always grows into various problems afterwards, but these fellows have already turned their backs on Mark, so even if I beat them up, it’s no big deal.

【”Well then, let’s go at it without holding back, shall we?”】(Sirius)

Looking at the men who expressed vulgar sneers, I calmly clenched my fist.

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