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World Teacher – Chapter 16

Remember Reus is a kid, and he sometimes talks in a weird immature way, I’m sure you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive him. (or not)
Also, I know we call a teacher “Sensei” in japanese, but nobody ever says that in the story despite what you might think, to say teacher they say “shishō” which is a little different. There is a reason for that, not anything really important but you’ll see.
By the way, I’ll put the author’s notes from now on since some people asked for them, you’ll find them at the end of the chapters and they’re usually really mundane, as the author said himself, and there rarely is any important stuff there but do check it out.

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Here is the chapter 16 of World Teacher, enjoy!

Wanting to say the truth

――― Reus ―――
My sister has been strange lately.

Even though I say strange, she’s still kind to me and she doesn’t really look different, however, I noticed that she keeps looking at that guy.

That guy…. Sirius, is the human who helped my sister and I.

Humans only bully us, they beat us with a sneer even if we cry to the them to stop, those detestable guys don’t even give us anything when we get hungry. However, that guy is different. He doesn’t sneeringly beat us, he gets us to eat a lot of delicious rice, and he immediately does something when we get an injury. Just like my dad —- Not!
Dad was way more kind. He would always watch over me, he knew everything, he was a strong and proud man who would scold me when I had done something bad. That’s actually pretty similar to that guy, he too knows a lot of things, and he gets awfully angry when I do something bad. Could it be that dad and that guy are exactly the same?

Why would sister look at such a guy? Whenever he does something, my sister praises him and blushes, but whenever I see her like that, something aches inside me.

However, I like his attendant, Elena-san, even though she’s a human.
She’s always smiling, gently patting my head, and she smells like mom when she hugs me. During studies, she’s severe but she praises me when I do well.

Big sister Noel is amusing and I like her too.
She’s very annoying but she’s fun to watch, and we often play together. I’m glad I was able to befriend another person similar to my older sister.

Big brother Dee is like an older brother and I like him too.
Though humans are a little scary, he’s an amazing person who makes a lot of delicious things. When I become hungry in the middle of the night, he quietly gives me some bread, he’s kind.

Being surrounded by the people I love, it feels like I’m back home.
Despite that, all those people I love say that that guy is nothing but amazing. And I think that he certainly is amazing. Even though he is globally similar to me, I’m never able to win a race against him despite never losing against anybody in the village. Dad used to say that silver-wolfkins have to respect strong opponents, but I hate that guy. I hate him though I don’t know why.
What’s with that? Not only my sister, even I am strange.

For the few days I came to live in this house with that guy’s help; I did nothing but running.
I wake up in the morning and I’m made to run, I eat breakfast and I’m made to run, I take a nap, I study and I’m made to run. My sister does it without complaining, but I became quite tired of it. Therefore I said that I wanted to change that, and he proposed to consider it if I’m able to win in a race against him. And so then, I ran hoping not to be defeated by that guy, but dammit I lost this time too. Damn, I won’t lose next time for sure. I’ll imitate that guy’s way of running and surprise him.

I eat a delicious lunch to then study. Still, today’s meal was tasty as well. It’s unpleasant that it was made by that guy, but I guess I admit that the meals he makes are good, mhm.

After that, I study Elena-san’s attendant education.
Although she’s smiling as usual, Elena-san looks very cool at the moment. She places plates yet she doesn’t make a sound, I wonder how she knows when to prepare the table without being told? Elena-san says that I’ll naturally come to be able to do it when I find a master I want to serve, but I’m a man, I don’t want to serve that guy.
However, my sister is working seriously, and, maybe because I want to show Elena-san that I can do good as well, I work with my utmost efforts. Moreover, Elena-san will praise me if I do well, so I try my best.

The following study is called arithmetic or something.
It’s a study where the answers to problems are found by adding and subtracting digits, I’m saying that, but It’s awfully difficult and gives me headaches. However, that guy said that I won’t be fooled by those dumb adults if I become able to do this, so I will.
After we answer some questions and consult books for a short while, that guy passes us real money to buy sweets as practice. Today’s sweet is big sister Noel’s beloved pudding. I might get it if I answer correctly, so I have to try my best.

【”Today’s one is difficult. One piece of pudding is 1 iron coin and 10 stone coins, if we buy 4 pieces with 1 copper coin, how much is the change?”】(Sirius)
【”Yes yees! It’s 5 iron coins and 10 stone coiiins! “】(Noel)

Big sister Noel, who suddenly came in, stuffed pudding into her mouth and was driven out. She’s energetic today as well, huh.

【”Forget that. What if one piece of pudding is 1 iron coin and 20 stone coins and we buy five?”】(Sirius)

Huh? Isn’t it a little different? At any rate, I ponder on it while looking at the money chart that that guy gave me. It’s written that 1 copper coin is 10 iron coins so….. hmmm?

【”Sirius-sama, how is this?”】(Emilia)
【”Good, that’s correct. I’ll give you the pudding.”】(Sirius)

As expected of my sister, she soon understands and writes down the right answer for that guy. Even if I personally don’t understand, my sister is what matters the most, however, I don’t want to lose to that fellow in such an unmanly way.

【”Though I’m also glad about the pudding, I want you to pat me”】(Emilia)
【”Good grief, here you go”】(Sirius)

It’s here again, that thing aching inside me. I wonder, why do I have such a feeling?

【”Reus. Calm down.”】(Elena)

I calmed down as Elena-san patted my head. That’s right, If I don’t answer and get the pudding soon, I won’t be able to eat with sister. Hmmm, since 1 iron coin is 50 stone coins then…….

【”…… the change is three iron coins!”】(Reus)
【”Correct. You were able to answer well without being confused by the stone coins.”】(Emilia)

At last, I was able to answer correctly after pondering on it for a while. Though I was able to get the pudding, I felt a little uncomfortable because that guy started patting my head. However, I don’t understand why but I don’t feel like brushing his hand away.

【”It’s delicious, right, Reus?”】(Noel)

Still, the pudding really is delicious.
As Big sister Noel says, delicious things are justice. (TLN: Yeah, I changed that, but this is better, trust me)

That day, I was not able to sleep for some reason.
I couldn’t sleep no matter how many times I closed my eyes, the insides of my chest made a “boom boom” sound, I didn’t become somnolent in the slightest, and my throat dried up too. I went out of the room so as not to wake up my sister who was sleeping in the same bed, and when I drank some water in the kitchen, the “boum boum” settled down a little. As I tried going back to my room, my attention suddenly shifted to the entrance-way and I felt like going out for some reason. Being still unsettled, I decide to go outside stealthily.(ED: Def used a big word there, somnolent, means to be drowsy, or tired.)(TLN: It’s not THAT big of a word, c’mon, though it is pretty big for a kid like Reus… whatever)

It was wonderfully bright when I went out. I think it’s because of the moon floating in the sky, shining brightly. Though I saw it several times when I was in the village, It looked especially beautiful today.

When I look at the moon, the “boom boom” strengthens, but I can’t take my eyes off.

My body is becoming hot…… my energy is boiling…….


What the…… Why?

Sister…… I…….


hate…… this…….

――― Sirius ―――

【”Reus looks weird”】(Emilia)

Said Emilia at night, having payed a visit to me in my room as I was about to lie down after reading.

【”Indeed, he certainly seemed weird during today’s training.”】(Sirius)

He usually runs so as not to be defeated by me without hiding his fighting instinct, but today, it felt like he wanted nothing but using up his power.

【”Something was off about him yesterday night, it felt like he was unusually agitated.”】(Emilia)
【”Did something happen at night? Please tell me what you remember.”】(Sirius)
【”Yes, last night, I saw Reus get out of his room, not being able to sleep. When I thought about looking for him after a while passed, he returned, but he lied down and hid under his blanket in a hurry.”】(Emilia)
【”That’s suspicious. And so?”】(Sirius)
【”He showed up this morning so I was very relieved, I even asked what happened, but It turned out to be no more than a trifling matter.”】(Emilia)
【”Is that so? I would have preferred you to report this within this morning if possible.”】(Sirius)
【”S-sorry. But Reus is very desperate so……”】(Emilia)

I guess it can’t be helped for them to be indulgent toward each other, they’re relatives after all. At any rate, she seems to feel anxious, so let us go on with the questioning.

【”Go call Elena and Reus. He might speak if it’s with Elena.”】(Sirius)

Having confirmed that Emilia went out of the room to call the two, I check back on Reus’ state once again.
Although his appetite was vigorous and he ate more than usual, that competitive guy suddenly put aside victory and defeat, and appeared to be frightened of something. Having thought of the cause behind Reus’ behavior, I instantly activated 【(Search)】.


Emilia flounced in the room with a tearful face. She’s gripping a slip of paper in her hands.

【”Reus…… Reus…… he went out of the house!”】(Emilia)

–We gathered in the living room.
It seems like when Emilia returned to her room at that time, she found this poorly written letter that had been left on her bed.

【(I have things to do so I’m leaving. Sirius-sama, please treat my elder sister well.)】(Reus’ letter)

That’s the content of the note which I showed the attendants to inquire on their opinions.

【”However, what’s with this suddenly? I think that he’s not the kind of fellow who would run away from training but….”】(Elena)
【”That’s right. That child didn’t have such a personality.”】(Noel)
【”I think so too.”】(Emilia)
【”So do I.”】(Sirius)

Everyone seems to understand that that fellow wouldn’t run away.
Next, I tried asking Emilia, who knows Reus best, but I was cut off as she was desperately crying while holding onto Noel’s shoulders.

【”Emilia, you’ll be able to cry afterwards so please endure it for now and tell me. Did Reus hate living here?”】(Sirius)
【”That’s….. impossible. Everyone’s kind treatment…… it’s so joyful …… for him to just run away….. that’s absolutely impossible!”】(Emilia)
【”Is that  so? Thank you. Then i guess there is another reason…… is it related to last night after all?”】(Sirius)
【”Did something happen last night?”】(Elena)
【”Ah yes, actually……”】(Sirius)

I tell them about Reus’ conduct that Emilia mentioned earlier, but in the end, none of them comprehends any of it and they’re all simply in wonder. As expected.

【”I have to hear him out directly, huh”】(Sirius)
【”Are you going to pick him up?”】(Emilia)
【”No, it’s useless to bring him back by force, so I’m only going to hear out his motives. I identified his location and he’s at a distance that I can catch up to by flying.”】(Sirius)

I already caught on Reus’ position with 【(Search)】. I don’t immediately go to pick him up out of respect for his independence. Though I do train disciples, If those disciples find other goals or dreams, I have as a principle to respect that. I wanted to raise Dee as a disciple in the past, but he said that he wants to become a cook so I can only root for him.
Therefore, I don’t intend to stop Reus either if he left voluntarily, however, for him to leave his sister Emilia without a word is going too far. I intend to, at least, hear his motives.

【”It’s already pitch dark and dangerous outside by this time. I’m the only one fit to go since I can fly.”】(Sirius)
【”Sirius-sama, the weapons.”】(Elena)

Elena has already geared me up, she equipped me with a belt with a knife and a sword attached to it. Although I don’t plan to fight, I still need to prepare properly. When Elena confirmed that the weapons were firmly fixed, Emilia stood in front of her and bowed down.

【”Please! Please take me along too!”】(Emilia)
【”Understood. Emilia, change to this”】(Elena)

She might have thought that she’d be rejected, but Emilia was dumbfounded as she received the top and lower clothes.

【”What is it? Hurry and go change your clothes.”】(Sirius)
【”Hu…… Hmm, Is it really alright?”】(Emilia)
【”It’s only natural, isn’t it? Isn’t he your younger brother? Even if you don’t understand his choices, you can’t consent to him making arbitrary decisions, right?”】(Sirius)
【”….Thank you– very much!”】(Emilia)

She bows down to me with watery eyes, but this is far from being over. I give a eye signal to Noel, asking her to pull Emilia and get done with changing her clothes.

【”Understood. Emi-chan, you’ll cry later so hurry and get dressed.”】(Sirius)

She retreats to her room, and while waiting for her to changes her clothes, I consult Elena and Dee.

【”We might get attacked by monsters, so I want you to prepare some medicines and such.”】(Sirius)
【”Please leave it to me. We’ll be waiting for the three of you to come home.”】(Elena)
【”I shall prepare something warm too.”】(Dee)
【”Please get in touch with me if something happens”】(Sirius)
【”【”Understood.”】”】(Elena & Dee)

Emilia came out as soon as I left the entrance hall. She’s wearing the clothes she was given, a thick, robust half coat and pair of trousers that adventurers wear and which are easy to move in.

【”Sorry to have kept you waiting.”】(Emilia)
【”It’s alright, let’s get going quick. Get on my back.”】(Sirius)
【”Y-Yes! Then, excuse me”】(Emilia)

As I turned my back to her and squatted down, Emilia got on it even though she was a little bewildered. For safety, I firmly fix her to me with 【(String)】. We get closer and Emilia gets thoroughly agitated.

【”Ahaah! Si-Sirius-sama?!”】(Emilia)
【”You’re safely fixed with magic so you don’t have to worry about falling. Then, everyone, we’re leaving.”】(Sirius)
【”【”【”Be safe.”】”】”】(Elena & Dee & Noel)

With the attendants’ voices on our backs, Emilia and I started flying in the sky.

【”Aren’t you scared?”】(Sirius)
【”I-I’m alright!”】(Emilia)

I restrained the speed and altitude more than usual, but flying over the night sky for the first time is likely to feel scary. Though there are arms circling my neck with a considerable force, my strengthened self can handle it.

【”At such times, you should look up. Here, try to watch the moon.”】(Sirius)

Emilia gets closer as she contemplates the moon and her arms loosen up. I continued flying silently for a while, and Emilia, who settled down, suddenly muttered.

【”I wonder if Reus…. is watching this moon too”】(Emilia)
【”Yeah. Wouldn’t he unexpectedly be watching the moon while sobbing lonesomely?”】(Sirius)
【”Hehe, that’s quite possible. Really…… what a foolish child”】(Emilia)
【”Right, he sure is foolish. I’ll give him a hard beating if his motives are foolish too”】(Sirius)
【”I’ll slap him on the cheek too”】(Emilia)
【”That’s the spirit. I’ll raise the speed a little”】(Sirius)

Though I checked with 【(Search)】, the reaction from Reus was stagnant. Given the possibility of him being in a situation where he can’t move, I kept increasing my flight speed which Emilia was getting accustomed to.
Relying on the reaction, we finally arrived at the lake where I had gathered the kelpie grass before.
There is no goblin staying there this time, I landed with relief due to the absence of any dangerous monsters in the surroundings. I unload Emilia from my back, and we start walking while looking for Reus.

【”Reuus! Where are you?!”】(Emilia)
【”There is no need to speak up”】(Sirius)

When letting out a loud voice in an area where monsters lurks, one might gather the monsters. Fortunately, there is no response from the environs, but superfluous actions should be avoided. Besides.

【”It’s alright, Reus is right there”】(Sirius)

I pointed ahead at the edge of the lake where there appeared the back figure of Reus who was sitting in cower. Emilia tried to approach the runaway Reus, however.

【”Don’t come!”】(Reus)

She was rejected by a threatening voice unfit to be used toward an elder sister. Confused by the abrupt action, Emilia unintentionally came to a halt.

【”Reus? What are you saying? You’re going home with big sister, right?”】(Emilia)
【”I said don’t come!”】(Reus)

The rejection doesn’t stop. But still, Emilia braces herself up and calls out to her younger brother.

【”What exactly is going on? Didn’t we say that we would work hard together? What’s the point if you do it alone, separated from everyone?!”】(Emilia)
【”I am alright now. I got physical strength by running, I gained knowledge by studying. I can manage by myself!”】(Reus)
【”Don’t joke around! That much wouldn’t make you become strong!”】(Emilia)
【”I did become strong! I…… I became strong!”】(Reus)

The conversation was at cross-purposes, so I decided to intervene given the waste of time that would result from letting the dispute go on like that. When I tapped Emilia’s shoulder, she turned around and looked up here while shedding tears.

【”I’m sorry, I’ll-I’ll persuade him immediately so-“】(Emilia)
【”Back off the conversation. I can’t let you unnerve each other so I’ll deal with this.”】(Sirius)

I approach Reus in the back of Emilia who steps back in sadness. Well now, why on earth did he run away from home?

【”Hey there, Reus. What are you doing in this kind of place?”】(Sirius)
【”…… It’s none of your concern.”】(Reus)
【”It is my concern. I am your guardian and teacher. Isn’t it natural for me to worry when my disciple runs away?”】(Sirius)
【”I don’t recall becoming your disciple!”】(Reus)
【”You became so the moment you were taught by me. Besides, I offered you meals and a bed, I deserve to be heard out, don’t you agree?”】(Sirius)
【”Silence, huh? Anyway, answer. Why did you leave the house? Leaving behind such a note isn’t going to justify it.”】(Sirius)
【”…… I’ve become stronger “】(Reus)
【”You became stronger with that amount of training? That’s a huge misunderstanding, don’t get overconfident.”】(Sirius)

With my provocative objection, Reus stood up, looked over his shoulder, and yelled.

【”I became stronger than you. Take my sister and go back home!”】(Reus)
【”Even though you lost today’s race too? You’re saying you became strong but those are just the empty words of some brat.”】(Sirius)
【”Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up!”】(Reus)(TLN: breaking bad, anyone?)

He struggles and kicks the ground in a child’s temper. Although his feelings were unstable from the start, they should have been somewhat eased thanks to Elena, it seems unlikely for those feeling to explode in just a single day.

【”You babble but you don’t understand so…… Look at this!”】(Reus)
【”-!? Reus…… this can’t be… right?”】(Emilia)

I looked back toward the sound of Emilia who sank down to the floor on the spot with an unbelieving face. When I returned my gaze to Reus once again, the silver of his hair that was reflecting the moonlight…… had turned to gold.

【”What is it?”】(Sirius)
【”That is… Reus is a curse child…”】(Emilia)

Though Emilia is despairing one her own, I don’t get the meaning at all. But Emilia’s reaction is too excessive for it to be some racial trait.

【”What’s that? Tell me if you know.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s… We, the silver wolf tribe, have what’s called a “curse child” as a descendant”】(Emilia)

A curse child? It’s my first time hearing the name and it doesn’t appear on Alberto’s travel diary either, but It certainly doesn’t sound good.

【”Ugh, grrrrAAAAAAH!”】(Reus)

A strange phenomenon started happening to Reus’ body. His short hair grew, his muscles bulged, his nose expanded, fur grew all over his body and Reus… transformed into a two-legged wolf. The clothes left on his body barely manage to save a vestige of Reus. Ooh, is this a werewolf?

【”The whole body of a curse child is transformed into a wolf. It is said that he will call upon calamity and misfortune…… in accordance to the law of the silver wolf tribe, he is to be…. disposed of..”】(Emilia)
【”Disposed of? What a disturbing story”】(Sirius)
【”Two years ago, one adult in my village suddenly became a curse child. That person was confused and began to act violently, and the moment he tried to attack us, my father…… killed him.”】(Emilia)(TLN: I’ll just assume it’s a male)
【”Was he killed before you guys’ eyes?”】(Sirius)

I think I understand Reus’ motives somehow.
He knows that he himself is a curse child, having seen the outcome of that before his eyes, he’s desperate from the thought of ending up the same too. However, he doesn’t want to die and he couldn’t stay with his sister so he ran away… or something like that?

【”Look, I am a curse child! A curse child that will get killed like that adult! I don’t want that so I’ll run away. Therefore, take my sister and go back home!”】(Reus)
【”Reus… that’s no good. You…. you can’t go”】(Emilia)
【”Sister… stay healthy, alright? I’m very strong in this form so I’m safe. I can live by myself so-“】(Reus)
【”You can’t… Reus. Don’t… don’t leave me alone…”】(Emilia)

Emilia also knows the laws of the silver wolf tribe, she understands Reus’ actions. He’s bound to the chain called “law”, there is no power in the voice of the suffering girl. Although in reality she probably wants to stop him and capture him by force, her feet don’t move and she just quietly sheds tears.
Her insides are wrapped in both helplessness and despair….

【”How foolish.”】(Sirius)

I laughed scornfully.

【”Eeeeh!? Si…rius-sama?”】(Emilia)
【”What’s that?! Try and say it again!”】(Reus)
【”I’ll say it any number of times. How foolish, for real, so foolish”】(Sirius)

Emilia got shocked by my words, Reus got furious but I ignored him and raised a finger.

【”Reus, let’s have a match. If you can win against me, you can go wherever you want. However, if I win, you’ll accept to comply with one thing I’ll say.”】(Sirius)
【”What? Didn’t you say that you’d let me do whatever I like if something happens? Yet now that I’m doing what I want, you’re stopping me, you liar!”】(Reus)
【”I don’t want to be called a liar by a fellow who’s lying himself. Besides, is “this” what you want to do? Hilarious”】(Sirius)

Though I certainly do respect a person’s own independence, that’s only if we’re able to consent to it mutually. Say that I become intimate with a woman I want to protect and she feels like separating, if that woman ever deceives my disciples, I’ll still stop her and beat her, even if she’s a woman.

【”You became strong, right? If you’re confident in winning, hurry and come at me”】(Sirius)

While inviting him with my hand, I remove the weapon belt where I equipped the knife and sword. I didn’t take my eyes off Reus who began to let out a wolf-like groan, audible enough to be heard by Emilia.

【”Listen Emilia!”】(Sirius)
【”-! Yes!”】(Emilia)
【”I’ll educate this guy now. Is that alright?”】(Sirius)
【”Please… do it”】(Emilia)

I throw the weapon belt toward her, and in an empty handed stance, I position my legs in an L shape and stretch out my arm.

【”Always, always that same self-important look. I’ll show you my strength!”】(Reus)

While glaring with his eyes, Reus, who became a werewolf, approached.

【”Eat thiiis!”】(Reus)

Reus’ right hand is thrust straight in a roundhouse punch, I decide to strike the fist aside…… but I hurriedly switch to avoiding it by twisting my body. When I notice the wind pressure of the fist passing through my right cheek, I drop my body to dodge and I immediately attack with a left hook.
Since his unprotected belly is visible before my eyes, I drive my fist toward it without hesitation…….

【”…… it doesn’t hurt!”】(Reus)

It wasn’t really effective it seems, he expressed a ferocious smile in rejection so I stepped back and took some distance…. This is more than expected.

【”Fast and strong too huh”】(Sirius)
【”How about that? I became strong, right?!”】(Reus)
【”You certainly did”】(Sirius)
【”I won’t allow you to apologize!”】(Reus)

Reus, who approaches once again, rushes in a raging flow. I avoid a right hook, evade a left uppercut with a turn of the neck, and, defending against a left front kick with both arms, I’m forced to retreat. Since I withdraw too much, my back bumps into a tree, and on account of the opportunity, Reus thrusts out a straight right punch, so I do a long jump on the side to avoid it. The moment his fist hit, the tree was broken with a loud snapping sound. What a destructive power for a mere five-years-old. Though I did parry him with my arms, they’re still numb.

【”What is it? Can you do nothing but dodge?!”】(Reus)
【”Say what you will”】(Sirius)

In a mid-range jump, he plunges down a drop-kick, so I shift half of my body aside to dodge and I counter by shoving my right fist to his stomach. However, it’s like hitting a hard wall, there is no damage or reaction.

【”Hahaha, It’s not painful at all! I became that strong!”】(Reus)

Though Reus outstretched his hand with a sneer in an attempt to catch me, I aimed at the moment when his hand came near and dealt a right kick on his flank to destroy his balance. Reus fell back several steps from the impact of the kick but then regained his balance as if nothing happened.

【”It’s not going to work! It’s my win so give up already!”】(Reus)

He greatly draws back his fist and strikes out with a telephone punch loaded with power and momentum. He’s transformed, so I leap away, because I’ll be done for if I simply block the fast and strong fist that is approaching. (TLN: Telephone punch: Get your fist near your nose, aim at the opponent and strike him, easy to see, hard to dodge if done right)


【”You fight like a child”】(Sirius)

A telephone punch is a punch that is struck straight in an easy to predict way.
I avoid that punch filled with opportunity, I step toward Reus’ bosom, and I seize him by the collar and pull him toward me while kicking his leg hard, making him trip up. Thereupon, Reus rotated three times in the air on the spot, from front to back, and defenselessly fell to the ground.

【”Ughhh!?… how!?”】(Reus)

It’s a technique that disorients the semicircular canals, done by rotating the opponent in a way he doesn’t expect. Though it’s very dangerous to do it on an amateur, I understand it enough to execute it to the extent that it, at most, paralyzes the sense of balance temporarily. Proof is that Reus couldn’t stand up, and, on his knees, he looked up here with a surprised expression.

【”No matter how fast and strong you are, don’t go thinking that understanding techniques is mere child’s play”】(Sirius)

I mean, beginning with an easy to avoid roundhouse strike, doing a dropkick without any feints, and finishing with a telephone punch? Is he taking the fight lightly? I wanted to hit him seriously so many times on the way.

【”D…. dammiiiit”】(Reus)

However, it’s not completely over yet, he stood up, though staggeringly, and went to take a strike on me. I acknowledge his guts and his recovery speed, but I’ll give a demerit for aiming at the head of a smaller target. I dodge with a mere neck movement, and I drive a fist in the pit of Reus’ stomach.

【”Aggh- uuugh!”】(Reus)

With the unexpected blow, Reus took two or three steps back, crouched, and threw up the contents of his stomach.
Although I guess he thought he could endure most of it, my attacks up until the one just now were done without 【(Boost)】. The purpose was to probe his defensive power, but since I already figured out its extent, I only hit him without crossing a line so as not to kill him.

【”Guuuh, aaaah……it-it’s just a fluke!”】(Reus)

You think there is such a thing as a fluke on a battleground? At any rate, the after-effects of the my strike subsided, I guess one ought to recover at once when receiving such an obvious and predictable frontal attack.
Or so I think but it’s baseless, and as a rotating right kick was aimed at my side, I dropped my body to evade it, therefore brushing away all the strength put in the turning foot. Furthermore, I instantly gripped Reus’ unsteady foot, and made him rotate several times before throwing him to the ground.

【”How about it, Reus? Can you really go live on your own with this kind of strength?”】(Sirius)
【”Not…. so fast. I still…… haven’t…… lost”】(Reus)

Reus’ fighting spirit has yet to wither, and, although staggeringly, he displays his rising fist. Oh, he went for a bunch of small attacks instead of a roundhouse this time, huh? Well done.
I avoid the consecutive small attacks, and, each time a roundhouse occasionally blends in, I strike a blow back. However, Reus keeps attacking without flinching. The more than 30 exchanges continued and, looking at Reus’ face, he was weeping while continuously striking his fists.

【”Why…. Why is it…… not hitting? Why…… won’t you fall?”】(Reus)
【”There is now way I’d fall with such child’s play”】(Sirius)
【”Fall down… let me win… let me go….”】(Reus)
【”Really? You want to go?”】(Sirius)
【”I want to go… I have… to go. A curse child… shouldn’t stay”】(Reus)

I swing a no longer filled with strength punch at his right cheek, making him fly, fall down and gouge out the ground. While spilling blood from bitting his mouth’s inside with his teeth, Reus stands up, but that’s all he does. I approach the direction of the unmoving Reus, and when I find myself before him, I look into the eyes of the child who’s frightened of himself.

【”I’ll ask again. Do you really want to part from us?”】(Sirius)
【”That’s… right. If I don’t… my sister… my sister will become unhappy!”】(Reus)

He hits me with a punch that squeezes out his last ounce of strength, I catch the front blow with one hand, and I grab Reus’ collar.

【”Reus, look at me”】(Sirius)
【”… What is iiit?”】(Reus)

I pull him up to me, and I’m reflected in the wolf’s sharp eyes.

【”What am I? Do I look like a silver-wolfkin to you?”】(Sirius)
【”That’s right, I’m a human. Therefore, I don’t know about your curse child thing, and I don’t care. As long as I’m concerned, you’re just a normal child who can turn into a wolf. Rather, It’ll be my pleasure you to raise you because you’ll become pretty strong”】(Sirius)
【”huh….. ah?”】(Reus)
【”The laws of the silver-wolfkins? Such nonsense! Those laws are unrelated to you, my disciple. Even so, if someone foolishly musters a complaint, I’ll give him a beating.”】(Sirius)
【”I… am your disciple?”】(Reus)
【”Emilia, come!”】(Sirius)

I called Emilia who was watching in a daze, pointed out Reus to her and asked.

【”What do you want to do? Do you want to kill the curse child by the laws of the silver-wolf tribe?”】(Sirius)

Although Reus trembled at the word “kill”, Emilia confusedly shook her head.

【”Then, do you want to separate and forget about him? What do you want to do? Speak your thoughts!”】(Sirius)
【”I… I… no. Be it killing Reus, or separating from him, I don’t want any of it! If I can be with Reus, then it’ll be alright no matter the law!”】(Emilia)

Emilia cried out her thoughts and broke the chain called “law”. I look into Reus’ eyes once again.

【”It’s just as you heard, neither your sister nor I cares about this curse child thing. Well, I’ll ask again. Do you want to go away?”】(Sirius)

Though I don’t understand the principle behind it, his body changed, appearing to be winding back, and the transformation was undone. Reus’ face, which returned to its origin, is covered with tears and mucus, I think the siblings’ messy faces are completely alike. As his messy face distorted even further, he shed tears like they were pouring off a sink and shouted.

【”No… No no no! I don’t want to be alone! I don’t want to be lonely! I don’t want to be separated from my sister! I want Elena-san to pat me more! I want to play more with big sister Noel! I want to eat more of big brother Dee’s meals! I don’t want to go-! I want to…. go back home….”】(Reus)

Crying and shouting, Reus spit out his real intentions which he had desperately hidden.
And that’s good. Because he’s a child, he should say what he wants to say without restraint. After all, he has a lot to say precisely because he’s a child.

When I handed over Reus to Emilia who came near, she embraced him closely without worrying about his dirtied body.

【”Reus…… I’m relieved…… Reus”】(Emilia)
【”Sister…… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”】(Reus)

And, on the backs of the siblings hugging each other while shedding tears, I retrieve and equip my weapon belt as I recall that I put it on.

【”Reus, come to think of it, we said that you’d comply with one thing I say if I win the match, right?”】(Sirius)

It’s certainly my victory no matter how anyone looks at it. Though he shivers to my words, a match is a match. Let’s assume that I am allowed to order him without any mercy.

【”Sirius-sama, I’ll do it on his stead. Therefore, about Reus…”】(Emilia)
【”Sister, you can’t”】(Reus)
【”That’s right. It’s our match so it’s wrong for you to meld in, Emilia. Reus, hear me well.”】(Sirius)

I looked into his face, and ordered him while rising a smile.

【”Go back home”】(Sirius)
【”…. yes”】(Reus)

Thinking back upon it now that it’s over, I’m ashamed to have acted so violently.

However, I returned Reus home properly as I was asked to, so, all is well that ends well.

And being somewhat reckless as a child isn’t a problem, right?

Thus, the turmoil from Reus’ absconding came to an end. (ED: Another big word, this one means “the acting of running away.”.)(TLN:Yeah, well, I couldn’t think of anything more simple, sorry ><)

Author’s note:

Small thoughts:
Alhough I think they’re a little mundane, I’ll try to put some of my various thoughts as an author.
I want to say “Aaah youth…”, but they are six and five years old, so they don’t really fit with “youth”.

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