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Shinka no Mi chapter 3

My first translation, it was MTL so the quality doesn’t live up to my latest chapters, however it’s still understandable so I hope you guys won’t mind it too much.

Smart monkey

“It’s here!”
After eating the seed of evolution, I kept searching in the forest until I finally found the monkey’s territory.
The monkey seems quite pleased by the sight of the seeds of evolution I ate a little while ago.
“Let’s analyze him.”
Before, I wouldn’t have been able to check him out.
However, right now, since I’m hidden in the bushes, it’ll be alright.
I quickly used [Analyze].
Then, the monkey’s name appeared in my view.

[Smart monkey Lv:120]
What the… ?
Saying his name is “Smart monkey” isn’t quite right since when you translate it literally it was actually Wise Monkey.
But what’s with that level!? 120!? A creature that powerful passing by so suddenly!? The margin with me is just ridiculous, not only I’m level 1, but all my stats excluding Magic are at level 1 as well.
That shocking level made me switch my sight toward him.
“…What am I supposed to do now?”

It was brewing some strange grass with water in something like an earthenware mortar.
The smart monkey took the mixture and put it in a glass container.
The color of the mixture was that of a blue-ish green and didn’t look like something that would be good to drink.
Seeing him use those tools so skillfully confirmed the “smart” part in his name.
As I thought sot, the monkey suddenly started moving.
Where is it going?
Should I follow it? Or should I stay here? It’s probably going to come back to take that strange mixture he made and the seeds.
“Then, for now, I should probably content myself with what he left here.”
I said so and waited quietly for the monkey to move.
And, after confirming that he was gone, I went to the place he was at a little while ago.
“First, let’s add these seeds to my storage”
I take all the seeds of evolution I find and put them in my item box, after counting, I found out that there was 9 in total.
This is the first time I used my item box but it’s quite convenient. If I want to store an item in there, I just have to wish for it and it gets in, it’s quite easy to use.
“Wait… didn’t that god say that he put a book with the necessary knowledge of this world inside the item box?”
Well, I do want to confirm this, but now is not the time, it would be quite troublesome if the monkey came back here
“More importantly, what is that mixture?”
That was the bottle with the blue-ish green liquid made by the monkey earlier, and it still didn’t look consumable.
I picked up the bottle.
“The closer I look at it, the more disgusting it feels”
There are about four other bottles lying there. Next to them, the grass that seemed like the principal ingredient of the liquid was piled up. Then, Is this where the ingredients are taken? Is this the thing it’s made of? Yes, that’s probably it, it makes sense… I want to believe that’s the only thing that was used.
Well, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is the liquid itself.
“I should use my analyze on it”
As I said so, I used the skill [Analyze].
[First class recovery medicine]
I let out a surprised voice after reading the name.
This is a recovery medicine!? Moreover, a first class one? If it’s that good for the body, why does it look so bad?!?
“Then, how about the grass?”
I used my analyze again.
[Special medical herb]
Oh, that’s what it is, what a relief.
Well, it’s probably all right since its effect can be easily guessed. (TLN: Remember, he can’t analyze it completely)
“This… I have to collect it.”
And, immediately, I put the first class recovery medicine and the special medical herbs in my item box.
“How lucky, I made an unexpectedly good harvest.”
Though the smart monkey was… frightening.
“I found quite a lot of it, is there any more in this neighborhood by any chance?”
If there is, I want to gather it even if it’s just a little. It’s a kind of insurance in case something bad happens.
“This thing… I should collect as much of it as possible, should I start looking somewhere else?”

That smart monkey found a really good place. There might be nuts and mushrooms in the surroundings too.
I started moving immediately after deciding on my next action.


I was having a staring game with the grass.
I was pulling grass from each place and examining my findings one by one with my [Analyze] but there was no satisfying result.
There was only regular grass that had neither any kind of effect nor any healing ability, in the contrary, it seemed to be quite dangerous for the stomach.
But that was a little while ago, right now, I was facing another problem.
“This… What is its effect?”
I was finally able to find some grass that reacted to my [Analyze].
But, what annoyed me was the thing that was written.
“Is there a problem with the translation? All I see is a [(?)]”
No explanation or name appeared when I used my [Analyze] but the only thing I saw was a [(?)], I don’t get it…
“Well, the analyze of the effect is unreadable but it will probably be all right… Wait, will it really?”
Since it reacted to my [Analyze], there will be some sort of effect for sure.
“It will be all right.”
I decided to eat this grass.
Though it might hurt my stomach, still, it doesn’t say that it got a lasting effect. I’ll probably get back to my normal state after some time.
To obtain something, you need to sacrifice something equivalent…. Even if it’s my own body.
However, I have to do it if I want to get the information.
The worse case scenario would be that it’s the kind of effect that doesn’t appear immediately but appears at some random time in the future.
I got goosebumps when I realized that it could be poisonous.
“If I think too much about it, I’ll probably end up not eating it.”
While I still have some determination, I stuff my mouth with the grass at a dash, because I know that I’ll get discouraged if I keep hesitating.
“…. Agghhhhhhhhhhh”
I felt a horrible pain.
“DAMMIT DAMMIT, FUCKIN’ PAIN, hughh….. But, maybe that’s a sign that the healing is working?”
At the moment I try to be a little optimistic.
“What the!?”
My body stiffens and I become unable to move.
“ugugugugug” (TLN: I’m not good at sound effects)
My whole body is paralyzed, I can’t move it at all.
This… Was that the effect of the grass? Paralysis?!
But I’m definitely in a state of paralysis, well I think so…I don’t know….
Everything is getting blank, dammit……!
My voice is coming out strangely and I feel pain through every part of my stiffened body.
This kept going for a while.
Shit… if that monkey or that wolf comes now, I’m doomed.
However, until my paralysis was settled, nothing dangerous approached me, so I guess you could say that I was fortunate.
I started recovering from the paralysis at last.
Let’s sum this up, the paralysis stayed for an hour and my whole body is in pain. That wolf monster did not attack so it probably didn’t see me.
“His strength matched the look on his face…”
I don’t want to meet with that stare a second time.
When I was feeling completely worn out, a voice suddenly appeared in my head.
[The Skill « paralysis resistance» was acquired.]
The voice that suddenly appeared out of nowhere startled me, but what surprised me the most was the skill.
I opened my status and checked my skill column.

«Hiiragi Seiichi»
Race: It’s doubtful whether it’s an actual human being
Gender: Disgusting fat smelly Male
Occupation: Homeless person with a wild natural vibe
Age: 17
Level: 1
Magic: 17
Strength: 1
Defense: 1
Agility: 1
Magic Attack: 1
Magic Defense: 1
Luck: 0
Charisma: Immeasurable (way too low)
Dirtiy school uniform, Dirty school trousers, Dirty undershirt, Dirty underwear.
Analyze, Absolute Disassembly, Paralysis resistance
Evolution X 1

It became even worse!?
Shit… even my race is being doubted!
My gender also improved, In a bad way!
I don’t even know if my occupation is better or worse than last time….
As for the charm, It became immeasurable, am I already too far gone astray?!
Though I’m already feeling bad enough, why is it that the name of my equipment makes me want to cry?
Because I can’t even take a bath, the smell of my body will probably be downgraded as well. And wearing clothes in such a state makes the odor inevitably soak, also, it can’t be helped because it’s full of dirt and dust.
Oh, and what’s with this « state » column, and Evolution ×1? Last time I checked, I didn’t have that…
“Oh, I know. Can’t I just check the content of my skills?”
As I said so, I imagined the skill.
Then, the explanation of the skills appeared in my view.

[Analyze] Allows one to analyze anything in detail. However, the analyze will be incomplete if the target object possesses a certain level of rarity.
[Absolute Disassembly] When you defeat a monster, you obtain the maximum amount of items and the whole monster is available.
[Paralysis resistance] Nullifies the effect of paralysis.

Yes, I get the explanation of [Analyze] and [Paralysis resistance] somehow.
But, what’s whit the explanation of [Complete dismantlement]? Though I can understand the increase of the number of obtained items, what does the part about getting the whole monster means?
Also, I don’t get the level of rarity thing of the [Analyze] skill. Oh well, I’ll probably get an explanation in the book I got from that god.
“Well, the mysteries are piling up. I still don’t get why I can’t analyze the grass either.”
I judged the remaining grass again while saying so.

[Special paralysis grass] Grass which completely paralyzes one’s body in an instant at the moment when it’s eaten and put inside the body. When a rogue monster eats it by mistake, It is usually paralyzed.

What!? Rather, isn’t this really dangerous!? Moreover, the paralysis seems to be a special skill. I’m glad I have paralysis resistance.
And the rogue monsters who eat it by mistake are too pitiful…….
Whatever, I’m probably not gonna use it anyway. But what’s with this? I analyzed it before and it did not work, why can I analyze it now?
“…… Ah, I get it,”
When I think about it, the answer is quite obvious.
“Even if the analyze was incomplete, sensing the power with my body made its content known or something?”


“Are you fuckin’ kidding me?!”
When you use Realize on something, you have to eat it to get rid of those [(?)] and that garbled writing!? You have to go through so much hardships just for that?
Getting information will be this hard!? If I take the same kind of poison as paralysis every time, my body isn’t going to last at all!
“Whatever, I’m too tired for that right now……”
I don’t feel like searching any more today…
“There is no helping it, I’ll deal with this tomorrow”
Now I’m just going to rest in order to prepare for the day after.
As I thought so, I found a safe place to sleep, a tree which I somehow climbed and I ended up sleeping there.
But at that time, I didn’t understand just how strong the [Special paralysis grass] was…

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