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World teacher – chapter 9

Edit: This is the new version of chapter 9 which differs greatly from the original one, you should check it out

Chapter 9 of world teacher, here it is and it’s pretty late, well, sorry about that but I was way busier than expected these last few days, I couldn’t really help it and this chapter was really hard to translate, even harder than chapter 7 (screw you chapter 7) ’cause there is a shit load of talking (I’m pretty bad at translating that) and I had to reread the whole thing every five lines to know who is talking to who, what mistakes I made etc..

Btw, I’d like to thank GuestNumber4 (Kai) who helped me with the translation by the end of the chapter, he’ll be helping me from now on.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter ’cause I sure did, also, as always, if you see any mistakes, please report them in the comments, I’m still new to this and I know my chapters aren’t perfect but I’d be glad to make them better with your help.


【 “Here we go!”】(Sirius) (TLN: In the novel, he made a reference to some very old gameboy game here by saying “hai dash”!)
【 “Wait, you’ll get caught if you carry me like that. Don’t mind me and just escape! “】(Elf)
【 “Even if you say that, it just makes me want to help you even more. Besides, you’re a very light onee-san so it’s alright.”】(Sirius)

I’m strengthened by my【(Boost)】spell so I don’t have any trouble but, I was serious when I said that she’s very light.

And her body is really soft as well, which is a good thing but, does she even have any muscles? On the other hand, she’s good at handling a knife, I guess these strange differences are related to her race.

I keep escaping while enjoying the softness of the elven lady but, the bandits are still following us as I expected them to.

【 “Wait you bastard! “】(Bandit 1)
【 “You’re just a fuckin’ brat, I’ll catch and paralyze you!”】(Bandit 2)
【 “Hey, don’t go thinking that you can escape from us while carrying that burden!”】(Bandit 3)

They yell at me in a loud voice as I’m running, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I keep a perfect distance between us, not too close to them but not too far either.

I could outrun them if I feel like it but right now, I really want to take care of these bastards. I also can easily get rid of them by shooting them with an invisible mana bullet using my gun magic, but Elf-san is watching. It would be too troublesome to explain their deaths so I’ll have to get by without dirtying my hands this time.

Though the bandits are following us closely, they are running in a clumsy way which means that the poison started taking effect. After confirming my location, I slowly stop running.

【 “Ha…ha… you finally reached your limit.”】(Bandit 1)
【 “Bastard… haa…since we’re in a hurry, we’ll finish you off quickly.”】(Bandit 2)
【 “It doesn’t matter how much you beg… haa… we won’t forgive you.”】(Bandit 3)

They’re exhausted no matter how you look at them.

But they can only blame themselves, stamina is above everything else, they should have trained more. Well, I guess it can’t be helped this time since they’re poisoned.

【 “I see, you ran away to buy some time for the poison to take effect.”】(Elf)
【 “You’re half-right, I guess? More importantly onee-san, we’re going to fly so try not to bite your tongue.”】(Sirius)
【 “Fly? What do you mean?”】(Elf)
【 “Alright, ready, set…”】(Sirius)

As I use【(Air step)】and fly to the sky, an enormous thing butts in while crushing all the trees in its way.

That thing is a huge two-meters tall four armed bear, it doesn’t really look like a regular bear because of its abnormally big nose though. When I used my【(Search)】spell earlier, I sensed it lurking around in the forest, I ran away to draw the bandits toward it. It should be all right to leave the rest to the bear. Besides.

【 “Ah! It’s a gi-gigabear!”】(Bandit 2)
【 “Le-let’s esca… -pe? My body?!”】(Bandit 1)
【 “Hey! There is another one over here!”】(Bandit 3)
【 “Help me! I can’t move!”】(Bandit 2)
【 “Did we enter in their territory?! God dammit!”】(Bandit 1)

There was not only one but various reactions. And by now, the paralysis should be slowly taking effect as well, it’s a truly desperate situation for them.

May the five of you have a safe trip to hell. If you reincarnate, try to become honest people next time.

With death-agony sounds echoing in my back, I leave the place while holding elf-san.

After safely rescuing Elf-san, I start looking for a watering-place as I hold the girl.

I have to give her the antidote and if I don’t treat her wound soon, it will leave a scar. It would be a shame for a scar to be left on that smooth pure white skin.

But the girl is… strangely quiet.

However, I think that normally, one wouldn’t be this calm after being saved by a child who then flew into the sky.

【 “…Say, we’re flying right now, right?”】(Elf)
【 “That’s right. You’re scared? You want me to land?”】(Sirius)
【 “Not at all, It’s amazing, amazing! Flying over the sky is so pleasant!”】(Elf)

I guess I was wrong, she’s actually trembling with excitement isn’t she? But she’s unexpectedly tough. She just went through that whole situation, yet right now, she’s in high spirits like a child over the sky’s comfort. Even though her beauty makes her hard to talk to, when she shows this kind of face, I can’t help myself but feel close to her.

【 “Yeah… I’m alright. Never mind that, you guys get to enjoy this feeling all the time, I’m so jealous.”】(Elf)

As I ponder while holding her, she suddenly starts talking toward empty space. Is she receiving an elf’s radio wave or something like that?

Hmm… a radio wave?

Now that I think about it, I’m having that discomforting feeling from earlier again. But it’s invisible, it’s the movement of some kind of no-chanting magic.

Could it be that she…….

【 “O-oh, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away. By the way, where are we going?”】(Elf)
【 “It’s about time to land now.”】(Sirius)

Just as she questions me as if to hide her embarrassment, I find a flowing river that crosses the forest. Since I don’t detect any enemy with my【(Search)】spell, I go down directly. Even If an enemy does come, I should be able to find out because the river’s surroundings are covered with white gravel and small rocks so I have a good view around me. I let Elf-san sit down on a rock and I take out the antidote from my backpack.

【 “This is the antidote. Think you can drink it by yourself?”】(Sirius)
【 “My numbness didn’t go away yet. Please help me if you don’t mind.”】(Elf)(TLN: Apparently, numbness is a thing, but the word still seems weird to me)

(EDN: You know that feeling when you look at a word too long, and it starts to look strange; like a pyramid.)


She entrusts herself to me as if to say that I can do whatever I want. I take the antidote to elf-san’s lips in response to her expectations. It feels strangely hot unlike when I did it to Elena-san. I feel like I’m doing something forbidden for some reason. Does the fact that I can’t feel any lust at all because of my age even help?

【 “…Few. My body is getting hot.”】(Elf)
【 “That means that your senses are coming back. I have to treat your wound fast before the paralysis disappears completely.”】(Sirius)

I untie the towel I wrapped around her injury earlier and I confirm the state of the cut, it’s still open but it’s not bleeding anymore. I wash the towel in the river and I use it to wipe the coagulated blood around the wound. Though it would normally be pretty painful, there should be no pain thanks to the paralysis.

【 “I’m going to put my hand on your wound for a little while so please be patient.”】(Sirius)
【 “You can use healing magic?”】(Elf)
【 “Well, it’s a healing method indeed but it’s slightly different, I guess?”】(Sirius)

There is a spell that heals injuries in this world. It’s a spell of the water attribute magic, it works by covering the wound with magic water that has healing properties. Though I tried to learn it, I ended up giving up because my compatibility was very bad; however, I can use something similar.

I press my hand on the wound, I concentrate some mana, and I pour it in Elf-san’s body. We both stay silent for a while, but she notices something and starts looking embarrassed.

【 “Ah…  oh god, I made you help me that much and I still didn’t thank you yet.”】(Elf)
【 “Well, you’re right. But I did it all on my own accord.”】(Sirius)
【 “That doesn’t justify my behavior. It’s only natural for me to thank you since you’re my savior. But before that, can you tell me your name please?”】(Elf)
【 “It’s Sirius. Don’t you normally give your name after asking for someone else’s?”】(Sirius)
【 “I’m sorry, it’s common courtesy among us elves as well. My name is Shemifia Aramis.

Sirius-kun, you saved me. Thank you.”】(Shemifia)

A smile, she thanks me with a face beaming with a big smile. It’s very pleasant when it comes from such a beautiful woman. Thanks for the treat.

【 “Ah well, we’re both safe so it’s fine Shimifia-san… can I call you that?”】(Sirius)
【 “Just call me Fia since I’ll be calling you Sirius. By the way, what are you Sirius?”】(Fia)

She is quite  the aggressive young lady. (EDN: In the good way ;D)

No, the elf race seems to have a very long lifespan, she might be older than I was in my previous life so I can’t really call her a young lady, now can I?

【 “What? Can’t you tell by looking?”】(Sirius)
【 “Yeah, you do look like you’re a child from the human race. However, even if you look normal in the front, you led five adults by the nose and used some unique magic never seen before. I traveled to many places but I’ve never seen a human like you.”】(Fia)

As Fia says, I’m a nonstandard from other people’s perspective. And I even have the appearance of a five years old on top of that.

But no matter what anyone says, I’m just a human. I only happened to reincarnate with the memories of my previous life, but I wasn’t blessed with any special ability. This strength is the fruit of my own labor during my daily training. Even my magic is the result of the methods I made up myself.

【 “Even if you say so, I’m a genuine member of the human race. I’m a child and I’m still five years old.”】(Sirius)
【 “Five years old? You do look like it but it seems very unlikely for a five years old to be able to use those movements.”】(Fia)
【 “Well, it’s because of various circumstances. It’s hard to explain so I don’t really know what to say.”】(Sirius)

Well… I just reincarnated and kept my previous memories really.

As I start having a slightly distant look, Fia misunderstands and begins to panic.

【 “I-I’m sorry. I reminded you of something unpleasant.”】(Fia)
【 “Ah, no, you didn’t. Anyway, I’m just a normal human being, I got this strength as a result of a daily training. The possibilities of humans are infinite.”】(Sirius)
【 “I don’t think so, but I feel like I can understand that when I look at you. You’d put adults to shame, wouldn’t you?”】(Fia)
【 “I’ll take the compliment.”】(Sirius)
【 “Please do. But, why did a human like you go out of his way to help me? Those guys weren’t amateurs. You would have been killed if you had failed.”】(Fia)
【 “Maybe because I thought that my chances of success were high enough?”】(Sirius)
【 “Still, humans consider the elf race’s members as pretty rare. Therefore, they try to capture us by using any cold-hearted means they can just like the bandits a little while ago. Well, you’re a human too but I know that you’re not like that.”】(Fia)

Why did I help her?

I decided to help her only after the moment I saw everybody. I didn’t do it for a humanitarian reason. I most likely wouldn’t have helped if it was one of the five guys in Fia’s position.

In this world, the weak are meat and the strong do eat. Those guys obviously tried to capture Fia with gold and lust in mind, and I wanted to satisfy my own desires. I’m the same when you think about it. (TLN: Spot the reference)

【 “I just wanted to get to know you because of the rarity of your race… I guess? Also, because you’re a beautiful woman.”】(Sirius)

The fact that she’s beautiful had a lot to do with it.

Though I said that seriously, Fia starts to laugh out loud with a dumbfounded look.

【 “Ha, ahahahaha, you want to get to know me because I’m pretty? It’s my first time seeing someone revealing his ulterior motives so casually.”】(Fia)
【 “Well, that’s because I’m a man. Is there a problem with answering this honestly?”】(Sirius)
【 “Hehe, yes there is, but it feels pretty good to be called a beautiful woman so it’s all right. Say, can I meet you after?”】(Fia)
【 “Oh, what do you mean?”】(Sirius)
【 “Well, I mean, let’s be friends. No, rather, please be my friend.”】(Fia)

I give her a firm handshake with my free hand. At last, I was able to make an acquaintance other than Elena & co.

Moreover, she is a beautiful elven woman, that’s a good start and a good omen for the future.

【 “hmm, I wonder if my numbness has disappeared… Hey, Sirius, it’s good of you to try to cure my wound but, this is the consequence of my own mistake, so you don’t need to take care of it.”】(Fia)
【 “It’s all right, I think I’ll be done soon.”】(Sirius)

When I remove the hand that I was pressing until now, the wound that was under it disappeared completely as if it was never there. Fia starts touching in admiration the place where the wound used to be.

【 “This is amazing and I almost couldn’t feel the mana. It’s my first time seeing chant-less recovery magic.”】(Fia)
【 “It’s not recovery magic. Since I don’t have any attribute, my compatibility with the water attribute is pretty bad.”】(Sirius)
【 “What? You don’t have an attribute? You’re joking right?”】(Fia)

What I do is pouring my mana in the other party to stimulate hers, then I just have to activate the person’s self-regeneration. I actually came up with this to cure my own injuries but it’s also possible to use it on others. It’s cheap and I call it the regeneration spell.

It takes some time unlike the magic recovery with water, and since it demands to stimulate the other party’s mana, a precise control of mana is necessary. However, it’s the only type of recovery I can use. It’s pretty bad and not natural.

And, as I expected, she’s surprised to hear that I don’t have an attribute. The elves have the same opinion on that, don’t they?

【 “Haven’t you been flying in the sky? I figured that you were from the wind attribute and that you flew by using a wind spell.”】(Fia)
【 “Well, I don’t really fly, I just run by using mana. Moreover, you were using the wind attribute as well when you used those magic spirits, right?”】(Sirius)
【 “… How did you find out that I can use magic spirits?”】(Fia)

Her face takes a form similar to a Noh mask. Did I screw up?

No, I think I should be honest with her. I start talking without minding her.

【 “Perhaps it was because the wind spell you used against those men was too strong when compared to the amount of mana you used? When you did that, I started to feel something odd around you.”】(Sirius)

The wind spell she used against those thugs was a misfire but, from what I sensed, she only used a handful of mana. If her mana wasn’t obstructed by the poison, the bandits would have been blown away, as she said it herself.

And when I touched Fia, I confirmed that the discomforting feeling doesn’t come from her but, it’s whirling around in her surroundings. I believe that that discomfort comes from a spirit and if that’s the case, then it’s most likely a wind spirit.

Fia, with a serious face, answers to my explanation.

【”Sirius, can you see the spirits?”】(Fia)
【”No, I can’t see them. But since I felt something weird around you, I just figured that it was because of spirits.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s right. Is it your first time seeing spirit magic?”】(Fia)
【”Yes, it’s a first for me. However, it’s…”】(Sirius)

The spirit magic is way overpowered, just like my gun magic. Though it was written that it’s strong in the documents I checked, after seeing the real thing, I think it’s above that. At any rate, with a small amount of mana,  she can call forth spirits to make something like a storm. I have a hunch that if she gets serious, she could make a natural disaster at the level of a tornado.

【 “I misfired it but, it was great right? That’s why I try to hide it since my tribe would make me use it even by force if it’s found out.”】(Fia)

Certainly, if it’s that power, it’s perfect to use as a weapon

Under normal circumstances, elves always try to be peaceful but, if they find out about the spirit magic, they might unexpectedly turn to the offensive.

【 “To call the spirits, I only have to use some of my mana, but the spirits go overboard if I give way to my feelings. Because it’s like that, I have to constantly handle my emotions.”】(Fia)

She talks with a smile, yet it looks forced, even though she’s trying to hide it. She probably goes through a lot of hardships because of that power. It’s a pain that only those who have a power too strong can understand….. Too strong, huh?

【 “Oh, come on… this is my issue, so you don’t have to make that kind of face, Sirius.”】(Fia)
【 “No, I don’t understand this spirit business, but I can understand when it comes to hiding power.”】(Sirius)

That’s right, this has got to be fate. I’ll make this girl who’s suffering by herself understand that she’s not alone.

As I’m about to show my magic to Fia, who’s questioningly tilting her neck, I notice some sort of huge body drawing near.

【”…Something is approaching.”】(Sirius)
【”Eeh…..Ah! Well, my spirits certainly are agitated. Wait, what’s that?!”】(Fia)

Turning my eyes up to the sky, I see a huge thing flying. It’s a big animal with a lizard’s body and wings growing on its back, a demon said to be a dragon subspecies in books.

【”A wyvern, huh. But I see only one, did it stray from its flock?”】(Sirius)
【”Let’s hide and calmly observe it. It would be troublesome if it targets us.”】(Fia)
【”Too late. It seems like it already caught sight of us.”】(Sirius)

While letting out a high-pitched roar, the wyvern comes straight toward here.

I think It’s probably three times as big as me, and its solidity is even greater according to books.

【”It’s like a young dragon, isn’t it? Even so, it’s quite big.”】(Sirius)
【”Oh for crying out loud! I guess it can’t be helped, for now, hold on a litt-“】(Fia) (TLN:If you didn’t get it, she’s angry since he’s being carefree)

Fia tries to release a spell while holding steady, but she seems to be unable to concentrate her mana, probably because the poison didn’t wear out yet. I pat the shoulder of the girl sweating from her forehead in order to reassure her, and I walk out to the front to protect her.

【”Come back Sirius. I can’t kill it, but I can at least drive it away.”】(Fia)
【”It’s alright. Please leave it to me from here.”】(Sirius)

The Wyvern is now approaching imminently. Locating its prey, the wyvern dives down to attack, and aiming at it, I point my index finger.

【”Are you paying attention, Fia? Your spirit magic isn’t the only powerful one. I’ll show it to you.”】(Sirius)
【”Wait, what are you say-…”】(Fia)

From my fingertip, I fire the mana bullet that I have fired many times over the past few years to increase my accuracy.

I picture the fired bullet exploding upon the 【(Impact)】’s collision, so it instantly goes through the Wyvern’s eye and releases a shock wave in its brain, making its head explode.

Naturally, the Wyvern doesn’t survive, it keeps gliding with the momentum of its nose-dive and it passes beside us to then fall on the ground.

Fia looks dumbfoundedly at the Wyvern that was annihilated in only an instant, but she recovers after a short time and slowly turns her face to my direction.

【”Just now…. what was that? What the heck did you do?”】(Fia)
【”This is one of the original spells I can use. It’s strong as you can see, but what do you think of it, Fia?”】(Sirius)
【 “I have no words. It doesn’t have a chant, and yet it fires a magic this powerful…”】(Fia)
【 “As I thought, it’s amazing even from your point of view. The spell just now, can you not tell anyone about it?”】(Sirius)
【 “I-It’s not like I intend to do that, but, why? Using this magic would get you a huge amount of invitations from nobles and royalty… ah?!”】(Fia)
【 “It’s saddening that so many people are likely to exploit children, isn’t it? Look, we’re the same, Fia.”】(Sirius)

Fia isn’t the only one who’s hiding her powers. In short, we shared each other’s secrets.

【”I see… mhm. Then, since you didn’t pry earlier, I won’t pry either.”】(Fia)
【”Got it.”】(Sirius)

That’s how it is… Fia and I are friends with the same secret.
The girl realizes my intentions and this time she turns a genuine smile towards me.

While waiting for Fia’s recovery, I check the body of the Wyvern. Since its head exploded and scattered blood, I need to finish taking care of it before demons gather.
And, as I examine the parts likely to sell, Fia, who’s now able to walk, looks up at the Wyvern while humming.

【”But still…… It’s really amazing~. You defeated the Wyvern just by pointing your finger at it.”】(Fia)
【”I’m not that good, I just aimed at a soft part. Because the eyes are not covered by scales, as one would expect.”】(Sirius)
【”Just being able to aim at such a small part is plenty enough in itself. Putting that aside, what are you doing?”】(Fia)

Although it’s not that big or solid, it’s still said to be a dragon kind, isn’t it? I’m trying to tear off the raw materials on it, but let alone the scales, my blade can’t even cut through the wings’ patagium.

【”I want this patagium, but this knife is no good. It’s solid and flexible, so I want to take it somehow but…”】(Sirius)
【”Ah, it’s certainly impossible with this small knife. Take this, I’ll lend it to you.”】(Fia)

Fia throws and hands me a completely green shining knife. I’ve seen my share of knives in my previous life, but it’s my first time seeing a knife that looks so beautiful and so superior in practical utility.
I feel it would be sacrilegious to use this piece of art, but since Fia says “Go ahead” and shows me a smile, I accept and use it without reserve.

【”Oh… This is amazing”】(Sirius)
【”It’s light and strong since it’s a knife made of mithril metal which easily conducts mana.”】(Fia)

By just lightly stroking the surface, I easily cut the patagium without even damaging it. I keep cutting it while astonished by the sharpness and, having finished securing it, I part from the Wyvern in a satisfied mood.

【”Well, thank you for lending me this amazing knife. I finished easily thanks to it.”】(Fia)
【”It’s not like this amount isn’t enough, but is this alright? You didn’t tear off the other parts like the scales and such.”】(Fia)
【”My luggage is full just from the patagium. If I get any more greedy, it will hinder my mouvements in the sky.”】(Sirius)

If the patagium is this strong and solid, then it can be used for various tasks. As I carry the folded patagium, Fia stares at me with a strange expression. (TLN: Liberties here but the original sounded too weird in English)

【”This isn’t greedy. If it was the adventurers I’ve seen, they’d tear off every part to the bone and sell it. Especially since the Wyvern is a dragon kind and therefore sells for a high price. “】(Fia)

Though it would become profitable when sold, It’d be troublesome if the source of the material is suspected since I’d have Dee sell it. Even so, I deceitfully pick up a few useful looking scales and secure them.

【”My situation is troublesome in various ways, so I can’t sell the material easily. Knowing that, you’re sure you don’t need it, Fia?”】(Sirius)
【”I’m on my way back to my hometown, you know. Even if I take it home, it’s not like I can sell it, therefore I don’t need it.”】(Fia)
【”Then, let’s leave it behind. That aside, how are you feeling?”】(Sirius)

While floating a smile, Fia hops up, puts her hand on my head and pats me. Mhm… being patted by a beauty isn’t too bad.

【”Though I’m still a little numb, it shouldn’t be a problem if it’s just a question of moving. Thanks to you.”】(Fia)
【”Then, let’s move soon, shall we? The Wyvern’s corpse might gather monsters.”】(Sirius)
【”Yeah. Then, I’m in your care.”】(Fia)

Fia comes toward me approvingly while smiling. This was my intention from the beginning, but I surely didn’t think that it would be requested by the other party.

【”It can’t be helped. Then, I’ll carry you.”】(Sirius)
【”Hehe, thank you. Ah, please don’t misunderstand though, I’m only entrusting my body because it’s you, Sirius. Any other man is no good.”】(Fia)
【”I am honored to be trusted that much. Well, shall we go, my lady?”】(Sirius)
【”Yes, go!”】(Fia)

Holding Fia in a princess cadle once again, I kick the air and run in the sky. My destination is Fia’s hometown, I’m going there because it doesn’t seem far from here
And so, Fia and I keep cheerfully running in the sky while chatting.

【”In our elf village, it’s a tradition to travel to the outside world when you attain a certain age. I also came to that time several years ago and I kept going around the world from then onwards.”】(Fia)
【”What a coincidence, I plan to travel the world when I grow up as well.”】(Sirius)
【”Oooh, that’s no good. I walked into a lot of problems and various hardships, even though the journey was really fun.”】(Fia)

Though I heard that elves are an unsociable species which rarely goes out of the forest, I don’t feel a tiny bit of that atmosphere from Fia who’s wholeheartedly and happily laughing.

【”You seem somewhat different from the elves I’ve seen in books, Fia.”】(Sirius)
【”Well, even if I say so myself, I’m an eccentric among elves. Ordinary elves don’t try to go out and shut themselves in the forest, they also have a high pride for some reason, but I’m the opposite. I wanted to know the outside world and I joyfully rushed out to the outside when I attained the age of the tradition.”】(Fia)
【”Haha, I don’t hate this kind of personality”】(Sirius)
【”Hehe, that’s good. Thereupon, I enjoyed my journey, but I had to return to my hometown after ten years. And as I was reluctantly going back, I got attacked.”】(Fia)
【”And those guys somehow managed to deal with you, right?”】(Sirius)
【”Yeah, though it would have been easy to use the spirit magic, I was a little negligent.”】(Fia)

It seems that on her way home, her travel expenses hit rock bottom, so she accepted to work for a group of people which happened to be those guys. In addition, there was a beginner adventurer among them so Fia taught him various things as his senior, but those guys tricked the novice into giving the paralysis poison to Fia.

【”When those guys dragged me to a place I didn’t know, the child gave me a drink as a gift with a grateful expression, not knowing anything. After drinking it, I noticed the poison that those guys sneakily mixed in and I ran away before the paralysis started completely taking effect….”】(Fia)
【”Then they caught up, and that’s when you met me.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s right. Well, those guys received a well deserved punishment, but I might be a little grateful to them now. I mean, they allowed me to meet you, Sirius.”】(Fia)
【”You just calmly said something embarrassing. Well, I do the same though.”】(Sirius)
【”Goodwill is a principle that shouldn’t be hidden. I’m glad if you think the same, Sirius.”】(Fia)

I merely helped, but I didn’t think I’d be hit straight with goodwill. As I advance in the sky while enjoying such a pleasant goodwill, the forest stops as if it was completely cut off and a meadow spreads out.
Though it’s not very wide, it’s a strange meadow where no monsters are to be found.

【”Hmmm the forest beyond the meadow is the elves’ domain, so there is a protection barrier against humans and monsters and such. This meadow is a border.”】(Fia)

It seems that if I go directly from the sky, I’ll most likely be considered as an enemy and attacked, so we land near the forest following Fia’s instruction.

【”Here is enough. I know because this forest is like my garden.”】(Fia)
【”Heh, as expected from the people of the forest. By the way, what would happen if I enter in this forest?”】(Sirius)
【”Intruders other than elves are immediately detected by the barrier and receive a baptism of arrows, I guess. Even if you somehow deal with that, you’d be driven mad by the directions and probably wouldn’t reach the village.”】(Fia)
【”The security is strict, isn’t it? There is not much danger from foreign enemies if that’s how it is.”】(Sirius)
【”The danger certainly is small, but that’s exactly why the Elves prefer staying indoors. I’m a little worried when thinking of the future.”】(Fia)

Though Fia smiles bitterly, she sits on a nearby rock without trying to enter the forest, she then tells me to sit down while tapping the place next to her. There is still some of this morning’s time to spare, and since I want to talk more, I sit next to Fia who smiles when our eyes meet.

【”Nevertheless, flying in the air was really fun. It covers in a blink a distance that would normally take a day or two to go through, and above all, it feels really good.”】(Fia)
【”I agree that it’s pleasant, even though the wind pressure is harsh when using too much speed.”】(Sirius)
【”Hey, Sirius. I was about to stop doing it earlier, but I have a favor to ask of you again. Can you teach me the way to fly?”】(Fia)
【”You mean【(Air step)】? Since its consumption is intense, I wouldn’t recommend it.”】(Sirius)
【”Even so, it’s good enough. So far, I tried flying many times, however, I did nothing but fall, which was not fun at all.”】(Fia)

It seems that, in the past, she attempted to fly by firing the wind of her spirit magic directly on her body, but that was closer to jumping rather than flying, she was lamented from only falling and not being able to float in the sky.

【”I somehow survived by firing wind right before falling down, but it didn’t go well no matter how much I tried. Still, I can’t give up on flying. So please, help!”】(Fia)

She seems serious, she’s asking with her hands clasped before me.

【”I’ll do anything you ask. You may even become my lover when you grow up.”】(Fia)
【”Putting the lover part aside, you should give up on my way of flying, Fia.”】(Sirius)
【”… As I thought, it’s impossible, isn’t it?”】(Fia)
【”That’s not it. You can see the spirits of the wind, so you’ll be able to fly if you practice.”】(Sirius)
【”Practice? But I told you earlier that I can only jump with the wind.”】(Fia)
【”No, it all depends on the way you use the wind. Listen, there is a phenomenon called lift but….”】(Sirius)

If the airplanes from my previous life flew over the sky, It was because they used the phenomenon called lift. However, I doubt Fia will be able to understand it even if I explain it minutely, so I thin down some wood and use it to make a model airplane which I hang with a string, and I continue explaining while demonstrating the real thing by exposing the airplane to the wind.

【”You can make the rear float by orienting the wind to this direction. The wind’s direction is what really matters.”】(Sirius)
【”… Amazing, I feel like I might become able to fly somehow. However, it seems difficult to control. And It probably won’t end with a simple injury if I fall. “】(Fia
【”I’ll be here, right? I’ll help if you’re in danger, so it’s all right to practice without fearing failure.”】(Sirius)
【”Fearing failure…. huh. Well then, I’ll take on this challenge!”】(Fia)

Mustering her motivation, Fia immediately begins practicing. Since receiving the wind while standing seems difficult, she starts in a prone position.

【”As I am now, I’d look quite uncool from an outsider’s point of view, wouldn’t I?”】(Fia)
【”I’m the only one watching. Besides, you’ll probably be able to fly normally once you get used to it.”】(Sirius)
【”Oh well, my priority is flying rather than my appearance. By the way… why are you moving?”】(Fia)

I was standing next to Fia, but I had slightly moved toward her upper-body.

【”I shouldn’t have to say it, but won’t the insides of your skirt be visible?”】(Sirius)
【”I don’t mind them being seen if it’s by you, Sirius.”】(Fia)
【”… Just get started already”】(Sirius)
【”But that was the truth. Well then… Go, wind!”】(Fia) (Tln: She actually said “wind, please!” but what is this? Room service?)

A strong wind blows from the front with Fia’s mutter. Though I was wondering if it’s safe for her to take the wind pressure on the face, Fia makes sure it doesn’t strike her eyes and mouth by manipulating the flow of the wind.
While I was admiring her high control ability, the wind’s strength increased, and she finally succeeded in floating from the ground.

【”I, I did it! I finally flew over the…. ah!?”】(Fia)

Getting carried away, Fia momentarily loses control of the wind which becomes a storm, and she ends up being blown off sky-high in the blink of an eye.

【”Oh, I have to catch her, don’t I?”】(Sirius)

However, I fly and rescue her before she drops down. When I catch her in my arms, Fia gets excited and clings to my neck.

【”I flew at last! Thanks Sirius!”】(Fia)
【”That was good. So… what are you going to do next?”】(Sirius)
【”I’ll try again, obviously. I’ll fly even higher this time. So, though It might be troublesome, please take care of me”】(Fia)

As soon as she came down to the ground, Fia resumed her practice. Hoping to fly at will, she repeated it a lot, going higher at every retry, and of course, falling just as much. I rescued her each time, and though her falling rate had already slightly exceeded two digits, she kept trying without giving up.
Dropping down that much has to be traumatic, or so I thought, but Fia isn’t familiar with the fear of falling….

【”Ah, I failed~. Thank you, my prince.”】(Fia)
【”You’re not getting discouraged at all, are you?”】(Sirius)

In fact, she happily and fully enjoyed herself, being rescued in the air like a princess of a fairytale. I admire the girl’s attitude.
She progresses very fast thanks to her happily practicing that way, and by the time noon came to an end, her hovering had become perfect.

Though she wanted to eat lunch in the middle of a rest break, she didn’t have any food since she ran away from those men in a hurry. So I shared the sandwich I had, but she snorted (TLN:Not arrogantly, imagine steam coming out of her nose)(EDN: Like a pig, or boar.) and roughly approached me to ask for the recipe of the mayonnaise I made, being deeply touched by its taste. Although I taught it to her since I don’t really have a reason to hide it, preparing it is difficult so I wish her the best of luck. Just in case, I warn her in advance not to overeat.
After the break, she gets back to practice, but she started to get the hang of it, didn’t she? Her falling frequency is lower and she’s even able to somersault in the air. Though the insides of her skirt are fully exposed, it seems that, like she said, she doesn’t mind it.
And thus, by the time she became able to land safely even without my intervention, the sun started to sink slowly beyond the line of the horizon.

【”Mhm, you passed perfectly.”】(Sirius)
【”I did it! Thanks to you~”】(Fia)

We end it with a delighted high five, and I turn my gaze to the sunken sun.
Elena is likely to worry if I don’t return soon. Looking at Fia wanting to inform her of my going home, she had a sad expression having also noticed.

【”It’s a goodbye… isn’t it?”】(Fia)
【”That’s right. However, since I memorized this place, I’ll come to meet again.”】(Sirius)
【”… Sorry. One can’t go out of the forest for about ten years when coming back from a journey. Therefore, it will be impossible for a while… most likely.”】(Fia)
【”What’s with that? I can just go in the forest…. is that impossible too?”】(Sirius)
【”Indeed. All non-elves are unconditionally chased away from there, even I might have some difficulty to defend when entering.”】(Fia)
【”It’s a racial issue? That problem is everywhere, huh”】(Sirius)
【”Seriously. Even though you and I became close like this, what’s the problem with race?! And what’s with that purification ceremony rule? Though it’s said to purify the impurities from outside and such, it doesn’t need ten years, right?”】(Fia)

She kicks a stone at her feet while muttering complaints. Though she becomes sulky for a little while, she remembers something and she leans over by dropping to her knees, matching her line of sight to mine.

【”Though I already said it many times, thank you very much, Sirius. I want to give you something to express my gratitude, but I don’t have much things I can give.”】(Fia)
【”Don’t worry about it. Because I got to know you, and I had a lot of fun too.”】(Sirius)
【”My heart isn’t satisfied by that. What else can I-…. Ah, there is that. You said it’s amazing, didn’t you?”】(Fia)

Saying so, she gives me her Mithril knife. To be honest, I want it, but I wonder if it’s alright to hand over such a high quality object so easily. Besides, looking at it properly, there also appears to be something like a carved seal on it.

【”Isn’t this the kind of thing that’s passed down from generation to generation? Giving it to an outsider is no good, don’t you think?”】(Sirius)
【”It’s alright. I was told to take care of myself rather than the knife, and I wouldn’t have been able to go home safely if not for you, Sirius. Take it without holding back.”】(Fia)
【”…… if you insist, I’ll gratefully take it.”】(Sirius)
【”Though there is another thing I want to add, will you receive it?”】(Fia)
【”This much is surely enough, but if that satisfies you…”】(Sirius)
【”Well then, close your eyes for a little bit~”】(Fia)

Because it’s unlikely that she’d do anything after all that, I obediently closed my eyes.
After a few seconds…… I instinctively I felt something soft on my mouth so I opened my eyes, and there was Fia’s face before me. And as I thought that she’s really is a beautiful person, she opened her eyes and laughed embarrassedly while separating with a slightly reddened face.

【”Oh c’mon…. Even though I told you to close your eyes.”】(Fia)
【”…… Wouldn’t you normally do it on the cheek or the forehead?”】(Sirius)
【”Huh!? You’re not surprised at all. Even though it was my first time… how sly of you.”】(Fia)
【”I am surprised plenty enough. However, suddenly doing it on the mouth, the elves’ way of expressing friendliness sure is extreme.”】(Sirius)

Didn’t we meet just today? I helped her in various ways, but it’s unlikely that she’d fall in love with a child. Our race and customs are different as well, this is probably something like a way to thank a good friend.

【”No, I’m serious. Though I’m wondering why myself, I seriously fell in love with you. So I’m making a reservation. It’s as I told you before noon. I’ll do anything I can for you.”】(Fia)
【”You’re joking, right? Besides… What do you mean by reservation?”】(Sirius)
【”In ten years, you’ll be fine a adult, right? I’m making a reservation as I want you to take me at that time, if it’s alright with you. Ah, however, if it’s you, you’ll be able to get about two or three marriage partners in ten years, right? In that case, I’ll be good with just being a lover.”】(Fia)
【”… And you’re really alright with that?”】(Sirius)
【”Of course. I’m currently 252 years old, so I’ll still be at the prime of my womanhood when you’ll be an old-man. It’s my one-sided argument, therefore I’ll give up if it’s impossible but….”】(Fia)

Though she is laughing, she looked a little sad when she talked about giving up. She’s been exposing her genuine feelings so far, I have to respond properly.

【”I don’t really get the elves’ aging. Hah… I understand. Let’s meet again in ten years, If your feelings don’t change by then… I’ll take you.”】(Sirius)
【”Really!? They won’t change so be at ease~”】(Fia)

Fia clings to me with a smile spread of her face. Thinking about it, Fia is beautiful and her personality isn’t bad, it’s to the extent that I think she’d be wasted on me. Not bad.

【”Then, Sirius… let’s meet again.”】(Fia)
【”Mhm, when that time comes, let’s come here again.”】(Sirius)
【”Yes, I’ll be waiting.”】(Fia)

With a last handshake, Fia disappeared in the forest while widely waving her hand. Confirming that her figure completely vanished, I dashed to the sky, going back to the mansion.
And thus the meeting between me and the elf woman Fia came to an end, with a reunion planned for ten years later.
Though I don’t know how it will turn out in the future, I look forward to meeting her again.

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        1. He’s getting payed as you said, also, of course, I could make a chapter a day that’s what I did with the first three chapters, but, this week, I didn’t really do any work on the novel (just some editing), this is an exams week and next week will be even worse for me, I’m doing this when I have the time to do it, it’s not my work, it’s just some benevole translation ><

    3. All right, got some news, it should be done pretty soon, well, chapter 11 shouldn’t take too much time to come after that since I’m the one taking care of that one, but I kinda need chapter 10 to proceed in my translation (Though I started, there are some points I need to confirm)

      1. eagle0108

        its not ur fault that you have a life he just hasnt learn true terror yet making him ignorant of what truly long waiting time is.also you werent even translating chap 10 so just go at your own speed just pleeeease dont go M.I.A

        1. Well, even the the one doing chapter 10 is going pretty fast considering that he’s busy as well and that he partially did chapter 12, well, let’s hope that chapter 10 comes out today ><

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        1. Well, it’s not a worst stage in that aspect, but it’s just annoying, I mean, when I was reading only translation I was like “Yeah, someone will pick it up soon and I can try to read the raws, no problem” Now I just wait and hope the author doesn’t give up T_T

  25. eagle0108

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  26. eagle0108

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  27. eagle0108

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    1. Translation could be your hobby, if you really one to join us, ou should try translating one of the latter chapters, we’ll see the result, ’cause, like I said, this isn’t mere machine translation, we try to respect thee novel as much as possible, if we just wrote what the sentences globally mean, it would take two hours x)

        1. Try 15, just put it on pastebin when you’re done and send it to me, we’ll evaluate your skills ’cause we had some trouble with not evaluating people ><

  28. eagle0108

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      1. eagle0108

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        1. Well, you should just put it on google trad directly, the google chrome translation always causes problems, so damn annoying, anyway, don’t press yourself, take your time

      1. Well, the translator is pretty good, but google gives a literal translation, while this one tries to guess the general meaning, and it sometimes give you a good translation though not accurate, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all.

      2. Sunrise

        So it isn’t very good then T_T. i try to read MT(Google translate) but my head hurt so much that i give up lol ^^. But peoples said that after you get used to it, it is pretty good so i may have to try it again.

  29. Well this seems like as good a time as any to drop by, after spotting someone posting about my app. I only noticed because I’ve been stalking your site for Ch. 10’s update; and I’m also notified when people post links to my site, if anyone cares.

    I was the one who was ‘working’ on WT before you picked it up, although I checked/stopped before starting my translations when I saw you’d gone through volume 1. I don’t mind, I’m glad someone else took an interest and started TLing.

    Two points:

    1) I plan to create a Baka-Tsuki page for World Teacher, I’d like your permission to host your translations in the form of previews there so more readers can see them/can edit/ect… This will also include a Registration page so (future) translators can coordinate efforts.

    2) Line-by-line translation involves loading a file, then writing an English translation for each line in said file. Unless you’re summarizing/skipping lines it’s the method all translators use. Although I suspect this was a language barrier/conceptual misunderstanding, I’m interested in any complaints/reasoning involving this because I’m still looking to improve the program.

    Thanks for your hard work translating World Teacher.

    1. Well, I don’t mind you putting it on baka-tsuki, that would actually be a good thing, thanks. Also, I know what line by line involves, that’s what I use as well (Thanks for the app btw, I’ll use it for my next chapters) but eagle is just reading for now and is having problems with google translate, since he’s just reading, line-by-line isn’t the way to go and something like atlas would be better, that’s what I use when I read at least. Anyway, sorry for stopping your translation, I read mushoku tensei directly on baka-tsuki so I didn’t know you had already started, when I got told that, I was already done with volume 1. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your hard work as well 🙂

      1. eagle0108

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  30. eagle0108

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      1. eagle0108

        XD also when they introduce a new character you have to get there personality down so you can guess what they would say when you cant tell what there saying

        1. Thee characters usually have something to help you differentiate them, for exaemple, SPOILERS CHAPTER 10 the old-man doesn’t say Watashi but “Washiore”, btw, I restarted the whole translation ’cause the quality just wasn’t good enough, now, I did a lot but it’s gonna take a few hours

    1. Hold down your horses, we have different hours so it will be tomorrow for you, today for me, I guess.. sorry but I’m redoing the whole chapter and editing it, that takes some time, sorry 🙁

      1. Alex

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        Thanks for the translations.

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      1. Sunrise

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    I’m not criticizing you, of course, as I really appreciate all you’ve done with WT, just wondering what happened.

      1. Otto.Tre-K

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        “… but considering your usual quality [b] It [/b] is really terrible”

        The way it was written before made it look like I was saying your translations usually s**k, which is not true, of course. Sorry.

        I also forgot to share my appreciation for the translation, so..

        Thank you for the hard work, really.

        1. Don’t worry, I figured that :p And sorry about this, I really didn’t plan to post it and nobody pointed it out, I’m translating it in a hurry now, should be over by tonight, I also didn’t get to edit the chapter at all 🙁

      2. Otto.Tre-K

        I thought so, but I also thought it was better to point it out clearly as it is quite difficult to discern one intentions on the internet, and I did not want to sound disrespectful. Also, please take your time with the translation, as I think many here prefer quality over speed (At least I do).

        1. Nah, most people prefer speed, but I’m doing this to learn japanese anyway so I’m gonna stick on the quality, so I’m glad you appreciate that 🙂

    1. No problem + Yeah, Emilia’s character was pretty empty in the first version, like, the author knew we wouldn’t see her before long so he didn’t care much about her

  33. I’ve been wondering this for awhile but how do people in another world keep track of the years? So many other world mysterious …maybe when it’s my time, I will find out? 😉

    1. Well, I don’t know about other novels, but I’m pretty sure they just have calendars in this one, and they mark the days or something, it could be cool if they gave us those kind of details… and I think those details are given in the next chapters, I don’t quite remember ><

  34. PoopingRainbow

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  35. Brian

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    Anyways I hope she becomes 1# wife. If not ill be mad

  36. FaIleD8

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    1. The Butt Wizard

      Yeah, that pissed me off too. They cut out the part where he met her, but they still referenced her (even showed her in a flashback) when he spoke to Reese about having known someone else who could see spirits. I understand why they did it, I guess. They’re trying to fast forward the manga to get to the juicier parts, or they would have spent several years in the manga with Sirius as a child without meeting Emilia, Reese, and Reus. But the execution is still so clumsy and we suffer for it when we miss out on things like this.

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